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    • Pricing is a little expensive (But hosting is fantastic, so the amount is justified).

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    HostUS Reviews In Detail

    HostUS was founded in 2012 as a Limited Liability Company base in Delaware, United States.

    They provides a wide range of web hosting services, ranging from low-cost Shared cPanel hosting to OpenVZ VPSes and huge dedicated servers.

    HostUS attempts to deliver high-quality web hosting services at reasonable prices. With 10 worldwide hosting sites, HostUS is certain to have a location that meets your requirements. 

    HostUS runs servers in an increasing number of major data centers around the world; their data center footprint enables you to implement a diversified variety of low-latency services globally, all with the ease of using the same provider. 

    Every data center has what the industry considers standard characteristics such as environmental space conditioning, redundant power, in-line UPS battery backups, fuelled generators for power generation, and multiple layers of physical access controls.

    What makes HostUS the best?

    • View real-time server information & resource usage.
    • Shut down, kill, reboot, and boot your VPS with the click of a button.
    • Change hostname and root password.
    • Enable and disable server modules.
    • Manage IPs and set DNS records.
    • Secure your VPS and add SSH keys.
    • Access the serial console.
    • Rebuild your VPS with our large variety of templates.

    Review on the Best HostUS Product

    • SHARED HOSTING - Suitable for webmasters looking for the simplest solution to host small websites on a stable platform.
    • RESELLER HOSTING - Start your own hosting company and sell web hosting packages to your own customers.
    • VPS HOSTING -The most cost-effective Linux server solution, with full root access and plenty of customization.

    HostUS Pricing

    • SHARED HOSTING: starting from $2/month.
    • RESELLER HOSTING: starting from $6.99/month.
    • VPS HOSTING:  starting from $5.95/quarter.


    Is HostUS Legit? 

    Yes, definitely! HostUS is a legitimate service. 

    HostUS guarantees 99.9% industry-leading reliability across their whole network, focuses on quality, and backs up their services with ready-to-help in-house staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

    Furthermore, HostUS's staff experience in web hosting, and they receive ongoing training to ensure that their customers receive exceptional service.

    Is HostUS Worth It?

    Yes, absolutely! HostUS is a worthwhile investment.

    HostUS features tried-and-true hardware-based filtering to combat DDoS attacks and other types of packet abuse. 

    DDoS Protection HostUS support by a variety of filtering platforms. They power by Radware DefensePro, Corero SmartWall, and unique hardware filters for fine-grained protection.

    Why Do You Need Protection From DDoS Attacks?

    DDoS attacks and other malicious traffic can overwhelm servers, causing them to crash.

    If you are not protect, your hosting provider must take precautions to safeguard their infrastructure and other customers from fraudulent traffic.

    They usually end up sending your hosting and packets to /dev/, where they will never be viewed again, taking your services offline. This is commonly referred to as routing or blackholing.

    You have just been DDoS victimized by some random force on the internet, now your provider added insult to injury with an instant and often long-lasting . This is the daily experience at hosting companies without DDoS Protection.

    Final Thought About HostUS  

    HostUs, which was founded in 2012, has grown tremendously over the years. 

    They have a strong presence in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe, and they provide a wide range of services. 

    HostUS provides web hosting services such as shared hosting servers managed by cPanel, VPS servers (OpenVZ VPS and KVM VPS), dedicated servers, and reseller hosting. 

    Clients from all over the world benefit from the company's 8 data centers located across four continents, allowing it to provide high-quality services at reasonable prices.

    In addition to hosting services, HostUs provides a slew of other benefits. These include free DDoS protection from malicious internet users, fast 24/7 support for any issue with your account or server, and managed VPS and Dedicated servers so you don't have to deal with the nitty-gritty of managing and running a web server.

    HostUS servers are blazing fast and it has mechanisms in place to ensure that it keeps its promise of 99.99 % uptime. 

    It also provides a favorable package for all needs, ranging from small-scale businesses to large corporations managing multiple massive websites. 

    As a result, you can rest assured that your website is secure with HostUs and that you are getting excellent value for your money.

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