TUDs The Unknown Designers Review - Introductory Note

Pahadi is a term that represents the mountain people. It's a word that describes a person and his surroundings.Their unique designs are dedicateto all-mountain dwellers and their way of life. And, with all of the love we're receiving from wonderful consumers, they're hoping to expand their catalog soon. They are a small team that is expanding. They are a group of fun-loving, travel-obsessed individuals that enjoy producing and providing interesting concepts and designs to the people of society in the shape of T-shirts.

TUDs: The Unknown Designers Review - Overview

They craft high-quality, stylish, one-of-a-kind designs with a touch of Uttarakhand culture. It all comes down to following your personal pahadi style sensibilities. The traditional appeal of pahadi ladies is jewelry. It is worn in Uttarakhand's Garhwal, Kumaon, and Jaunsar-Bawar regions. All traditional jewellery such as Nathuli, Galobandh, and Pahunchi may be purchase at their store.

The Classy Pahadan Review 

  • White Melange colour (White mix of light Grey)
  • 180 GSM Premium grade fabric made of 100% cotton that has been bio clean.
  • TUDs Lifestyle is devote to providing its clients with wonderful products as well as the finest service.
  • Their easy return and refund policy is support by a customer-friendly support team that will ensure that your shopping for products remains a breeze.
  • Shipping is free across India.
Pricing: Rs. 499.00

Pahadi Topi: Maroon Woolen Review 

  • The Hill Crown is another name for Pahadi Topi.
  • Pahadi Topi, which comes in a variety of colours, is worn by people in the highlands on all religious holidays.
  • Braham Kamal brooch has been add to the hill crown at Soham Museum in Mussoorie. Uttarakhand's state flower is Braham Kamal.
  • Pahadi Printed T-shirts and Pahadi Sweatshirts are the best match.
Pricing: Rs. 699.00

3D Model of Kedarnath TempleReview 

  • Shri Kedarnath Temple Handmade 3D Miniature Replica
  • The finest in class is made of MDF and PU polish.
  • Laser Engraving and Wood Carving
  • Brown Texture & Wooden Finishing, High-Quality Guaranteed
Pricing: Rs. 799.00

TUDs: The Unknown Designers Review- FAQs

What is pichoda? 

The construction of a pichoda, like other hand-printing techniques in India, employs indigenous processes. To begin, a white cotton cloth -Lucknowi chikan, which is presently in high demand — measuring 2.75x1.25 m is use as the basic material. A paste is prepare from the root of the locally grown plant to achieve the saffron colour. After adding a pinch of turmeric powder to the paste, the mixture is dilut with water and set aside for a few hours.

What does 180 GSM Premium quality fabric imply? 

GSM is an abbreviation for grams per square meter. Every fabric has a weight, and the usual measurement for fabric weight and quality is gram per square meter. This value denotes the fabric's density. Low GSM density textiles are thin and light, and they are frequently see-through. The greater the GSM density, the heavier the cloth.

When it comes to T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts, TUDs select the best textiles available. Even if a higher GSM fabric is more durable, when it comes to T-shirts, these heavy materials are neither wearable nor desirable in the summer. `The T-shirts picked by TUDshave a GSM of 180. This gives their T-shirts the density to be long-lasting, resilient, and comfortable in the summer as a top layer and in the winter as an inside layer.

Why it is critical to evaluate GSM strength of textiles?

It is critical to evaluate the GSM strength of textiles because businesses seek to save money by offering cheap material that is readily destructible. Their testing shows that 180GSM materials are the finest for T-shirts. With their Bio-Washed T-shirts, you won't have to worry about T-shirt shrinkage, lint collection, or colour fading.

Celebrating pahadi culture via Nathuli

Nathuli or Nath is a Pahari woman's charm known for her exquisite manner. It is worn by ladies in Uttarakhand's Garhwal, Kumaon, and Jaunsar-Bawar regions. However, while the style and design may alter in each country, the charisma stays the same. During a wedding, the bride's nath or nose ring is the center of attention. The weight and number of pearls put in a nath represent the bride's family's status. Tehri Nath, known for its creative design, is a well-known Uttarakhand jewelry that is worn during weddings, social events, pujas, and major family ceremonies. This big piece of jewellery not only exemplifies Garhwal's rich culture, but it has also become a fashion statement, attracting both Pahari and non-Pahari brides to wear it.

Pahadi Topi Review: Final Thought 

Their store is a modest start in connecting hill merchandise across the world. They want to promote traditional handcrafted items and provide a fair opportunity to the rural labor, so creating jobs and fostering self-sufficiency. The items are handcraft, yet contemporary and cheap. They have a variety of t-shirts, topis, jewelry, hoodies, and sweatshirts made with sustainable production practices.

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