US Water Systems Review: Introductory Note 

US Water Systems has grown to become one of the country's top manufacturers of commercial and whole-house water filtration and treatment systems. Its success has been achieve by keeping to its primary value of offering exceptional customer service by competent staff. US Water Systems can drastically reduce the cost of high-quality water treatment systems by removing intermediaries and selling directly to customers.


  • A well-designed eCommerce website is at the center of their customer satisfaction strategy.
  • With simplicity, migrate or replace essential business integrations.
  • Update and modernize the design without alienating loyal customers.

US Water Systems Review: Overview 

US Water is not an internet service provider. They are a wholesale distributor of high-quality water treatment products. It provides its goods and technical assistance online, by phone, e-mail, or in person in Indianapolis, Indiana. They provide the industry's top technical support. It have Certified Water Specialists on staff who can answer any of your water-related issues. They are available seven days a week. Assume you are a returning client; thank you for your patronage. Welcome to the most outstanding service you've ever discovered if you're new here.


They offer high-quality, commercial-grade filter housing designed to resist harsh circumstances. Its unique thread configuration provides more concrete sealing and superb leak protection. Replacement filters are interchangeable with any 4.5" x 20" filter cartridge.


Produced from the best quality, FDA grade

NSF listed polypropylene

Compression against a top-seated Buna-N O-ring positioned in the sump of the housing achieves leak-proof sealing. 

The housings' thick walls and additional ribs make them suitable for various applications.

Buttress Thread Design Offers Superior Sealing and Security

Most acids, alcohol, ammonia, lubricants, plating solutions, and many strong chemicals are resistant to polypropylene structure.

Price $119.95


The High-Capacity Water Heater Protector is design for homes with eight bathrooms and 1" water heater piping. The high-capacity Limeblaster provides excellent scale protection for all tankless water heaters by sealing the interior piping surfaces of the tankless water heater against the hardness scale. It is also noteworthy in that it does not deteriorate at higher temperatures.

The US Water Systems Limeblaster is the most effective way to avoid scale in your tankless water heater! Limeblaster is the most recent salt-free water conditioning technology standard. They are explicitly creating tankless water heaters in larger custom or estate-style homes. It prevents the formation of scale within the tankless water heater.

The Benefits of a Limeblaster

Water is entirely safe to drink.

Easy to set up and low-maintenance

There is no need for energy, and no wastewater exists.

Long-life cartridges are generally suitable for 6 to 12 months.

Increases equipment lifespan 

By lowering the energy cost, you may save up to 40%.

Price $199.95

Commercial Skid Mounted Reverse Osmosis Solution Review 

Defender XL is a commercial skid-mounted reverse osmosis solution that integrates three essential elements into one completely adjustable plug-and-play system: efficiency, reliability, and longevity. It is thoroughly tested for performance and leakage to ensure that the skid-mounted reverse osmosis system arrives in excellent working order. Each Defender XL is custom-developed based on individual site demands and feed water chemistry to achieve optimum productivity and efficiency. This guarantees that each reverse osmosis system is an effective water treatment and management system. Every Defender XL commercial RO unit is built at US Water Systems' headquarters. 


Standard Capacity: 8000 GPD - 16000 GPD

Simple Plug & Play: System of Plug and Play Pre-Plumbed And Wired for Simple Installation

Eco-Friendly: RO Membranes With Up To 99 Percent Rejection Rate And 80 Percent Recovery

It is engineered to Your Specifications: A proper 5:1 water treatment solution for you.

The 300 Series Steel, stainless: Membrane housings and pumps for maximum lifetime and performance

Made to Last: Hand-welded and powder-coated steel skid frame

Price: For more information visit their webstore.

US Water Systems Review: FAQs

Explain GreenWave BodyGuard Water Protection System?  

Eighty-five percent of Americans use municipal or city water, and they all have a few things in common. The elements chlorine and chloramine In the United States, municipal water is treat with chlorine or chlorine with ammonia (Chloramine). Everyone is aware that toxic chemicals and Disinfection By-Products are harmful to healthy skin and hair. Hardness is present in almost 90% of municipal water sources. It wreaks havoc on your pipes, plumbing, water heaters, and energy bills and wages war on your entire house, family, and anything that comes into touch with water.

The GreenWave BodyGuard Total Property Water Protection System protects your family and house against hidden water damage without the need for salt, electricity, or chemicals.

Does Limeblaster provide cost-effective solutions? 

The Limeblaster is an innovative and cost-effective solution for dealing with hard water. The Limeblaster technique successfully "seals" the pipe surfaces, preventing calcium and magnesium (also known as limescale) from adhering. Limeblaster is a product that removes limescale from tankless water heaters. Furthermore, the Limeblaster water treatment process is non-hazardous to the environment, does not require energy, and is completely safe to drink. This will be the new benchmark by which all salt-free water conditioners will be measured. 


It amalgamates the advantages of its iconic BodyGuard non-electric, zero-waste, completely green whole-house chemical elimination system - with the cutting-edge technology of the GreenWave salt-free, zero-wastewater conditioner.

Consequently, you have a whole-house water treatment and family protection system that provides the purest water on this side of heaven and safeguards your home plumbing system.

US Water Systems Review: Final Thought 

They are a woman and minority-owned family business enterprise with over 300 years of combined hands-on, field-tested experience. And they love what they do. The values of being a family-owned business are critical components of how they work with customers. They do care about doing the right thing for the right reason. They understand that there are questions after the sale during installation and start-up. It has always been committed to providing the best technical support. They are just a phone call away.

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