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    Sam's Club Review 2022: The Best Wholesale Club of America

    About Sam's Club

    Want to save up to 25% on your groceries? Founded in 1983, Sam's Club is the largest warehouse/wholesale club globally, and it has stores in the USA, China, Mexico, and Brazil.

    Walmart owns it, and in 2009, it boasted of 47million paid members and 597 outlets in the U.S. alone. Sam's Club carries a large inventory of its merchandise sold using the warehouse model. 

    The warehouse clubs are designed as standard warehouses where the merchandise is sold in bulk quantities and packaged into warehouse-style steel bins mounted on pallets. 

    This packaging system applies to electronics, home furniture, office equipment, automobile parts and accessories, grocery, garden supplies, pet supplies, children's accessories, sporting goods, toys, jewelry, wines, and health and beauty products. 

    In addition to this, Sam's Club has also developed five private labels for specific product categories: Simply Right, Bakers & Chefs, Member's Mark, Sam's Club, and Daily Chef. 

    These private labels are designed to vouch for the high quality of the products. 

    Let's jump into the Sam's Club Review.

    Sam's Club Review 2022: Pros, Cons, and Best Selling Products

    Before you get into this Sam's Club review, let's go over some pros and cons of the brand:


    • Best Wholesale Club in 2022.
    • Sam's Club has a fantastic selection of top brand products and a cheaper membership fee.
    • FREE SHIPPING for Plus Members. 
    • Sam's Club Helps You Save Time. 
    • Low Prices on Groceries, Mattresses, Tires, Pharmacy, Optical, Bakery, Floral, & More!
    • Save more on high-ticket items such as laptops and T.V.s.
    • Sam's Club is best for purchasing items you regularly use in bulk.
    • Sam's Club is a subsidiary of Walmart.
    • Trades under the ticker WMT on the New York Stock Exchange.
    • Members gain access to price-competitive stores stocking pretty much everything.
    • Discounts on certain goods and services include eyeglasses, fuel, travel, and branded drugs.
    • Enjoy all your membership perks with Sam's Club app
    • Excellent products and services ? in clubs, online, and on mobile devices.
    • Sam's Club has an excellent return policy.
    • Sam's Club costs slightly less.


    • The biggest issue with shopping at Sam's Club is the annual membership fee. You have to pay $45 to shop there.
    Let's go ahead with the Sam's Club Review!

    Welcome to Sam's Club. Looking for the highest quality products? Sam's Club is a warehouse club with 597 locations across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. 

    Like leading national brands, Sam's Club also carries Member's Mark, an exclusive, premium-quality private brand. Member's Mark products are only designs that use top-of-the-line materials and the highest grade ingredients to ensure you get the best quality and value at members-only prices. 

    Sam's Club also offers associate benefits like paid parental leave for full-time associates, additional support for adoptive families, 401(k) savings, health/dental/vision plans, associate stock purchase plans, associate discounts, etc. 

    So what are you waiting for? Just find out what's happening at a club near you, check out the latest trends, Instant Savings offers, find a daily recipe using all the quality fresh food at Sam's Club, and much more via Sam's Club Review.

    Sam's Club Review 2022 rounded up the 3 best-selling products you can't find anywhere else!

    Sam's Club Member's Mark Paper Towels Review: Best Paper Towels of 2022

    They offer rock bottom prices on their Member's Mark Super Premium Paper Towels. Member's Mark Super Premium Paper Towels start with a super thick build that can tackle even your most epic spills.

    These paper towels are 2-ply and have a quilted surface for superior performance. These premium paper towels are also super strong, making them ideal for more than just sopping up spills. 

    They're fantastic for wiping down glass, appliances, countertops, dishes, walls, tile surfaces, etc. Aside from wiping up spills for regular home use, these premium paper towels are ideal for having on hand at events.

    What makes it stand out?

    • Thicker, longer-lasting design.
    • Strong & absorbent paper towels are quilted for excellent performance.
    • It eliminates waste and gives you more mileage per every towel roll.
    • Premium paper towels include 15 mega rolls that feature 150 sheets each.
    • Ideal for offices, restaurants, and cafeterias.
    • They're also fantastic for holding cookies, brownies, and other treats.
    Pricing: Sam's Club Member's Mark Paper Towels will cost you at least $17.48.

    Best Paper Towels of 2022

    Sam's Club Member's Mark Toilet Paper Review: Best Toilet Paper to Buy Online in 2022

    Looking for a long-lasting mega roll? Sam's Club Member's Mark Toilet Paper has excellent fame in the market. Member's Mark? Ultra-Premium Soft and Strong Toilet Paper, Bath Tissue gives exceptional cleaning capability without using many sheets. 

