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    Tryshift now known as Shift is one of a reliable tool that manages all your email and app accounts. It is a desktop app that allows quickly shift between Gmail or Inbox, Calendar, and drive. The application also helps with a smooth shift between Google or Outlook mailbox accounts. Do not forget to apply Shift Coupon Code & Discount Code that allows you to spend less.

    Now, it is not easy for businesses to keep on switching to different accounts and complete their task at the same time. To make work easier that would help businesses and individual to get all their essential details at one place, TryShift plays a crucial role in making all the task easier and efficient. Let us why do we need TryShift and what are the different pricing plans offered by the app.


    Why do you need Shift?

    In simple words, TryShift allows you to connect. It combines email accounts and your web tools, apps at one place. Now imagine yourself in a position where you need to take care of emails and work-related data at the same time, instead of being distracted, use TryShift. It helps to sync all of the essential data and tools at one place that eases your workflow.

    Moreover, TryShift can manage your mail confidentially and locally without any risk. It makes sure that nobody should have access to your files until and unless you share it with them.

    Let us see what different features the app offers.

    • Helps with quick access to find out any information related to mail, calendar, and drive accounts.
    • You can join all your Google accounts, from Gmail, Calendar & Drive to Slides, Sheets, Adwords.
    • TryShift helps to get access to your information, data, or emails, and you can customize the way you want.
    • Shift works best on every platform that includes Mac, Windows & Linux.
    • You can mix and match your favorite tool that enhances workflow as well.
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    Shift Products & Pricing

    There are three different plans you get with Shift, which includes the basic, pro, and Advanced plans.

    BasicShift Basic plan is for free, and you can shift upto two accounts, and includes cross-platform support from Windows, Mac & Linux. You can always look for an upgrade if you find the plans useful.

    ProShift Pro plans will charge you around $29.99 per year, which will come with unlimited accounts, and you get different features like notification muting, desktop notification, and cross-platform support.

    Advanced- Shift Advanced plans will include all the plans of Basic and pro. Besides, you will be able to enable chrome extension, add Google services, access other application, and many more. The price for the Advanced plan will be $99.99 per year.

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    'shift works seamlessly for everyone\ Final Thought

    The shift is one of the reliable apps that connects all the information, apps at one place. Moreover, TryShift is available for free, but it would be great that you look for an upgrade that would let you enjoy the access and workflow of the apps. If you are not satisfied with the tool, you are free to look for a refund. Again, apply Shift Coupon Code & Promo Code to get the best price on all the upgrades.

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    What is TryShift?

    Shift Application eases your workflow by availing all the necessary email accounts and apps at one single place. You get a customizable dashboard where you can keep your favorite tools as you want to.

    How to Apply TryShift Coupon Code?

    Steps to Apply TryShift Promo Code, Coupon Code & Discount Code

    • Copy the Shift coupon code and go to the official website
    • Choose your plan and proceed checkout
    • Apply the tryshift coupon code 2019 code given on the box, and you will see the discounted price.

    How To Install Shift for Windows?

    Steps to Install TryShift

    • Save the download and Double click the downloaded file to start
    • Once the install has achieved, Shift will begin automatically.

    How do I use the shift between Gmail accounts?

    Steps to shift between Gmail accounts

    • Fetch emails with the new Gmail account
    • Log in to your current Gmail account and click on the gear icon
    • Go to Settings and choose the account option
    • Import Data and go to the 'Check mail from other accounts' segment
    • Go to the 'Check mail from other accounts' section.
    • You can enter your old Gmail account and click next.
    • Shift email client discount code will help with getting you the reasonable price for the plans.
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