Wuka Period Pants Discount Code, Review & Coupon 2020

Women are constantly on the lookout for the perfect period product. Comfort and functionality are among the top priorities before choosing the right product. Most women prefer using either pads or tampons during menstruation. However, if you are not satisfied with your current options, you need to try the Wuka period panties. You can now get them at discounted rates using the Wuka coupon code online!

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You might consider many factors before buying a new product for your periods. Wuka brings you some of the most technologically advanced products that will make you consider throwing away your old menstrual hygiene products! Their wide range of period panties is an extremely useful and comfortable option among women. Unlike pads or tampons, these period panties can be worn for up to 8 hours and be reused for your next cycle too. Continue reading to learn more about them!

What is Wuka? 

Wuka is a revolutionary brand that aims to bring you a period product alternatives that will change your life. This brand provides you with comfortable period panties that can be reused for a significant amount of time.

Their products are made from the best fabrics that come in varying degrees of absorbance. Depending on your flow, you can get period panties that are the best fit for your period cycle. Now with the help of Wuka promo codes, you can get exciting offers on your orders too!

Why you need Wuka?

Wuka period panties are an innovative new addition to our pre-existing period products. This item can benefit you in ways you cannot even imagine. Here are a few things why the Wuka period panties are a must-have for every woman:

  • You can find products that are perfect for women experiencing light to very heavy flow.
  • All products by Wuka are environment friendly.
  • The fabric used to make these period panties is very soft and has antimicrobial properties. 
  • The fabric used is super absorbent, which leaves no room for leakage.
  • You can wear these panties for 8 hours straight. 
  • You can get period panty packs that can make your menstrual cycles easier.

Wuka pricing and products

Wuka products come in a wide range of options. You can find a period panty for every type of flow. If your cycle varies between heavy to light in a month, you can get a period panty pack that can last you for a very long time.

Wuka products are great for the environment and can save you a lot of money on menstrual hygiene products in the long run. Apart from period panties, you can also get amazing Wuka bralettes that come in numerous sizes. You can get your orders at great discounts by using the Wuka discount codes. 

Your order is eligible for free shipping to anywhere in the world if it exceeds a total of £75. Shipping to UK 2nd Class takes around 2-3 working days and is free of charge. However, you can pay an additional charge and get your order in the next few days too. This charge varies from region to region, so be sure to check out the website for details.


Wuka is a frontrunner in revolutionizing feminine menstrual hygiene products. With environment-friendly options available for women of all ages and sizes, these period panties are sure to win your heart. You can now get great discounts on your orders using the Wuka promo codes. Order today and get a chance to experience a superior form of menstrual hygiene.

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Can I get my order exchanged?

Yes, you can exchange your order if it is the wrong size for up to 40 days from purchase. 

Can I return my order?

You can return your order without any issues if it is unopened. However, you must wash the items properly and mark them before sending them.

Can I get Wuka Coupon Code on orders?

Yes, you can use the Wuka discount coupons or the Wuka promo codes to get great discounts on your order.

How to Apply Wuka Discount Code?

  • Copy the Wuka Coupon Code and visit the official site.
  • Purchase your product and hit the checkout button
  • Apply the Wuka Discount Code and get to save huge.

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