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TSPROF Review – Quick Summary

What You Like the Best

·   The TSPROF K03 and Blitz sharpening systems are composed of aerospace aluminium and high-strength steel. The same materials are used for all components, clamps, and accessories.

·   As a result, with proper maintenance, their sharpeners can endure for years. Many expert sharpeners have used their goods for many years, and they have a lot of experience with them.

·   Some of them have been using their sharpeners for over 6 years without replacing them.

What You Dislike

·   Their sharpeners are currently incapable of sharpening serrations. But they’re working on it, and their engineering department is inventing a specific mechanism to sharpen the serrated blade.

The TSPROF K03 knife sharpener is a professional system with a universal table and a variety of clamps, including one for sharpening fillet knives

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the sharpening stones has made the K03 sharpening system very popular.

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 TSPROF Reviews In Detail

The constructional steel and aircraft aluminum 7075-T6 used in their TSPROF K03 and Blitz sharpeners are of the finest quality. All of the pieces are made on CNC machines with micron tolerances, and the final assembly and configuration of the systems is done by hand. The combination of these elements, as well as product control at all stages, enables you to sharpen knives with 0.1° accuracy using their equipment. Their engineering group puts each new part through a rigorous testing and verification process. 

Sharpening system TSPROF Kadet Pro! The new sharpener has a rack and pinion lift with a smooth angle adjustment system, and it retains the Kadet’s elegant design, compact size, and low weight. TSPROF Kadet Pro Sharpening Kit with diamond plates on galvanic binder is available for pre-order, as is the TSPROF Kadet Pro Sharpening Kit without any extras.

What makes TSPROF the best? 

The Blitz sharpener is intend for use in the home. It’s little, but it can sharpen knives with spine thicknesses of up to 4.5 mm. Suitable for most kitchen knives, EDC knives, and folding knives. The TSPROF K03 knife sharpener is a professional system with a universal table and a variety of clamps, including one for sharpening fillet knives (chisels, scissors, etc.). The TSPROF K03 can sharpen knives with a spine thickness of up to 7 mm and a length of up to 600 mm.

Professional knife sharpener TSPROF K03 comes with an angle-adjustment system that is easy to use. Direct Angle set allows you to set the angle with just one hand and with 0.1 degree accuracy. Sharpening is uniform on both sides of the blade thanks to a unique swivel mechanism.

Review on TSPROF Products  

They’ve proven that the TSPROF K03 knife sharpener can sharpen a wide range of cutting instruments in the lab. Knives with a range of geometries (multitool knives, daggers) and blade thicknesses of up to 7 mm are includ. Fillet knives are one of them, for which they devised special clamps that allow you to sharpen the knife at a 7.2-degree angle. Furthermore, a convex edge can be create; two special equipment are available for sharpening the blade in this manner. Tourist axes, machetes, parangs, bolo-machetes, swords, and arrowheads can all be sharpen in addition to knives. Sharpening scissors, such as multitool scissors, ice drill blades, plane knives, shoemaker’s knife, and chisels, is also possible with the TSPROF K03 knife sharpener; for this, a unique clamp – a little universal table – is built.

Techno-studia “Profil” is a Russian professional sharpening gear maker. They are totally form of metal. Profile sharpeners are well-known across the world for their dependability. They are currently the European leader in the mass production of sharpening systems. The Profile project started with the intention of developing a universal sharpening platform with interchangeable and easily replaceable peripheral nodes. The first design work on the basic features of the sharpening device Profile began in 2010 in response to an upsurge in global and domestic interest in knife-related themes and sharpening skills. The sharpening community’s established methods of manual sharpening were mostly carried out using crude plastic backups.

TSPROF Pricing

·   TSPROF Kadet Nero Sharpening Kit $297 

TSPROF K03 Knife Sharpening System $355,50 

·       TSPROF K03 Expert Knife Sharpening System $385,20 $428

TSPROF K03 Hunter Kit Knife Sharpening System $490,50 

·       TSPROF K03 Master Kit Knife Sharpening System $929

·       TSPROF K03 Sharpener. Standard kit $460

TSPROF Blitz Pro Sharpening Kit $355

·       TSPROF Kadet Pro Knife Sharpening System $333 

TSPROF Kadet Pro Sharpening Kit $356,40

·   TSPROF K03 Pro Sharpening System $458,85 


Is TSPROF Legit?

A desire for high-quality sharpening arose, and the market’s bleakness, countless attempts by single craftsmen and sharpeners to ameliorate the situation, and growing interest in the topic of various sharpening public sparked a design concept.

When they first learned about sharpening methods and tested out well-known alternatives for node execution in the first Profile model (Lada 2012 project), they tried to offer fresh concepts. They prioritized product accuracy, reliability, technological capabilities, user convenience, harmony, and aesthetics during creation and enhancement. Today’s Profile has undergone multiple rounds of upgrading and has undergone significant changes. Due to unique design solutions, some progress has been achieve in improving the device’s user experience.

Is TSPROF Worth It?

The accuracy and product performance have improved as a result of continuous equipment updates and the implementation of modern production procedures. The search and research activity, which covers a wide variety of tasks and occasionally emerges far beyond the limitations of current models and constructs, occupies a huge invisible part of the Profile project’s development. Due to the conservative nature of production, the majority of them will never see the light of day and will never be incorporate in production samples; yet, some of the most powerful decisions originate from natural selection and reach the consumer. This is the Profile’s evolution mechanism.

Is TSPROF A Good Brand?

Today, Profile is one of the most well-known Russian knife sharpeners, and they serve as an example of Russian sharpening to the rest of the globe. Profile machines are a one-of-a-kind device with patented technology, universal parts, and consideration for all types of blades and tools. There are fourteen various manufacturing processes involved in the production of machine tools, ranging from welding to precision milling on CNC machines. A monthly batch of sharpeners is produced by 40 people using seven CNC machines.

Final Thought About TSPROF

They endeavor to fully address the needs of their customers when designing kits. For TSPROF K03 sharpeners, their kits are organised according to the principle of starting with the simplest configuration (Start and Start Expert kits), progressing to the configuration for a more experienced sharpener (Standard and Expert standard kits), and finally to the most comprehensive kit covering all of the main tasks (Maximum kit). The same choosing approach applies to Blitz sharpeners, albeit with the caveat that this is a domestic sharpener. A TSPROF expert can assist you in selecting the right kit for your needs.

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