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    Aperion Audio Review - Quick Summary

    What You Like the Best

    • In-Home Audition for 30 Days
    • All regular-priced items qualify for free shipping.
    • Warranty is transferable for up to ten years.
    • Lifetime Technical Assistance

    What You Dislike 

    No discount packages! They've priced everything at the lowest possible price, so whether you buy your system all at once or piecemeal over time, you'll get the same low price.

    Browse via reviews to get no-holds-barred info on products.

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    keep up with the most sonically ambitious movie soundtracks.

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    The pair of included A5 height speakers have a single coaxial driver that uses a new German natural-fiber,

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    Oregon company is no slouch when it comes to designing high-quality home theater speakers.

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    Aperion Audio Reviews In Detail 

    WHY DO SMART SHOPPERS SELECT APERION? By purchasing directly from us, you avoid paying the retail markup tax and the usual sales jargon. Simply put, you get more speakers for your money when you buy from us because we design, manufacture, and sell directly to you. They offer In-Home Audition, which gives you plenty of time to decide whether the speakers are right for you.

    What makes Aperion Audio the best?

    • Aperion Sound Is Genuine & Unrivaled: You get custom-engineer sound with exceptional support.
    • In-home audition for 60 days: Only in your own home can you truly audition speakers. You'll have 60 days to experiment with sounds.
    • Customer Phone Support for Life: There are no automated machines here. Real people answering the phone, just like in the old days.
    • You won't want to return them, but just in case, there's no trickery involved. If you live in the continental United States and are dissatisfie for any reason, simply let them know and they will pay the shipping costs on all regular-priced purchases.
    • Award-Winning Audio: Every major industry publication has staked their reputation in support of their speakers.
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    Review on the Aperion Audio Products 

    They are extremely proud to announce their best speaker yet, after 21 years of non-stop engineering development and countless hours toiling in the lab. Their Verus Concert Tower reveals the pinnacle of Aperion Audio engineering, with dual 8\ woofers, dual 5.25\ mid-range woofers, our Axially Stabilized Verus Tweeter, and a premium crossover network. They ensured that the performance of this speaker would shine an invisible light of happiness and wisdom with their customers as proof of understanding the value of the Aperion Audio brand. They stand for superior customer service, product construction, and sound quality. 

    Aperion Audio Pricing

    Aperion offers various financing options. Yes! They've partnered with Affirm. They provide flexible terms and competitive financing rates. 


    Is Aperion Audio Legit?

    • They've got you cover with a 10-year transferable warranty. You are entitle to the best warranty in the audio industry.
    • Trade-Up Program for Free Speakers: Upgrade to their most recent offering and have the full value of your existing Aperion speakers applied to the purchase. Valid for one year from the date of purchase.
    • Online Support & Training: Their online help documentation can answer the majority of your questions.

    Is Aperion Audio Worth It?

    Their design goals necessitated a tweeter with a lower crossover frequency in order to free up the midrange cones above 2.6 kHz, where they tend to beam. To solve this conundrum, they went back to the drawing board with the intention of creating a tweeter with a diaphragm that resists \rocking\ near its resonant frequency. By pinning the diaphragm's centre in a plane above the voice coil, the diaphragm became \axially stabilised,\ reducing unwanted distortion. To ensure a smooth and accurate response with controlled resonance, the silk dome is coated in a specially developed damping compound. The improved \wishbone\ waveguide produces better output with more uniform frequency response and wider dispersion across its operating range. A high-energy ferrite magnet motor drives the ferrofluid-cooled voice-coil.

    Is Aperion Audio A Good Brand? 

    Kevlar cones are used in all Verus woofers. With a crossover point of around 300 Hz, this extremely rigid Kevlar material provides a warm, clean, and dynamic response. This is powered by a high-performance ferrite magnet structure with a vented pole piece to reduce heat buildup and a larger T-yoke for increased excursion to boost bass response. The aluminium phase plug and extended voice coil increase power handling, ensuring that they perform to their full potential. These midrange \bullet drivers\ add an extraordinary level of detail to the Verus III's full-color sound palette.

    Final Thought About Aperion Audio

    The time-consuming iterative design and fine-tuning of the crossover networks resulted in a smoother, more neutral, and more balanced frequency response across the entire range. A cleaner, more open sound in the transition regions has also resulted from improved phase integration between the tweeter and midrange drivers. The Verus III features superior customised components such as high quality thin film capacitors to provide minimal dielectric loss, customised Aperion internal wiring with spade connectors to make upgrading a breeze, and we even went as far as customising the PCB board with an Aperion red colour to represent our passion for great sounding audio!

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