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    • Some products from the store aina't refundable.

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    Decorating your house is everyone's desire, but the decors are usually pretty expensive or dona't match our previous ambiance. Urban B is an online store that aims to provide the best interior decor items. The store also has an Oswestry-based shop in North Shropshire, €œUnder One Roof.€The has a collaboration with the best local artisans and undoubtedly provides the best decors. The store also offers free shipping on all its orders and provides a 30 days money-back guarantee.

    What makes Urban B the best? 

    • Urban B provides the best range of interior decors at an affordable price. 
    • The store also provides the best handmade and unique items in the industry. 
    • Urban B's wall hanging range and concrete decor range is a must to buy from. These fantastic decors are of premium quality metals and concrete that make them more durable and give them a chic look. 
    • The brand also offers free shipping and 30 days hassle-free refunds and returns. 

    Review on the Best Urban B Products

    • One Hive This hexagonal wall planter and frame can be arrangeable according to one's choice. The store sells this hexagonal wall frame with and without a planter. The planter has versatile uses and would for sure create a super beautiful vertical garden. The Hive frame is available in 3 colors, Muted Gold; Textured White; and Satin Black. This unique planter weighs only 0.85kg. 
    • Concrete Pots with succulents These handmade concrete pots have a contemporary geometric shape. This fantastic geometric shape goes with any decor and color scheme. These concrete pots contain Echeveria succulents to provide them with a more chic yet refreshing look. Each piece of this pot is unique and differs from the other one. 
    • Concrete Tray Small concrete trays are in a trend these days. They add stars to your ambiance and are durable. This tray comes in various colors Mint Green, Oreo-Black, Pink, White, and Grey. 

     Urban B Pricing

    • One HiveThe price of this multi-use planter is just $64.63. 
    • Concrete Pots with succulents The price of 3 concrete pots along with the plant is $34.37.
    • Concrete Tray The price of each tray is just $13.75.


    Is Urban B Legit? 

    Yes, Urban B offers authentic and awe-inspiring decors and plant hangers to its customers worldwide. You can conclude that Urban B is 100% genuine and legit. 

    Is Urban B Worth It? 

    Yes, Urban B is worth it as they strive hard to give you the best concrete decors and plant hangers without any hassle at your doorstep. They offer their products at are highly affordable prices. 

    Does Urban B provide its services internationally? 

    Yes, Urban B offers its services worldwide. The brand focuses on providing the best decors and plant hangers at affordable prices. 

    Is Urban B a Good Brand?

    Undoubtedly, Urban B is one of the best brands that provide decors and plant hangers. The decors are handmade and unique. 

    Final Thought About Urban B 

    Urban B is an online store dedicated to providing the best and contemporary decors that will catch the eyes of every second person. These handmade products are not unique but also go with all kinds of sets. Their Hive Wall Range is a must to buy due to its versatile nature. One can use it as wall frames as well as planters. Also, Urban's concrete range is the other best deal from the store. Apart from this, the store offers free shipping and 30 days money-back guarantee.

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