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    • There are no hidden costs.
    • Every order has a tracking number.
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    Because of the sheer convenience of the nostalgic beauty trend, the best press-on nails are a no-brainer when looking to infuse your beauty routine with something simple but impactful.

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    Tella Nails Reviews In Detail 

    Tella Nails was founded by two determine sisters who discover the true value of press-on manicures during the pandemic. Due to the scarcity of high-quality press-on nails on the market, Paulina and Sabrina set out to create salon-quality nails that are reusable and cost a fraction of the price of a salon visit. Tella Nails was founded with the goal of creating a press-on manicure that was accessible, high-quality, affordable, and size-inclusive.

    What makes Tella Nails the best?

    Tella Nails' Luxury Press-On Manicure delivers luxury salon-quality nails on our fingertips in minutes at a fraction of the cost. Their products are simple to use, universal in size, reusable, and effortlessly chic. You'll never have to choose between quality and quantity again. Check out their Luxe Vol. 2 Collection for the perfect Fall Styles, and don't forget about their famous brush-on glue for a seamless application. 

    Review on the Tella Nails Products 

    Tella Nails shows you how to wear press-on nails - Nail preparation: Use nail polish remover or alcohol to clean your nails. Hands should be washed with soap and dried. Choose ten artificial nails that are the same size as your fingernails. Nail sizes are determined by numbers found beneath the tip of the nails. Application of Glue (recommended). Apply glue to the back of the artificial nail; for best results, use a full drop of glue. To the natural nail, apply glue. Apply the artificial nail by gently pressing on it and holding it in place for 10 seconds. Nails, like real nails, can be trimmed, filed, and painted with nail polish.

    Tella Nails Pricing

    Azalea $14.00

    Holiday Bundle $52.00

    5th Avenue $14.00

    Brush on Nail Glue $5.00 


    Is Tella Nails Legit? 

    They have a website where you can order press on nails. Tella Nails guarantees that they will deliver to your preferred location. Tella Nails' press-on nail collection is available for purchase online and includes The Core Collection, The Summer Drip, Bundles, and Nail Art. You can also shop by styles such as Length (Short, Medium, or Long), Finish (Gloss or Matte), Shape (Round, Coffin, Square, or Stiletto), and Designs (Nail Art or Chrome). Tella Nails provides free standard shipping on all orders of $25 or more. Tella Nails also has a Sale page where customers can save money on press-on nails.

    Is Tella Nails Worth It?

    Apply Nail Glue with a Brush: Our new brush-on nail glue makes applying your press-on manicure a breeze! Apply glue to the back of the press-on as well as your natural nail. For best results, wait 10 seconds before pressing and holding the press-on nail to your natural nail for 30 seconds. 

    Is Tella Nails A Good Brand?

    Their Bouquet Collection focuses on classic and contemporary solid colours. Sabrin's favorite colour in the collection is Iris, whereas Paulin's favorite colour in the collection is Primrose, demonstrating their distinct personalities.

    Final Thought About Tella Nails 

    Ask any woman, and she'll tell you that having killer nails can give you an extra boost. However, growing natural nails takes time, and you may be dissatisfie with the shape, strength, or colour of your nails. So, what are you going to do? Getting artificial nails would be a fantastic solution. However, there are numerous types of artificial nails on the market, making it difficult to determine which one is best for you. Don't be concerned! If you want something inexpensive, simple, and quick to add to your look, look no further than press on nails. Tella Nails is an online store where you can get a luxury press on nails.

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