Trunk Moves Review: Responsible Transportation Packaging

    As personal and business transfers get smaller, they saw a need for a versatile DIY solution for transporting up to 110 pounds (50 kg) locally and internationally, without the need for in-house estimates or even trips to the pack and ship store. They provide expedited micro moves that help you transition into your new life by combining an award-winning and proven microcontainer for securing sensitive belongings with a specialized digital platform with the scheduled collection and online tracking. The dimensions of each Trünk are 39 x 23 x 18 inches (99 x 58 x 45 cm), and they can hold up to 110 pounds, equivalent to 2.5 big bags. 

    Trunk Moves Review: Features 

    1. Trünk is a high-tech shipping container that is durable, lightweight, and simple to construct.
    2. Trünk is powered by Kübox technology, which has received the DuPont Award for Packaging Innovation in recognition of excellence in Responsible Transportation packaging. It is the product of cutting-edge package design and aircraft engineering. Trünk, which is specifically built to be used several times, can withstand any transportation environment, usually making six or more voyages. Once received, Trünk may be reused for transportation or storage, providing an environmentally responsible alternative to cardboard boxes.
    3. Trünk is the lightweight alternative for delivering valuable things that require special protection. Trünk's one-of-a-kind design, which includes solid corners and high-impact plastic push fasteners, helps cushion the stress of rigorous handling. The Trünk can contain 110 pounds of virtual objects, but a corrugated box can only hold 50 pounds. Trünk's strength and durability ensure that the contents, from artwork to electronics, remain safe during transport.
    4. Efficient, secure, and simple to assemble: Trünk is free of nails, sharp fasteners, and splinters. Your Trünk will be delivered flat, with all pieces nested within for convenient travel and storage. It just takes about a minute to set up.
    5. International shipping: Trünk goes through international customs, where wood crates are frequently delayed since they are made of paper and are not subject to ISPM export laws. 

    Trunk Moves Review: When to Use Trunk 

    1. Advance Moves: Get a jump start on your new life by mailing your basics ahead of a more extensive relocation. Each Trünk can handle up to 110 pounds, which is roughly the weight of 2.5 big luggage.
    2. MicroMoves: Move a few vast and heavy things or the contents of a whole room or studio in a single move. Ideal for business, college, senior, temporary, and military relocations.
    3. Contactless Movements: Schedule your move online and have your Trünk delivered to your door carefully wrapped. Trünk is provided door to door. No one enters your home.

    Trunk Moves Review: FAQs 

    What is a Trünk Move?

    A Trünk Move is made up of the following components: 

    1. Award-winning Trünk microcontainers to keep your stuff secure.
    2. Express shipment is available to help you settle into your new life quickly.
    3. You always know how much you're paying because it's a flat rate.
    4. Protect your necessities, time, and budget with Trünk Moves.

    What can Trünk Moves ship?

    Trünk Moves is excellent for transporting personal belongings such as clothing, kitchenware, technological gadgets, home décor, bedding, and others that fit within a Trünk container.

    What is included in the cost?

    1. Their pricing per Trünk container includes the following: delivery of a fresh new Trünk to your front door.
    2. Trünk will be delivered to your specified location.
    3. Shipping to a different location.
    4. Online monitoring is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

    Do they have multiple container sizes available?

    They now only offer one size container, the Trünk. Why? Because the Trünk is mainly intended to minimize shipping bulk and weight. They investigated several container sizes and formats and determined that this is the best option for shipping most of your stuff by package while keeping them secure. Each Trünk can hold up to 110 pounds, the equivalent of 2.5 big luggage. 

    Trunk Moves Review: How does a Trünk Move work?

    1. Trünk Moves provides contact-free moves that enable you to safely send your goods using their award-winning and proven microcontainer for preserving sensitive objects.
    2. Price: For each Trünk your ship, there is a single fixed fee per destination country.
    3. Order; Each Trünk can handle up to 110 pounds (50 kg), which is roughly the weight of 2.5 big luggage.
    4. Trünk is delivered flat and takes minutes to construct without needing any equipment.
    5. Fill up a packing list and print your mailing label to keep track of everything you've packed.
    6. Schedule: The shipment carrier comes to collect your packaged Trünks on the date you choose.
    7. Tracking: Use your tracking code to check for changes online.
    8. Trünk can be used as storage, or it can be disassembled and stored flat.
    9. Trünk is yours to retain and use for your future move. 

    Trunk Moves Review: What is the paperwork required? 

    1. Packing List: When packing, make sure to register the contents of each Trünk and supply all the information required to safeguard the things being delivered. This information will be sent to you.
    2. Shipping Label: Include information about each Trünk's origin and destination, as well as a pickup date. We will examine your report, provide you with a shipping label, and confirm the pickup date.
    3. International Trünk Moves need a copy of your passport as well as country-specific papers, depending on the destination.

    Trunk Moves Review: Final Thought 

    Trünk containers will be delivered within 3 to 6 business days after placing your order. You'll receive an email with a tracking number and expected arrival date. You may check for updates directly with the shipping company. On business days, orders made before 2 p.m. CST are sent the same day. Orders received after 2 p.m. CST are processed the following business day. Each Trünk microcontainer is carefully packed and transported directly from the factory to the customer, ensuring that all containers are in factory new condition and have not been tampered with by any third party.