Artanis Home Review

    About Artanis Home

    According to a survey, empty shampoo, handwash, dishwasher, etc., bottles create enormous waste. These bottles don't get degraded easily, hence causing harm to the environment. So to save the world, Artanis Home came into the picture.

    Artanis Home sighted, having a plastic-free environment. So they started selling excellent quality bottles and jars to reduce waste. Artanis Home aims to create high-quality customized dispensers and containers. This environmentally friendly brand deals with a wide variety of jars and bottles in a very affordable range. So, if you also wish to save your environment, check Artanis Home collections of reusable bottles and jars and check out our Artanis Home review below.

    What is Artanis Home? 

    Artanis Home is a small family-owned company. The company provides its customers with unique and customizable jars that are easy to handle. Artanis Home also sells its reusable bottles to companies and other businesses. All the products from Artanis Home are reusable, custom labeled, long-lasting and affordable. These bottles happen to be an asset as one can store any product in them for a long time. Also, Artanis Home is saving our mother earth with this initiative. So if you are also an environment freak, give Artanis Home a try. Also, read our Artanis Home review below to know more about their pricing and plans. 

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    Why do we need Artanis Home? 

    • Artanis Home is a sustainable brand saving environment by selling reusable dispensers and jars. 
    • They have a wide range of reusable bottles and containers. All its products are custom labeled and come in various colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. 
    • Artanis Home offers free shipping in many products and also on orders above $500. 
    • The company also gives 90 days, 100% satisfaction guarantee. 
    • Buy your products from Artanis Home and get the best deals and offers on your products. 

    What are Artanis Home's pricing and plans? 

    • Glass Bottles and Dispensers These come with a printed label on them. This high-quality glassware comes in different sizes. The price of glass dispensers ranges from9 $ 19.99.
    • Plastic Bottles These bottles come in different sizes and with a printed label. Their price ranges ween $7 to $ 12. 
    • Glass Jars These glass jars come with a chemical-resistant coating. The jars are smooth, glossy, and eco-friendly. The range of glass jars starts from $14. 


    Artanis Home is an eco-friendly brand selling customized dispensers and containers to people and other businesses. This family business has been saving the environment by the initiative of reducing waste. They provide their customers with unique and reusable bottles, jars, sprays to store their products. Shop with Artanis Home if you, too, are willing to save the environment and a way to keep products nicely. Enjoy stress-free shopping and the best customer experience at a reasonable price. 


    What are Artanis Home's shipping policies? 

    Artanis Home delivers its products in 2-3 business days, and for the customizable products, it takes 7-10 days to get shipped.

    Does Artanis Home provide a money-back guarantee? 

    Yes, it does provides a 90 days money-back guarantee.

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