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    • Tesla Model 3/Y USB Hub!
    • 5 Ports And Secret Compartment For Dashcam & Sentry Mode Storage!
    • 24x7 Free Customer Support.
    • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
    • 7-Days Return Policy.

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    • Shipping times are estimates, not guaranteed!

    Let us read the complete  TALSEM review to know more about the product in detail.

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    TALSEM Reviews In Detail

    Welcome to TALSEM, your first choice for Tesla aftermarket upgrades and accessories. Their Model 3 USB Hub is for vehicles built after June 2020.

    Their USB hub for Tesla models 3 and Y has a solid and rubberized texture. 

    Its mat black finish gives it a nice and sleek appearance. It fits perfect into your center console as if it was meant to be there from the start and wasn't an afterthought.

    You can now connect more devices without making a tangle of their cables. 

    Maintaining a minimalistic design as a Tesla owner may be important to you. 

    When you or your passengers get into your car, the last thing you expect to see is a jumble of devices and cables inside your console.

    What makes  TALSEM the best?

    TALSEM built a snug-fit USB Hub for you to plug up to 5 devices and create a concealed slot to hide your storage device to help you arrange your Tesla Model 3 & Model Y center console. 

    You'll feel as though it came with the car after snapping it within the ports of your console.

    • 5 output Ports in total for Data and Power. 3 USB-A and 2 Type-C ports
    • 2 input ports: 1 USB-A port and 1 type-C port to snap in your Tesla
    • Secret Compartment: Including 1 USB-A port and a magnet to lock your hard drive against the Hub wall and hide it from strangers.
    • Organized and clean: You can plug all your devices without your center console feeling like that drawer full of unused cables back home.
    • Compatible with other must-have TALSEM accessories: USB Drive & Wireless Charging Pad and gaming controller.
    • Compatible with Tesla Model 3 After June 2020 and Model Y featuring 1 USB-A port and 1 Type-C port. If you are not sure, refer to our compatibility guide for more information.
    • Order Processed in 24h - Fast Delivery.

    Review on the Best TALSEM Product

    • Tesla Model S/3/X/Y Wheel Rim Protector Set - Their wheel rim protectors are perfect curb rash guards because they are design to protect your Tesla wheels.
    Furthermore, they add a splash of color to your vehicle. Tesla Model Y and all other models are now available. 

    If you're looking for other body pieces, you should go through their Tesla Model Y and Model 3 body kits inventory.

    • Tesla Model 3/Y Hidden Armrest Storage Box  The Talsem Hidden Armrest Storage is the ultimate in concealed storage. 
    Designed specifically for the Model 3 and Model Y. 

    Made of long-lasting ABS plastic that will remain tough and solid for years. Was create to fit perfectly into your center compartment without causing any interference while in use.

    Add this hidden storage to your Tesla to keep all of your little and valuable items out of sight.

    TALSEM Pricing

    • Tesla Model S/3/X/Y Wheel Rim Protector Set will cost you $115.00.
    • Tesla Model 3/Y Hidden Armrest Storage Box will cost you $19.00.


    Is TALSEM Legit?

    YES! Without hesitation! TALSEM is a legitimate brand. 

    Joining the Tesla journey is a fascinating trip in which TALSEM may embrace the coolness that Tesla products offer and become a part of a family that embraces innovative ideas that will take them into the future. 

    TALSEM aims to deliver value and joy to the Tesla community with its best-selling accessories and up-to-date industry news and insights.

    Is TALSEM Worth It?

    YES, absolutely!  TALSEMis a worthwhile investment. 

    They exclusively gather the most dependable Tesla Model S accessories and aftermarket parts that are created with quality in mind. 

    Whether you want a glamorous appearance, a quick performance, or something in between, their extensive selection of the top Tesla Model S accessories covers all the bases.

    Do TALSEM Offer International Shipping? 

    Yes, TALSEMwill ship internationally. 

    It has the fastest shipping in the world. 

    You will receive your shipment information 24 hours after it has been dispatched. 

    Your order will be processed the following business day after you place it. After verifying your billing and shipping information, they will package and ship your order.

    Final Thought About TALSEM

    TALSEM is your first stop for Tesla aftermarket upgrades and accessories.

    They are a culturally diverse team of engineers and digital marketing enthusiasts based in Asia who is committed to supplying the best and largest inventory of Tesla accessories. 

    TALSEM is passionate about all things Tesla, and its goal is to establish an outlet that Tesla owners love and trust. They are inspired by Elon Musk and his futuristic vision.

    TALSEM shares Tesl's values of thinking big, being true, remaining confident in the face of adversity, being accountable, and taking responsibility. 

    They, like Tesla, are concerned with progress rather than perfection. 

    Each step they take forward is a step forward in providing a personalized experience for Tesla fans.

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