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    Toonly is one of the smartest tools that helps you to create cartoon sales videos in no time. You get a creative tool that works best to create high-converting, super-shareable content for e-commerce business. Toonly guarantees to provide the right and accurate information with animated sales videos. The pricing is affordable compared to competitors. Besides, we will help you get Toonly Coupon Code that will ease your buying experience.

    E-commerce businesses are always looking for something innovative to promote their brand or product. Every creative business person is looking for engaging content to ensure the customer understands the product in no time. To this, Toonly has been quite beneficial in creating easily digestible content that you and your potential customers will surely enjoy. Let us what Toonly is, why do you need it, and what different pricing plans it offers.


    What is Toonly?

    Toonly is a professional animated explainer video creator that offers engaging and reliable content. The tool works best to create amazing professional videos for any niche, industry, or profession. You get an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that comes at a much feasible rate. Toonly also works best to increase engagement and improve conversions.

    Why do you need Toonly?

    Firstly, Toonly does not require any technical skills, just a few clicks, and you have your animated sales video ready. Moreover, you get videos that help in making your marketing message much more productive.

    Secondly, Toonly offers you the custom images drawn by a professional graphic designer to ensure that you get higher-quality animation videos.

    Thirdly, Toonly comes with over 50 different background scenes and thousands of prop covering every topic and niche. You can record your voiceover audio, and it requires a simple step to sync with the tool.

    Lastly, the pricing is reasonable, and you can install Toonly on multiple computers. You will get an email on how to install and process the tool once you make the purchase. So, apply the Toonly Discount Code to get the best deal.

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    Toonly also offers 30-days money-back, so if you are not happy with the tool features, do look for a refund.

    Other Important Features

    Facebook AdvertisingToonly is highly beneficial for Facebook Advertising, which works best with a short, animated explainer video. The tool helps to increase engagement and click-through rates.

    Home Pages & Landing PagesToonly Video Posts reduce bounce rate to ensures that visitors spend more time on your website to get higher sales.

    Social Media ChannelsYes, Toonly has become highly beneficial for social media channels as the videos have the potential to go viral. So, take advantage of crisp animated images and videos and create valuable content. It also works best for presentations & training videos, emails, product pages, etc.

    Toonly Pricing Plans on Animated Videos

    Toonly offers two different plans i.e., Standard and Enterprise. Let us see what various features it provides.

    Standard- Toonly Standard plan will include 12 character animations, 25 facial expressions, ten backgrounds, 20 scene transition, 200 prop images, 20 background audios, and many more. The Standard plan will be $35 per month.

    Enterprise- Toonly Enterprise plan will include 35 different characters, 28 character animations, 360 facial expressions, 2080 prop images, 100 scene transitions, and a lot more. The price for the Enterprise Plan will be $69 per month.

    To Sum Up

    Toonly is a reliable tool for boosting e-commerce sales. It helps to create engaging sales videos that come with top-notch content. You get an intuitive interface that is easily understandable and does not require any technical knowledge. The pricing is much affordable than compared to other marketing strategies. Moreover, Toonly offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with the tool, you can look for a refund. Again, do apply the Toonly Coupon Code that will help you with the better shopping experience.

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    Can you use Toonly on a PC & Mac?

    YES! Toonly is compatible with both Mac and PC 32bit or 64bit. It requires Windows 7 and Mac OSX 10.10 for PC and Mac, respectively.

    How to Apply Toonly Discount Code?

    • Copy the Toonly Coupon Code and visit the site
    • Purchase your plan and securely proceed to the checkout page
    • Apply the Toonly Discount Code before making any payment.

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