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    The only knives that will guarantee you the juiciest steak of your life. Unlike serrated steak knives, which rip your meat to shreds, their razor-sharp Artisan Revere Sharp non-serrated edges provide silky smooth cuts. Enjoy that perfect steak, its flavorful juices fill your palate rather than the plate. Read reviews to know more€¦

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    Every single surface besides the blade is smooth and comfortable,

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    These details make for a knife that is all about control and precision cutting.

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    The Artisan Revere Super Steel Chef's Knife which is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter is one of those cases.

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    • You can rely on the quality: They obsessively craft knives with bet-your-life dependability, ultra-agileness, and aerospace-tolerance.

    • Elmax high vanadium super steel hardened to 60-62 Rockwell
    • Construction with full tang
    • At the heel, the shoe measures 8.6 inches long and 2.05 inches tall.
    • Tall enough to keep your knuckles from collapsing on the cutting board.
    • 13.6 inches in total length
    • 50/50 bevel, 15 degrees per side, ground with a convex micro bevel
    • Behind-the-edge thickness is 0.012€²€².
    • The spine thickness is 0.090€²€², with a distal taper of 175 grams and a knife weight of +/- 3 grams.
    • To maximise power and control, the balance point should be directly in front of the handle.
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    What makes Artisan Revere the best?

    • Work Sharp is the market leader in at-home electric sharpening tools, so it was only natural for them to collaborate with them. With their association, they came up with the Limited Edition Work Sharp x Artisan Revere model.
    • They've also included a complete set of professional-grade sharpening belts. With the press of a button, the Limited Edition WS x AR can shape, sharpen, and refine your edges.
    • Americ's Finest Never-Bleed Paring Knife: Their paring knife is ideal for any cook who needs to perform intricate and precise peeling and cutting tasks. A 1.1\ tall finger-guard allows you to choke and ensures you won't cut yourself. Redesigned from the ground up for comfort, utility, and dexterity.

    Review on the Artisan Revere Products 

    Their knife is made of a new type of metal known in the survival knife world as Elmax steel. According to various websites, the steel is both more durable and harder (allowing it to become and remain sharper). The knife is essentially an upgraded version of my favorite knife, only slightly better in almost every way. It's just a plain-looking piece of metal with one end sharpened and an old-fashioned two-piece handle sandwiching the knife's tail (or tang). But everything about it is superbly crafted. From the well-polished handle to the knife's top edge, every surface other than the blade is smooth and comfortable.

    Artisan Revere Pricing

    • $445 for the Chef's Knife - Impossibly thin and brilliantly sharpaexactly engineered to break down the most difficult ingredients faster than ever before. A must-have for both professional and home cooks.
    • $195 for the Paring Knife - With a unique deep finger loop, this glove is remarkably precise and nimbleaobsessively designed to maximise comfort and eliminate calluses and slips. The most adaptable and ergonomically sound paring knife ever created.


    Is Artisan Revere Legit?

    Finding a knife you likeaone that makes cooking enjoyableacan be a very personal experience. And, to be honest, whether the knife you have (whatever it is) is sharp enough has far more of an impact on whether the time you spend cooking is enjoyable or frustrating.

    It's not a high-end knife, but none of the far more expensive knives I've owned felt or worked better for me. Why? First, it's well balanced: I can rest it on my finger between the handle and the blade and it won't tip or fall off.

    Is Artisan Revere Worth It?

    If you see any visible chips on the edge of your knife, or if it can no longer pierce a tomato with minimal pressure, it's time to sharpen it. They recommend using the Eastern Recipe, which detail in the literature that comes with your Work Sharp. If not, they recommend investing in a good set of whetstones.

    Is Artisan Revere A Good Brand? 

    The Artisan Revere knife is made to be so strong and long-lasting that your grandchildren will be able to pass it down to their own children one day. This is only possible if you take proper care of your knife.

    Final Thought About Artisan Revere

    • Because the balance is so even, it feels light and easy to wield in the handamore like an extension of your arm than anything else. The material is extremely strong and sharp. It sliced cleanly through duck bones, then deboned chicken thighs, chopped up root vegetables, minced herbs, and made delicate, paper-thin fillets of snapper for crudo. I believe Artisan Revere's claim that the steel will stay sharp for two to nearly three times as long as other high-end knives.
    • Sharper for a longer time: TCC testing was performed by the CATRA Lab in Sheffield, UK. Their knife averaged 933 cuts, outperforming Wusthof and Henckels (Germany: X50CrMoV15), Shun and Global (Japan: VG10 & Cromova 18), and New West by 2.3x (USA: CPMS35Vn). Elmax® steel knives STAY SHARPER FOR LONGER.
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