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    About Voro Motors

    Our goal is to make alternative transportation a mainstream means of transportation by making electric scooters cheap. We are a varied group of doers that are constantly reimagining the modern method of commuting. By delivering car-grade tubeless tyres to electric scooters, we have set a new benchmark. Every new product or service we provide is the result of a group of people working together to strengthen each other's ideas and provide the best possible client experiences. We listened to our consumers' input over the years and develop our own brand of electric scooters, which is now renown around the world as the EMOVE. Going through our Voro Motors Reviews will provide you a better idea of the cost effective vehicles offered by us.

    What is Voro Motors? 

    With our Chinese partners, we are highly involve in the manufacturing side of things, from procuring raw materials to putting up manufacturing processes and quality control methods. 

    No other company has the same capacity to fine-tune items as we do. Reading our Voro Motors Reviews enable buyers to get info in detail and help in zeroing in on the best deal at rock bottom rates. Our pocket friendly pricing is certainly hard to find anywhere else. 

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    Why do you need Voro Motors?

    • Our team is responsible for ensuring that your scooter meets quality standards as one of the most trusted electric scooter websites in the globe.
    • Every electric scooter is put through rigorous quality testing to ensure that our customers receive high-quality items. 
    • That's why you'll never hear complain about a bad delivery experience from us.
    • When you send an email to [email protected], you're getting help from a whole team, right from customer service to technicians, operations, shipping & logistics, and administration.
    • The magic happens behind the scenes when you check out and make a purchase on our website. Every member of the team is accountable to the other to ensure that every order is deliver flawlessly. 
    • We have yelling matches in the office if anything as basic as an extra pouch was not pack in your order. 

    Voro Motors Pricing & Specification

    • EMOVE TOURING $899.00.
    • EMOVE Cruiser $1,399.00.
    • KAABO MANTIS $1,699.00.
    • WOLF King GT $3,595.00.


    Our long-term relationships with several electric scooter manufacturing partners have allowed us to quickly get top-of-the-line materials, resulting in a better finished product for our customers. We pay attention, make adjustments, and try again. We don't make many mistakes, but when something goes wrong, we rectify it right away. All orders will be sent from our Los Angeles headquarters. 


    Do Voro Motors Ship Product Internationally? 

    For EMOVE Electric Scooters, we provide free domestic delivery (inside the United States, except Hawaii). Please be aware that customs duties may apply to some countries outside of the United States. The majority of electric scooter orders are dispatch via ground shipment, which takes 2-4 business days on average.

    Do Voro Motors Offer Money Back guarantee?

    Only domestic (United States) orders are subject to our return/exchange policy. At this time, we do not accept returns from overseas customers. When placing orders, we respectfully ask our overseas customers to keep this guideline in mind.

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