    This ultra-quality toilet paper is soft, vigorous, and absorbent. This allows making each roll last longer while lowering the cost for buyers. 

    Sam's Club ultra-premium bath tissue is safe for standard septic systems. Costumers can rest assured that using this septic-safe, high-quality toilet paper will not cause the backup of their system as it dissolves quickly, which will give any property owner peace of mind. 

    What makes it stand out?

    • Ultra Premium Soft and Strong Toilet Paper.
    • Reduce the risk of pipe clogs, even when using slightly more than usual.
    • Deliver just the right blend of softness, strength, and absorbency.
    • It's also unscented for enhanced comfort.
    • Safe for use with most septic and sewage systems.
    Pricing: Sam's Club Member's Mark Toilet Paper will cost you $20.46.

    Best Toilet Paper to Buy Online in 2022

    Sam's Club Rotisserie Chicken Review: Best Rotisserie Chicken In The World 

    If you've never been to Sam's Club, you'll want to sign up for a membership to try their delicious daily-made Member's Mark rotisserie chickens! 

    With Member's Mark Rotisserie Chicken, you can enjoy multiple servings of creamy and flavorful chicken salad as tasty as versatile. Serve this chicken at special gatherings or just as a quick and wholesome meal any day of the week. 

    This package comes with two to three pounds of fresh chicken prepared in your local Club. Its simple ingredients and delectable flavor make it a fun and wholesome meal to enjoy at lunch, dinner, or for snacking.

     So what are you looking for? These fleshy chickens make weekday dinners a lot easier and more delicious! Enjoy them in pasta, soups, salads, or simply by themselves.

    What makes it stand out?

    • Succulent, juicy, and meaty.
    • No artificial flavors or colors.
    • No added hormones or steroids.
    • A tasty combination of dressing, celery, and chicken.
    • No added hormones or steroids.
    • Quick, convenient solution for any meal.
    • Chickens are ready to be cooked to your liking.
    • Affordable.
    Pricing: Sam's Club Rotisserie Chicken will cost $4.98 per 3lb chicken.

    Best Rotisserie Chicken In The World


    Is Sam's Club Legit? 

    YES. Sam's Club is a legitimate brand. 

    It operates 599 stores across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Their members gain access to price-competitive stores stocking pretty much everything for a relatively small fee. 

    Sam's Club also discounts certain goods and services for higher-tier membership, such as eyeglasses, fuel, travel, and branded drugs.

    Is Sam's Club A Good Brand?

    Definitely! YES. Sam's Club is a good brand. 

    Sam's Club provides early shopping hours for its members who have subscribed to the Business plus membership plans, and these members can start shopping at 0700hrs from Monday to Saturday. 

    On Sunday, it operates from 1000hrs to 1800hrs. 

    Is Sam's Club Worth It?

    Yes. That's it in a nutshell! Sam's Club is a worthwhile investment. 

    Sam's Club offers a more affordable deal by accepting payments made using credit cards provided by the four major card providers. 

    It accepts Walmart and Sam's Club credit cards for in-store and online storefronts trades. Other payment options include Discover Card, MasterCard, Visa, American Express credit cards, and PIN-based debit cards.

    Is Sam's Club Cheaper Than Walmart?

    Definitely Yes. Sam's Club is more affordable per unit of product. 

    However, you're spending more overall with Sam's Club because you're buying more of a product. 

    With Sam's Club, you might spend 45 cents per roll of toilet paper, but you're buying 45 rolls, spending $20.25. With Walmart, you can pay $8.57 for the same toilet paper, but you're getting 12 rolls, 71 cents per roll.

    Final Thought About Sam's Club

    A membership-based store, Sam's Club, provides goods and services for consumers and business owners and affordable luxury merchandise. 

    It is a membership-only retail warehouse club division of Walmart Stores Inc. 

    t is a leading membership wholesale club, offering superior products and services at outstanding value to its members. Sam's Club offers the best deal for warehouse club perks. 

    Sam's Club keeps prices low by selling merchandise in bulk and at very low-profit margins. This is because Sam's Club has lower membership fees, has better payment options, offers a diverse range of products at competitive rates, has more outlets, and has longer hours of operations. 

    In addition to this, the good news is that you can join without worry ? each Sam's Club membership comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that lets you get a refund of your membership fee for the current year, no questions asked. 

    So stop wasting time looking at someone else's. Just shop easier every day with the Sam's Club.

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