Major Dog Clothing Review

Clothing your dogs and other pets have become a trend in Japan, the USA, South Korea, China, & European countries. On the other side, pets also like to enjoy the same living style as their owner. Along with that, it also helps to protect your buddy from various health issues and allergies. Some dogs may have sensitive skin which needs to be protect and taken care of; wearing clothing may help them. Aside from that, these clothes also protect your dog from exposure to excessive sunlight or cold. However, choosing good quality clothes made with skin-friendly and comfortable material is the primary step to selecting the perfect cloth.

Major Dog Clothing is an Australian brand that produces standard quality clothes for dogs. Aside from the dog clothes, the brand also produces other variety of products. The products are available internationally and are loved by customers from all over the world. The brand has a great team of specialists and experts who have the essential knowledge and expertise in this field. The expert team only adds products to its collection that are top in quality, thoroughly tested, and effective for customers.

Major Dog Clothing: A great collection of dog collar

The neck is a sensitive part of a dog's body. A good collar helps the neck movement and product the neck muscles and windpipe of a dog's body. It limits the neck movement of your dog and prevents the possible damage that can accrue in the muscles of a dog. Major Dog Clothing has a vast collection of collars specially designed for dogs. You can use these collars in multiple colors and varieties per your dog's size. These colors are made with beautiful chains that are perfect for holding and will last for a long time.

Pros & Cons of shopping with Major Dog Clothing


  • Best product for dogs
  • Free delivery in Austalia
  • Premium quality material
  • Great customer support
  • Refund available
  • Fast delivery service
  • Safe payment gateway
  • Top-quality product 
  • 30 days return policy


  • Delivery time is estimate but not guarantee.

Major Dog Clothing Products Review

Major Dogs Clothing has a vast collection of multiple varieties of products for pet dogs. Below, we have reviewed some of the brand's best products to help you find the best product for you. 

Week Away Bag: Dog luggage

Week Away Bag is dog luggage, which is perfect for a pet owner. This luggage bag includes a large main compartment, divider to keep food carriers, pockets, and convenient straps. They also comes with two lined food carriers and two silicone bowls that you can store in the front flap. It is made with high-quality polyester material and will last for a period. It is light in weight, and you can easily carry it without getting tired. Aside from that, it is easy to clean and designed to take your pet with you wherever you go.


The price of this bag is $89.99 only.

Dog luggage

Anti Social Social Pup Hoodie: Adorable dog cloth 

Anti Social Social Pup hoodie is one of the most adorable dog cloth out of the selection of the brand. It is the perfect piece for your dog and gives a winsome look to your pet. This hoodie is made with cotton and print on the front and back of the hoodie. You can buy this hoodie in multiple sizes as per your dog. However, the brand suggests buying one size more significant than the standard size you purchase for it to avoid fitting issues. However, you can also take the help of the size chart provided by the brand.


You can buy this product for $50.00 only.

Adorable dog cloth

Capone Curb-Link: Luxury Collar

Capone Curb Ling is a small but luxurious collar band for your dog. This is handmade in Canada and shipped to the customer's address from the USA. If you are willing to get a perfect size collar for your dog, send the size to the brand after purchase. This product is made in two-tone gold and stainless steel and comes with a lifetime warranty. This is a uniquely design product that is great in looks and strong in build.


The price of this product is $379.00 only.

Luxury Collar


Is Major Dog Clothing Legit?

Yes, Major Dog Clothing is a legitimate brand. The brand has incredible respect in the market and is well known for its top-quality products. All the brand's products are made with the standard material and are best to fulfill all the per owner's requirements.  

Is Major Dog Clothing a good brand?

Yes, Major Dog Clothing Review is a good brand. The brand has a giant collection of products specially made for dogs and dog owners. The brand's product is design by a great team of experts with a focus on strengthening the bond between owner and pet. You can get these products in various sizes and price ranges as per your preference.

Is Major Dog Clothing worth it?

Yes, Major Dog Clothing is a worthwhile brand. The primary motto of the brand is to provide its customers with 100% satisfaction. Apart from that, the brand always adds new and uniquely featured to its existing collection. The brand ensures to treat its customers with great care and respect and makes all possible efforts to fulfill all of their demands. 

Does Major Dog Clothing provide international shipping?

Yes, Major Dog Clothing Review provides international shipping. The customer of the brand belongs all over the world. The products and services of the brand are available for all customers, no matter where they are from. The brand promises to deliver the ordered product in excellent and safe conditions without defects. Moreover, you can also return the ordered product within 30 days of purchase.

Green Wealth Review: Final Thought

Green Wealth is a worldwide famous brand that is a reliable source of dog products such as clothes, collars, bags, etc. The brand's product is created while keeping the requirements and expectations of the customers in focus. The excellent material and modern technology used in the manufacturing process make these products durable and convenient. 

Moreover, you can purchase these clothes from the brand's official site or any other online store. The brand offers its customers excellent customer service; if you have any questions regarding the products or services, you can contact them. The customer care team of the brand is always ready to help you with all kinds of enquires or product-related issues. You can buy these zero-risk products at affordable prices and give wings to the relationship between you and your pet.

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