Eatable Review

    Eatable is a company that believes in making unique yet delicious snacks. They make alcohol-infused popcorn, a combination that you have probably never heard of before and that is what makes it so desirable. Alcohol infused popcorn is a very light snack and combines the best of both worlds, i.e. spirit and snacks. There are different flavours available, including champagne, whiskey and scotch. This brand is becoming very popular in parties as everyone wants to get their hands on this new snack. They provide individual packs as well as combo offers. To get the best prices on their products, you can use the Eatable Coupon Code on your purchases. 

    What is Eatable?

    Founded by Charlene and Vince, the company is based on making the best party snacks there are. Their first innovative recipe, i.e. Whiskey on the pop, won a pitch competition in Boston, and that led them to start their own business. They aim to find the ideal balance between the tastes of spirit and popcorn flavours. Whiskey on the pop was a blend of scotch and caramel popcorn that blew away everyone's minds. The products are Non-GMO and are free of a lot of harmful chemicals usually found in marketed snacks. For Example, they dona't use any artificial colours or preservatives to keep the snack completely healthy and ideal for your body. Only fresh ingredients are used to get you the best taste and quality of the popcorn. 

    Why Eatable?

    • Fresh products that are prepared in small batches. 
    • Non-GMO
    • No preservatives or artificial coloring 
    • Double baked popcorn - No unpopped kernels or soft popcorn.
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    Why do I need the Eatable coupon codes?

    Once you try Eatable products, you will come back for more. Coupon codes help you to get the best price on a large number of products so that you can buy more and more items from the store. Avail the lowest prices on their products by using the Eatable Discount code. 

    How to apply the Eatable coupon codes?

    To apply the Eatable promo code, add your products into the cart and proceed to buy. When a final bill window appears, type the code into the box given and enjoy your concession.

    What will be the pricing and plans of Eatable?

    Individual packs start at 9$ while packs of 4 and 5 are in the range of 45 - 50$. You can also buy gift sets for 45$ - 150$ depending on the product.

    What if the coupon codes dona't work?

    All coupon codes have a limited validity offer and can only be applied to certain products at a time. Please read the regulations carefully before using any coupon.


    Eatable is a rare company that sells unique combinations of food items. Do try out their extensive range of alcohol-infused popcorn for your parties and events. They dona't contain substantial amounts of alcohol and are kid-safe. Dona't forget to use the Eatable Voucher code before payment.

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