Wama Underwear Review

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    Hemp has gained the spotlight due to its eco-friendly and sustainable properties. Hemp fabric boasts numerous advantages, such as its natural antibacterial properties, exceptional softness, and breathability. The realization of its ideal application for creating hemp underwear gave birth to the concept of WAMA.

    About WAMA Underwear

    WAMA is a popular brand known for its sustainable and eco-friendly hemp-based underwear. The brand offers luxurious organic hemp undies that are soft, comfortable, as well as durable. They aim to create the world's best hemp underwear while promoting the benefits of hemp. WAMA Underwear provides sustainable underwear for both men and women, including bras. Their ethical underwear comes in various styles like hipsters, thongs, shorts, and briefs, catering to everyone. You can buy them individually or in packs of 3, 6, or 10 for convenience. Overall, WAMA is best known for producing hemp underwear with a focus on sustainability and inclusivity. 

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    WAMA's Ethical and Sustainable Initiatives

    • Materials: 

    WAMA takes pride in offering PETA-Approved vegan hemp underwear, which is carefully crafted from a combination of natural fibers. The fabric comprises 53% hemp, 44% organic cotton, and 3% spandex for a comfortable and flexible fit. Furthermore, the fabric is dyed in an OEKO-TEX certified facility, ensuring the fabric is harmless for human health.

    • Supply chain & labor practices: 

    WAMA's products are made in a BSCI-certified factory in China, where workers are paid fair wages and work in a safe environment. All suppliers must sign WAMA's code of conduct, ensuring ethical practices are followed throughout the supply chain.

    • Green business practices: 

    WAMA has received certification as a Green America Business Member. When it comes to shipping their garments, WAMA uses 100% recycled poly mailers that are both reusable and recyclable. 

    • Inclusivity: 

    The brand adopts body-inclusive modeling and provides plus-size lingerie options. They offer a wide range of sizes, with women's sizing ranging from XS to 3XL for most products and men's sizing from S to 3XL. All-in-all, their sustainable underwear caters to various body types and sizes.

    Why Choose WAMA Underwear?

    Some of the main reasons for choosing WAMA Underwear are:

    1. Extremely Comfortable: The WAMA Underwear boxer briefs offer an unparalleled level of comfort. The brand focuses on providing a pleasant and comfortable experience for the wearer.
    2. Perfect Fit: These organic hemp underwear fit incredibly. This ensures a snug and supportive feel without any discomfort from loose or tight areas.
    3. Breathable Fabric with Quality Build: Crafted from breathable materials, the WAMA underwears promote airflow and prevent excessive sweating. Plus, the high-quality construction guarantees durability and long-lasting wear.
    4. Stays in Place: Even during intricate movements and rigorous activities, these hemp undies remain firmly in position, thus eliminating the need for constant readjustment.
    5. Eco-Friendly: WAMA Underwear prioritizes sustainability. Their underwear is made with environmentally friendly materials, making them an ideal choice for eco-conscious consumers.
    6. Friendly Return Policy: The brand offers a generous 90-day return & exchange policy. 
    7. Shipping Policy: They provide free US shipping on orders over $75. 

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    Best Hemp Undies To Buy For Men and Women

    1. WAMA Men's Organic Hemp Underwear: Best Hemp Boxer Briefs

    Say goodbye to bunching and enjoy all-day comfort. Hemp boxer briefs by WAMA offer the perfect combination of a snug fit like trunks and the longer length of boxers. They provide the best of both styles and ensure comfort all day long by staying in place. 

    These boxer briefs are made from a blend of 53% hemp, 44% organic cotton, and 3% spandex. So, they offer a comfortable and eco-friendly fabric mix. They feature a soft and flexible waistband for a comfortable fit. Moreover, the natural properties of hemp provide added protection for your sensitive areas. Available in varying sizes and color options. 

    Buy now at $28.00

    WAMA Men's Organic Hemp Underwear

    2. WAMA Women's Organic Hemp Underwear: Best Hemp Hipster Panties

    WAMA’s hemp hipster panties for women strike the ideal balance between comfort and style, making them an excellent choice for everyday wear. Their low-rise waist and flexible waistband ensure a pleasant fit. Additionally, the breathable hemp fabric allows you to enjoy its coziness under any favorite pair of pants.

    Crafted from a blend of 53% hemp, 44% organic cotton, and 3% spandex, these organic underwear feature a soft and flexible waistband that sits comfortably at the hip. The natural properties of hemp offer added protection for your sensitive areas, ensuring a comfortable experience.

    The highly breathable fabric with improved airflow efficiently wicks away moisture, providing exceptional comfort. Enjoy the benefits of hemp underwear without any worries about wedgies! 

    Buy now at $24.00

    WAMA Women's Organic Hemp Underwear

    3. WAMA Women’s Hemp Triangle Bralette: Best Sustainable Bras

    WAMA's Hemp Triangle Bralette is great for everyday wear. Its triangle shape is perfect for low-cut outfits or any style you like. The bralette has a traditional fit with adjustable, convertible straps and has no underwire for maximum comfort. 

    Additionally, it offers support with double-layered fabric made from its signature hemp blend, thus providing natural protection. This bralette consists of 53% hemp, 44% organic cotton, and 3% spandex. It provides a soft, flexible, and adjustable elastic band for a naturally comfortable experience.

    Buy now at $44.00

    WAMA Women’s Hemp Triangle Bralette

    FAQs: WAMA Underwear Review 

    Q) Is WAMA Underwear legit?

    Yes, of course! WAMA Underwear is a legitimate brand. They provide its consumers with high-quality hemp undies for both men and women at reasonable costs. Each order is carefully delivered, which makes it earn the spot among the top organic hemp underwear brands on the market. WAMA Underwear uses high-quality hemp fabric to sustain its form after several washes.

    Q) Is WAMA Underwear worth it? 

    Yes, absolutely! WAMA Underwear is one of the top hemp underwear brands out there. The brand strives to provide its consumers with a range of the best organic cotton & hemp underwear. It has been in this industry for a while and produces comfortable and durable organic underwear. To conclude, WAMA Underwear is worth every penny. 

    Q) Is hemp good for underwear? 

    Hemp fabric for underwear is perfect! It's anti-bacterial, stops bad smells, and feels super comfortable. Plus, it's eco-friendly, organic, and gets comfier after each wash. Overall, hemp undies are perfect for you and the planet!

    Q) What is WAMA Underwear's return policy? 

    Not happy with your purchase? No worries! WAMA Underwear offers a friendly 90-day return policy to give customers peace of mind. So, if you aren't satisfied with the purchase, you can return the order within ninety days for a full refund. 

    Final Words: WAMA Underwear Review  

    Coming to an end, WAMA underwear can be a good choice for individuals looking to support sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. WAMA Underwear boxer briefs received high praise from users. Their boxer briefs are described as "amazing" due to their exceptional softness and perfect fit, without any rough edges or tight spots. 

    Additionally, the waistband fits well and remains in place without bunching up. During a challenging and sweaty workout, the WAMA underwear is remarkably breathable and comfortable. They didn't ride up or move around, even during exercises like kettlebell swings and squats. 

    If you are interested in purchasing hemp underwear, you must check WAMA, which specializes in sustainable clothing. Their products are made from genuine hemp fibers and produced by ethically sourced hemp. 

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