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    • Warranty claims for product defects are valid for one year from the date of purchase. It is not possible to process a warranty claim for items that have reached the end of their original warranty period or a one-year warranty claim request period, whichever is greater.

    With 24 sensors, advanced LIDAR navigation will create a detailed map of your home and plan an optimal cleaning route. Because of improved laser navigation, Uoni vacuums become stuck less frequently. Read reviews to know more€¦

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    Vacuuming is strong enough to perk up the nap in fairly deep pile carpeting.

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    robot vacuum with self-emptying dustbin used to be so expensive that most of us cana't afford.

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    substitute for regular deep cleaning,

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    Robot vacuum mop with Lidar mapping technology can restore your house model as accurately as possible,

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    The best robot vacuum for bare floors

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    self-emptying robots with Lidar are basically going to be the next standard of the robots.

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    the Uoni V980Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner to our home maintenance

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    The Uoni V980 has a mopping feature that can help to better clean your floors.

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    The Astro C-3 relies on an advanced, intelligent computer core to deliver powerful performance in any room and on any surface.

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    UONI Reviews In Detail 

    It's easy to forget to take a break, breathe, and enjoy the little things when you live in a world that moves at such a breakneck pace. They value those precious moments at UONI. Their team allows worry and sorrow to drift away, allowing you to refocus and feel refreshed. These are the moments when they get ideas for their products. With clarity of mind, they can combine technology and Japanese craftsmanship to create great products that are truly made for everyone.

    What makes UONI the best?

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    They avoid superfluous features and gimmicks in favour of being adaptable and creating products you didn't know you needed. They strive for perfection. The desire for unrivalled attention to detail stems from their heritage and traditional Japanese craftsmanship values. They want to bring authenticity back into modern life, where things are frequently intangible or designed to be obsolete in a year. Rest assured that their products are built to last, providing you with peace of mind every day and allowing you to focus on your own objectives. Free up your time by letting them do the cleaning so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment.

    Review on the UONI Products 

    • Sweep, Vacuum, Mop, and Dump in One - Laser Navigation with Intelligence! Uoni vacuums are less likely to become stuck as laser navigation improves. Uoni will sweep, vacuum, and mop up your messes. Self-emptying garbage can & self-charging. 4.3L robot vacuum with automatic dirt disposal. Large capacity self-emptying dustbin, a large dust bag is quick and easy to replace and can hold up to a month of debris. 
    • You can easily create a cleaning plan that can be customized for carpet, stairs, obstacles, no-go/no-mop zones, and different levels of suction thanks to advanced technology.
    • The self-emptying dustbin transfers dirt, dust, pet hair, and other materials to the disposable dust bag, which can last up to a month before needing to be replaced.

    UONI Pricing

    Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner V980 Plus+ with Self-Emptying Dustbin $439.99

    • Self-charging
    • Charging position docking is seamless.
    • Filtering twice
    • Fresh air and a healthy home environment
    • Dedicated self-emptying dustbin with a large capacity (A large dust bag is quick and easy to replace and can hold up to a month of debris)
    • Design that is integrated
    • While charging, collect dust.
    • Supported Plug Standards: US / EU / UK / AU Plug; the correct standard is determined by your country.


    Is UONI Legit?

    Uoni V980 Plus with Self-Emptying Dustbin; Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum Cleaner-Free Your Hands. The Uoni One-stop self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaner offers a 30-day managed cleaning service. When the robot has finished cleaning, it will return to the charging base, and the dust box will be automatically cleaned using the high-power dust collection function. Then, when the dust bag is full, simply replace it. As a reminder, the orange light will flash rapidly to remind you to replace it.

    Is UONI Worth It?

    Voice Control for a Smarter Life! You can easily control your automatic vacuum cleaner robot by simply opening your mouth, providing you with a comfortable and smart life. Uoni works with Alexa and Google Assistant voice control devices, so you can start cleaning with your voice. You can also clean your home by using the Uoni Robot APP, a remote control, or simply pressing the robot's button.

    Is UONI A Good Brand? 

    Robot vacuum mop with Lidar mapping technology can restore your house model as accurately as possible, detect fixed objects, analyse dynamic obstacles, and quickly predict and avoid them. Uoni robot cleaner can navigate under and around furniture and along edges thanks to 25 advanced sensors and lidar. The detection of cliff sensors prevents it from falling down the stairs.

    Final Thought About UONI

    • Personalized APP for custom cleaning - The Uoni Robot APP will update the map in real-time, allowing the robot vacuums to clean your home according to the room or order of your instructions, just like a human. The App will help you intelligently manage your cleaning plan by allowing you to add virtual walls and no-go zones, set cleaning time schedules, zone cleaning, and \find\ your robot.
    • Uoni robotic vacuums clean dust, pet hair, debris, and even rice and soybeans in hard floors, carpets, and wall side & corners with the design of double-sided brushes, main rolling brush, and strong 2700pa suction power. The greater the suction power, the greater the cleaning power.
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