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    • HOSTFLYTE currently do not allow IRC or IRC bots to operate on our network

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    HOSTFLYTE Reviews In Detail

    The HOSTFLYTE aims to offer high performance and also provides dedicated servers. The store provides 99.9% uptime, redundant art infrastructure, and the best hardware. Furthermore, the store also provides upto 10TB Bandwidth and an efficient control panel for a better and managed system. From multilocation deployment to 100% Whitelabel to secure and redundant and more, the firm offers everything for web hosting under one roof. 

    Additionally, the sole aim of this hosting brand is to provide high-quality service along with customer satisfaction and affordable prices. Shop from HOSTFLYTE and get the best solution for web hosting.

    What makes HOSTFLYTE the best? 

    • HOSTFLYTE offers all the services for the best web hosting under one roof at super affordable prices.
    • HOSTFLYTE also offers a control panel for proper management along with a bandwidth of 10TB.
    • The store provides the best backup system, better speed, and RAM to store your critical data.
    • The brand focuses on 100% customer satisfaction and provides 24/7 excellent support.

    Review on the Best HOSTFLYTE Products

    • Budget VPS Hosting The firm offers 1vCPU, 512 MB Memory, 10 GB Pure SSD disk along with a 1TB Bandwidth and a 1 Gbps port. The firm also provides Open VZ for Linux only.
    • Premium VPS Hosting The brand offers 1 CPU, 512 MB memory along a 1 Gbps port. It also provides KVM for Linux as well as Windows. 
    • Dedicated Hosting This amazing hosting plan provides E3-1240v2, 32GB Memory, 500 GB SATA along with 10TB Bandwidth, and 1Gbps port. The plan also offers a control panel+IPMI. 

    HOSTFLYTE Pricing

    • Budget VPS Hosting The price of this wonderful plan is $22.00.
    • Premium VPS Hosting - The cost of this amazing plan is $22.00.
    • Dedicated Hosting The price of this ultimate plan is $89 per month. 


    Is HOSTFLYTE Legit? 

    Yes, HOSTFLYTE offers the best hosting solution. You can conclude that HOSTFLYTE is 100% genuine and legit. 

    Is HOSTFLYTE Worth It? 

    Yes, HOSTFLYTE is worth it, as they strive hard to give you the best hosting solution at the comfort of your place without any hassle. The product is available at a highly reasonable price and helps grow your site to rank higher.

    Does HOSTFLYTE provide its services internationally? 

    Yes, HOSTFLYTE offers its services worldwide. The firm has excellent multilingual customer service to help you out of any situation. 

    Is HOSTFLYTE a Good Brand?

    Undoubtedly, HOSTFLYTE is one of the best brands providing hosting solutions. This company's web hosting and designing services are easy to use reliable and help you to rank higher. 

    Final Thought About HOSTFLYTE        

    HOSTFLYTE strives to deliver excellent performance as well as dedicated servers. The store boasts a 99.9% uptime guarantee, as well as state-of-the-art redundant infrastructure and cutting-edge hardware. All the plans from this amazing store are best and boost speed and rank.

    Furthermore, the store offers up to 10TB of bandwidth and a user-friendly control panel for a more efficient and well-managed system. The company provides everything for web hosting under one roof, from multilocation deployment to 100 percent Whitelabel, secure and redundant, and more. Moreover, the only goal of this hosting company is to give high-quality service, as well as client happiness and low pricing.

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