Tlc Sport Review

    They are an inclusive sportswear company that designs and produces technologically great products to help you feel confident in your body daily. Women of all eras can thrive in their attractive bodies thanks to their empowerment, inspiration, and support. They feel good and influence your decision-making. Remember, even minor daily decisions can positively impact your life. Their objective is that. 

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    MD Sara Hanna and her daughter Charlotte created all the unique designs. In a factory in Cairo, they make every one of their garments. They operate this business to keep the level of craftsmanship and apparel at a high level and maintain a happy and productive workforce for their staff. TLC runs like a family; they know who manufactures your garments and take care of their employees, unlike most brands. They carefully select trustworthy suppliers to guarantee that their products are always environmentally friendly and morally upstanding.

    PROS & CONS 

    1. TLC Sport uses exclusive textiles that enhance your form. 
    2. They carefully engineer their materials to make you feel and look beautiful
    3. They collaborate with suppliers to ensure their fabric creation and dyeing adhere to sustainable and environmental standards.
    4. It offers clothing to make you feel body-confident every day.
    5. Their products offer a one-year guarantee.
    6. Quick delivery of products 
    7. Excellent customer service
    8. Rock bottom rates 
    1. I thought a lot but couldn't figure out any 



    Wow, the Factor Bra has so many thoughtful details. Carefully designed panels contour your silhouette. Having 360-high gloss paneling will make you feel superhuman. This high-neck bra places a premium on comfort. It has an underbust fit that is smooth for easy movement. To ensure your support and comfort, they are entirely lined. With their X Panel Leggings, you can complete the look.

    Ideal for everyday exercise or going out, this bra is highly adaptable. You stay cool with custom, super-stretch fabric. Touchably soft and fully sweat-approved, your new favorite sculpting fabric is also breathable. Ninety percent polyamide and ten percent elastane are materials made to last. 

    1. You can also opt to wear a size XS.
    2. Matching Set that's Lightweight and Breathable
    3. Significant in terms of value



    It is a gorgeous halter-neck sports bra with massive frill trim. The bra gives your face more shape and structure or gently conceals your arms. You were constructing out of unique, high-stretch TLC fabric, which won't fade over time. For your comfort and support, all of their bras are fully lined; the material is polyester/elastane (87/13 mix). This gorgeous bikini top may be used as a bra top as well! It looks great with a new beach set and your go-to black bikini bottoms.

    1. Versatile
    2. A show-stopper
    3. Multi-way
    4. Similar Pair
    5. Sweat Wicking
    6. Sustainable
    7. Take Care



    Everything is include with this little, lightweight jacket. Reflective panels help you be spotted in the dark, a hood keeps your hair safe, and pockets are big enough for your phone and keys. Your figure will accentuate a gorgeous waisted fit with an adjustable drawstring. The curved rear provides an additional layer of protection. Whether running errands or outside, this is the ideal blanket to wear.

    Always attempt to be visible on the road at night, whether running or not. You can boost your chances of being recognized without sacrificing style by just donning a plain jacket with luminous panels. For your safety in the dark, they introduced their reflective line.

    Woven Polyester that is non-stretch

    1. Panels of reflective, lightweight cloth
    2. Hooded Reflective Lightweight Sweat Wicking and Simple to Care For


    TLC Sport Review: FAQs

    What is the purpose of the £25 extra fee?

    Because it was specifically designed for you and is handmade, large production runs must accompany the cutting and manufacturing of one item. Choosing and testing the cloth and finding and modifying each unique pattern is necessary. The entire procedure requires staff attention to ensure your order arrives exactly how you want it. Due to their time and money requirements, Special Orders are not recommended. Although they hope you love this service, they strive to please you.

    Are deliveries made abroad possible?

    You can choose international delivery when you check out. Within the EU, the price is £8, while it is £12 outside of the EU. There is tracking on every foreign shipment. 

    The short, regular, and long legs all measure the same length. Imagine that your order is sent outside of the UK. Then, the buyer would be responsible for paying all import taxes, customs tariffs, and other fees levied in the destination country. TLC Sport holds no liability for these fees.

    I am expecting. What about maternity clothing?

    Ladies in their third or fourth trimester have ideal maternity leggings. Many mothers opt for the TLC Sport fold-down line because you can wear it over or under the bump. Additionally, it will expand as you do but shrink to its former size once you have grown. This means it will provide the postpartum support you require.

    Because they stay in your tummy comfortably while your body adjusts to post-pregnancy, their Tummy Control lines are incredibly popular with new moms. Also, they keep everything in its proper position.

    TLC Sport Review: Final Thought 

    They strive hard to maintain control over their direct supplier chain because they are a British brand. They take great care when employing people, protecting their reputation and quality. As a result, they are directly familiar with their machinists, pattern makers, and cutters. They rely on regional producers, laborers, and textiles to create their sustainable brand. TLC Sport urges its team to think critically about its procedures to continually adapt to and improve in today's demanding and quick-paced retail environment. They form a vital, long-standing, and passionate part of the urban fabric in the area. To the highly skilled personnel, which they refer to as a family, they uphold an unwavering allegiance.

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