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    the perfect shoe that lets your foot do what comes naturally,

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    Great off-road shoes!

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    Founded in 2012 by two seventh-generation cobblers, Galahad and Asher Clark, Vivobarefoot is based on a straightforward insight - barefoot footwear is sustainable footwear. A Vivobarefoot product or experience brings us closer to nature - regenerating our physical, social and spiritual health and the natural world. Vivobarefoot believe:

    • The closer people are to nature, the more they will protect it.
    • The natural world is the only real model of sustainability.
    • Barefoot shoes are the only healthy shoes for us and the planet.
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    What makes Vivobarefoot the best?

    • Intrepid Footwear, made using waterproof technology or water-resistant treatment uppers with a hi-tech seal.
    • Foot-shaped (not shoe-shaped) lets your feet do their natural thing.
    • WIDE to allow for natural stability.
    • THIN to enable you to feel more.
    • FLEXIBLE to enable natural movement.
    • Sandwich mesh lining allows air to move freely around the boot and keeps moisture away from your skin. Passing it out through the pores of the leather or the collar opening so your feet can breathe. 
    • Perfect for cold, warm, and wet.
    • Michelin ESC Sole offers extreme traction using high-performance rubber and aggressive off-trail lug design to maximize ground feel, flexibility, and grip in the most demanding environments nature has to offer. 
    • The directional claw-like lugs are positioned for ascents, descents, and edge traction to traverse steep inclines with a textured arch for zonal grip.

    Review on the Best Vivobarefoot Product 

    GEO RACER II MENS: Geo Racer II's ultra-lightweight design works effortlessly from the ground up, letting you move freely, and rebuilding your natural potential with every step.

    • (Re)new and Improved - Less material sources, better materials, and more sustainable materials have reduced this footwear's impact on the planet while keeping all of the feelings.
    • Bonded reinforced overlays for lightweight durability.
    • Made from materials that are free from animal products and meet the Vivobarefoot vegan definition
    • The Active Sole offers the most sensory underfoot experience, providing ultimate grip and durability on hard surfaces in urban environments.


    GEO RACER II MENS: £130.00


    Is VivobarefootLegit? 

    YES. Without any hesitations! Vivobarefoot is a legitimate brand. 

    Vivobarefoot footwear is designed wide, thin and flexible for natural strength and freedom of movement.

    Combining ancient indigenous wisdom with modern innovation, their range consists of natural, biosynthetic, and recycled material products of super minimalist design. The store makes their footwear as close to barefoot as possible to connect you to the earth and feel the ground beneath your feet.

    Is VivobarefootWorth It?

    Yes. In a nutshell! Vivobarefoot is well worth it. 

    The VIVOBIOME vision goes further. 3D printing will allow them to tailor your footwear to your exact dimensions. No more, 'do these sizes run large or small, or worrying about the carbon footprint and freight miles your shopping has accumulated. 

    When footwear is print just for you at local outlets, it's a vision that harks back to the days of cottage industry and indigenous cobbling. It's a model of local production on a global scale.

    Is Vivobarefoot A Good Brand?

    Definitely! YES. Vivobarefoot is a good brand. 

    Over 24 billion pairs are produce each year, with over 90% of these likely to end up in landfills a often within 12 months of purchase. Most shoes are crammed full of petrochemical materials that outlast their use by 1000's years when thrown away. Instead of filling landfills, Vivobarefoot is closing the loop. From 2020, every single shoe will be designed at Vivobarefoot to have an end-of-life solution. ReVivo is the world's first e-commerce marketplace for refurbished and repaired barefoot shoes.

    Final Thought About Vivobarefoot  

    The human foot is a biomechanical masterpiece; when left to its own devices, it can thrive doing everything from walking and running to jumping and dancing, but by cramming it in a modern shoe - cushioned, narrow and rigid - negates its natural strength and function. 

    Our feet are our foundation connecting us to the earth; they should not be compromised. All Vivobarefoot footwear is designed to be Wide, Thin, and Flexible: as close to barefoot as possible. They promote your foot's natural strength and movement. It allows you to feel the ground beneath your feet. There is a powerful sensory connection between the feet and the brain and thus, our movement and place in the world. 

    A Vivobarefoot shoe reconnects you to the world around you, bringing you closer to nature.

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