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    The need of the hour is to make changes to our consumption patterns by adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. The first and the foremost conscious step that we can take is to switch to eco-friendly fashion brands. It will change the way we contribute to the environment and the planet. Thankfully, Saltpetre offers conscious and luxe everyday clothing for women and kids that is responsible and ethical. Each collection of pieces is crafted out of the finest surplus fabrics that are locally sourced. 

    Furthermore, Saltpetre takes immense pride in the choice of premium and environmentally friendly materials. Moreover, they offer a generous 7-day return policy to give customers peace of mind. 

    In this Saltpetre Review 2022, you will get to know why they are leading the market!

    What makes Saltpetre the Best?

    • Saltpetre keeps simple designs devoid of any adornment. This makes it easy for them to recycle or regenerate from.
    • They source the materials locally from suppliers that are organic certified.
    • All products have been evaluated thoroughly by the team for their highest standards.
    • They produce products in small batches. This ensures a reduction of consumption more than what is necessary.
    • Every shipment of Saltpetre comes in 100% biodegradable packaging.
    • The brand keeps its products easy to use with low maintenance.

    Review on the Best Saltpetre Products 

    • SLIP DRESS > Indigo -The SLIP DRESS comes in an elephant and timeless design that evokes a relaxed vibe. It consists of a soft and breathable blend of cotton, hemp, and Tencel. In addition, this dress is 100% biodegradable, comfortable, and super soft. This simple yet beautiful slip dress features delicate straps and a flattering back slit. It is machine or bucket washable or can be cold and tumble dry low or line dry. Pricing: Available for Rs. 3,490.00
    • DETOX FACE SCRUB FOR ALL SKINS -This face scrub has super fine particles of cane sugar and Himalayan pink salt. It gently scrubs away dead skin while leaving the skin feeling deeply cleansed. Use a small amount on damp skin and massage in a circular motion to gently cleanse the skin. The product is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and does not contain Non-GMO ingredients. Furthermore, it contains activated Bamboo Charcoal Powder, Mango Butter, Walnut Oil, Coconut oil, French Green Clay, Vitamin E, etc. Besides this, it comes in a reusable and biodegradable wooden jar having recyclable aluminum inners. Pricing: Available for Rs. 790.00


    Is Saltpetre Legit?

    Yes, Saltpetre is definitely a legitimate brand. They offer mindful production that integrates the needs of urban life with the need for sustainable consumption. Further, they are amongst the best SUSTAINABLE BRANDS in INDIA.

    Is Saltpetre Worth it?

    Yes, without a doubt, Saltpetre is a worthwhile investment. The brand offers high-quality and 100% genuine products at pretty much reasonable pricing. Besides this, Saltpetre offers impeccable customer service and offers risk-free shopping experience. 

    Does Saltpetre provide International shipping?

    Yes, Saltpetre provides worldwide shipping. The brand guarantees reliable and secure delivery to your destination without hassle. Moreover, the orders are shipped within 2-3 business days from the date of purchase. Besides this, COD and free shipping are available within India.

    Final Thought About Saltpetre 

    Saltpetre is among the best sustainable brands that are changing the idea of conscious fashion in India. The brand comes with the purpose of creating a modern way of sustainable living. They offer effortless, modern, and sophisticated design through the use of premium quality materials and eco-ethical production processes.

    Besides this, it is an organic and up-cycled clothing label that guarantees 100% zero-waste production. The brand recycles leftovers created during production and transforms them into wearable pieces of art. Shop from Saltpetre to enjoy a fantastic selection of apparel, beauty products, and accessories!

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