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About Dux Soup

Are you starting a business? Well, if yes then Dux Soup has all that you need to make it a remarkable success. With the Dux-soup plans, you can discover prospects, target tagged profiles, and much more. They provide you webinars to learn many more new things. If you are interested in dealing with Dux Soup and its services, check our Dux Soup review below.   

Now you can increase the number of LinkedIn leads, by using advanced targeting strategies. Join with Dux Soup and take your LinkedIn generation to the next level.

The automatically engages with the prospects you select on LinkedIn. It endorses their skills, sends them a personalized connection.

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What is Dux Soup? 

Dux-soup is a new tool that helps you reach out to potential customers for your products and services. Its features like LinkedIn activity automation, linking user profiles to your campaign, and lead generation make it the ideal and affordable option for your business growth. Dux-Soup Turbo helps you create smarter LinkedIn lead generation campaigns. To know more about Dux Soup plans, read the Dux Soup review in detail.

Why do you need Dux Soup?

  • Dux Soup is a Linkedin lead generation tool born out of necessity.
  • Dux Soup strives to make LinkedIn Automation accessible to everyone to meet the needs of individuals, teams, and digital agencies.
  • Their plans are both cost-effective and customizable.
  • They partner with many other shopping brands so that their services are accessible to everyone across the globe. 

What will be the Dux Soup pricing and plans?

  • Individual- Dux Soup offers three plans for individuals’ requirements
  • Starter Dux: This plan is free to use.
  • Pro Dux:  This plan is available as a monthly, individual, and team plan starting from $11.25/month. 
  • Turbo Dux: This plan is available as a monthly, individual, team, and agency plan starting from $41.25/month. 
  • Team- For Team requirements, Dux Soup offers two plans
  • Pro Edition- Pro Edition plan starts from $135.00 annually.
  • Turbo Edition- Dux-Soup’s Turbo Edition plan starts from $495.00 annually.  
  • Agency- Dux Soup offers a plan for Agency works that includes Dux-Soup Turbo starting from $412.50/month.


Learn how to set your LinkedIn lead generation on autopilot with smart drip campaigns, delivering you a steady flow of sales leads while saving your time. With Dux Soup’s growing list of integrations, they make it easy for you to drive even more income from LinkedIn.  Join hands with Dux Soup and get a chance to be a part of Dux Soup.


Do the Dux Soup products Internationally?

Yes, Dux Soup provides its services all over the world. 

Does Dux Soup offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, Dux Soup provides a 100% money-back guarantee. 

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