World Of X Ray Review


    World of X-Ray Review: Ideal Hygienic Adhesive

    They like creating things that make fellow technologists' jobs easier and enjoy their inexpensive costs.World of X-Ray works tirelessly to develop the ideal hygienic adhesive for attaching all x-ray markers. They arrived at Radhesive after testing with 35 distinct prepolymer material combinations.

    X-Ray technicians have a complex profession that can be emotionally exhausting and gratifying. They Recognise the difficulties that Rad Techs encounter and attempt to mitigate them by giving products of the highest quality. The individual who says thank you or did a fantastic job truly brightens the day and makes it all worthwhile. 

    • Convenient and easy to use
    • Clean with water or wipes
    • Super Strong
    • Stick markers anywhere
    • Sticks to surfaces other washable strips don't
    • Dab on scrubs to reduce the strength to your liking
    • Perfect for aluminum, resin, and plastic markers
    • Convenient and easy to use
    • Clean with water or wipes
    • Super Strong
    • Stick markers anywhere
    • Sticks to surfaces other washable strips don't
    • Dab on scrubs to reduce the strength to your liking
    • Perfect for aluminum, resin, and plastic markers

    World of X-Ray Review: Pack Radhesive Marker Holder Strips

    Strong, washable, reusable, adjustable grip, and medical-grade, which measures 1-1/2 "L x 3/4 "W. Radhesive X-ray Marker Adhesive is the top-notch adhesive strip on the market today! They are reusable, washable strips designed to use in place of tape to stick your markers to the bucky, badge, etc. No more sticky badges! Not more falling markers! No more replacing tape - Trim these with scissors, and they will fit the size of your markers. These Radhesive washes easily with soap and water to regain stickiness. If you find it too sticky, dab on scrubs to get it right for you.

    Pricing: $3.99

    Skeleton Badge Reel

    The Skeleton badge reel is a fantastic product that helps secure your ID/name badge to your uniform precisely as you like it. Badge reels are perfect for conversation starters or to represent your work. You can also gift yourself something to show off with this badge reel. They are also excellent gifts for your peers, x-ray technologists, students, teachers, and staff. Badge measurement: ~ 1 ?" in diameter. Clip: The badge reel clip rotates on a swivel and can easily be secured with your uniform. 

    Pricing: $9.99

    Live, Love, X-ray, Retractable Badge Reel

    X-Ray Tech badge reels are great for your ID cards, marker holders, and even your Radhesives! Make your family, friend, or coworker smile with this perfect gift!

    Choose a color between white or black when you place your order. Your badge reel is attached to a swivel spring clip, allowing a smooth pull in any direction on the retractable cord. 

    Pricing: $9.99

    World of X-Ray Review: FAQs

    Is Radhesive strong enough?

    Dab it on your clothing until it reaches the desired level of grip. If you dab it too much and it becomes weak, clean it with disinfecting wipes, and the strength will return to 100%. 

    Radhesive comes off the marker and stays on the IR. Rub the gel under running water to remove contaminants, and the grip will return to normal. May provide more thorough cleaning with disinfecting wipes. 


    • If the sticky strip is larger than the x-ray marker, cut it to size.
    • Remove any debris and oil from your x-ray marker before using it. The protective film from one side of the adhesive and press it to the x-ray marker.
    • Remove the adhesive strip from the other side.
    • Remove the Radhesive and use disinfectant wipes to clean the marker and Radhesive separately. After they have dried, firmly reattach the Radhesive to the quality, ensuring an equal seal between the two. Then dab the uncovered side of Radhesive on your scrubs to lessen grip, resulting in a more robust hold near the marker than outside the marker.
    • Radhesive adheres firmly to the emblem. Your ID badge at one hospital could function, but not at your second. It all depends on the substance of the card. If the PVC card does not have a film covering, it will cling firmly to any glue. You can use the marker holders we supply or buy ones with good reviews online.

    World of X-Ray Review: PRODUCT FEATURES

    • Dimensions of individuals 1.5"L x.75"W Industry-Specific Purpose - This is not a subsidiary function of another product.
    • Increased Thickness and Durability - Reliable
    • The new design adheres firmly to metal marks.
    • Water-friendly - wash it whenever you want - anti-infection
    • Maximum Strength and Adjustable Grip Levels - Convenience and use.
    • Reusable: If you lose your grip, wash it and keep using it.
    • Same-day order fulfillment and signature First Class delivery are available.
    • Ships from Florida, USA. 

    World of X-Ray Review: How They Stand Out 

    • BEST MARKET ADHESIVE: Tired of tangled tape and frequent tape changes? They've got your back, and this Radhesive X-ray Marker Adhesive is the best adhesive strip on the market now! It is reusable and washable and is intended to be used in place of tape to adhere markers to badges and other items. No more adhesive badges! Not more dropped markers! No need to replace tape! You may easily cut them to fit the size of your markers using scissors.
    • Radhesive strips have revolutionized fastening x-ray markers: These medical strips keep x-ray/mammography markers secure and aid in the prevention of bacteria accumulation.
    • Almost unbreakable adhesive strips. It will not rip if squished or twisted.
    • EXTREMELY STRONG & REUSABLE:The market's strongest marker adhesive. They offer a long-lasting stick that leaves no residue. Suppose it is too sticky for you; dab on scrubs to get it right. Radhesive is readily washed with soap and water to reclaim its "sticky-ness."
    • Self-adhesive: Stick-on/peel-off application that is simple to apply. The dimensions are 1.5 x 3/4 inch. You'll get ten strips. You may easily cut them to fit the size of your markers using scissors.

    World of X-Ray Review: Final Thought 

    Assume you received a faulty item or are dissatisfied with the outcomes. In that scenario, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. Their policy is only in effect for 30 days. According to their policy, they cannot offer you a refund or exchange when 30 days have passed since your purchase. "Your item must be unused, and in the same condition, you received it to be returned. It must also be in its original packing," cites their return policy rules.

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