Saloonbox Review


    SaloonBox- Quick Summary 

    What You Like the Best

    • SaloonBox is the perfect shop to learn how to create classic and unique cocktails at your home. You can also go for SaloonBox Subscription to get new recipes and ingredients every month.
    • They update their recipes every month and allow you to make your own with different mixology methods.
    • With SaloonBox, you don't need to explore multiple liquor stores for a single challenging ingredient. SaloonBox delivers everything whatever you need to your door once a month.

    What You Dislike  

    • SaloonBox apologizes if they deliver defective or wrong orders, or it may get late, or if you go through improper services.

    Let us read the complete SaloonBox Review to know more about the products in detail.

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    SaloonBox Reviews In Detail

    SaloonBox is an online DIY cocktail subscription company that delivers classic and unique cocktails right to your door. The SaloonBox subscription box includes everything you need to make distinctive artisan cocktails at home. It has Crafted Taste, Shaker And Spoon, American Cocktail Club, Craft House Cocktails, The Bottle Bartender, Poison Cocktails, and others among the most popular cocktail bars. If you don't know much about spirits and recipes, SaloonBox is the perfect place to start. SaloonBox also makes great gifts. You can provide a personal message in the gift selection. Discover premium spirits with drinks made by the best bartenders.

    What makes SaloonBox the best? 

    • SaloonBox is the leading brand that delivers Cocktail Kits along with additional information about recipes and mixologists worldwide.
    • They partner with other liquor brands to sell and ship their cocktail kits across the nation. 
    • They deliver the sizes you need so that you won't be wasting money on bulk purchases. This allows you to try popular brands and liquors before investing in large bottles.
    • They offer you free delivery on every order, along with a hassle-free option for returns and refunds. 

    Reviews on the Best SaloonBox Products

    • Whiskey- SaloonBox provides a classic collection of Whiskey that includes Whiskey Lover's Cocktail Collection, etc.  
    • Tequila- SaloonBox provides Tequila, including Classic Cocktail Series, etc.
    • Vodka- SaloonBox provides a variety of Vodka that include Chipotle Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit, etc.
    • Gin- They also provide you Gin, including The Ultimate Negroni Cocktail Kit, etc.
    • A Le Carte Cocktail Kits- They have a unique collection of A Le Carte Cocktail Kits, including Old fashioned Gift Box, Seedlip Garden 108 Kit, etc.
    • Bar Tools/Glasses- SaloonBox provides beautiful Bar Glasses, including Mason Jar Shaker & Viski Couple Glasses, etc.

    SaloonBox Pricing

    • Whiskey- SaloonBox pricing for Whiskey ranges from $48.99. 
    • Tequila- Pricing for Tequila starts at $158.99.
    • Vodka- SaloonBox pricing for Whiskey varies from $89.99. 
    • Gin- SaloonBox pricing for Whiskey varies from $89.99. 
    • A Le Carte Cocktail Kits- They offer decent pricing for A Le Carte Cocktail Kits starting at $72.99. 
    • Bar Tools/Glasses- SaloonBox pricing for Whiskey ranges from $48.99. 


    Is SaloonBox Legit? 

    Yes, SaloonBox offers authentic services to its customers all over the world. You can conclude SaloonBox is a reliable and trusted source for providing all types of SaloonBox Recipes and SaloonBox Curated Cocktails.

    Is SaloonBox Worth It? 

    Yes, SaloonBox is worth it as they strive to deliver door-to-door delivery service to offer you the best quality products at decent costs.

    What are the SaloonBox Alternatives?

    SaloonBox has been delivering unique and reliable Cocktail Kits at reasonable prices. But there are many Alternatives to SaloonBox available online. Some include Crafted Taste, Shaker And Spoon, American Cocktail Club, Craft House Cocktails, The Bottle Bartender, Poison Cocktails, etc. 

    Final Thought About SaloonBox

    SaloonBox delivers a letter along with your kit that will tell you more about each ingredient and how you can make it. Each kit has extra information about the recipe, mixologist, and ingredients. Browse exciting and seasonal recipes and ingredients only available in tiny amounts. No more large bottles that have been languishing on your shelf for years, unused.

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