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    RBM is a group of genuine outdoor enthusiasts who understand exactly what a camper requires. Their knowledge of backcountry camping allows them to create long-lasting, high-performance products that can improve your wildlife encounters. 

    RBM is especially passionate about cold weather camping, so they focus primarily on developing high-quality gear for your amazing winter adventure. All-season tents with a stove jack and wood stoves are among RBM's most popular products. 

    RBM designed a collection of long-lasting tents in a variety of sizes and designs with their customers in mind, making sure that their tents are spacious and simple to set up.

    What makes the Russian Bear Market best?

    • RBM proudly presents the €œUP\ series of two-layer, quick-setup tents already popular in the US and Canada because of their proven reliability, durability, and functionality.
    • The umbrella-type frame design enables you to set up a tent on any type of terrain in only 2 minutes. UP-5 is a spacious tent suitable for campers, hunters, and fishermen. It can accommodate up to 4 people on camp-beds or up to 8 people in sleeping bags.
    • UP-5 is a premium, all-season tent. It provides comfortable shelter from the summer sun and cold winter air. The wood stove maintains a pleasant interior temperature even if it is extremely cold outside. RBM recorded 82°+ F inside when it was 22°- F outside.
    • Multiple hinges on the inner layer can be use for drying clothes by hanging them close to the dome.
    • RBM tents provide unique comfort when you camp. The water-resistant outer layer is made from an innovative material, Oxford 300PU 4000, that keeps you dry inside the tent even in the heaviest rain. 

    Review on the Best Russian Bear Market Product

    Universal Vestibule 118''x76'' for UP-series Tents The vestibule use on UP-series tents to increase living space or used as a garage for snowmobiles, ATVs, as a shelter, independent tent, kitchen, carp tent, etc.

    It consists of an aluminum frame, cover layer with a fire-resistant hole for the smoke pipe, two zippered doors, windows with mosquito nets, and a zippered canopy.

    The vestibule can be attach to a UP-series tent by a zipper locate on a special canopy above the doors.

    Russian Bear Market Pricing

    Universal Vestibule 118''x76'' for UP-series Tents will cost you $629.00.


    Is Russian Bear Market Legit? 

    Yes, the Russian Bear Market is legitimate.

    RBM places a high priority on the safety features of its products. 

    Their tent is equipped with the following features for use with a wood stove in the winter: A detachable, fire-resistant, and waterproof silicone-coated mat with a working temperature of up to 2192° is install on the wall near the stove.

    Is Russian Bear Market Worth It?

    Yes, absolutely! RBM is a worthwhile investment.

    If you want to go hiking during the rainy season, choose the Danchel Outdoor waterproof tent. It has a chimney opening, so you can install a stove and cook dinner without having to go outside. 

    There are several ventilation openings in the tent to ensure that there is always fresh air inside. They are located on the roof. You can select one of the tent models suggested. They come in a variety of sizes, the largest of which is intend for an entire family.

    Does Russian Bear Market Offer International Shipping? 

    Yes, RBM will ship internationally.

    It has the fastest shipping in the world. You will receive your shipment information 24 hours after it has been dispatch.

    Your order will be processed the following business day after you place it. After verifying your billing and shipping information, they will package and ship your order.

    Final Thought About Russian Bear Market

    For the past ten years, Russian Bear has provided its customers a unique opportunity to buy premium-quality tents for fishing, hunting, and outdoor activities.  Russian Bear Market offers a selection of top-class products for hunters. 

    They take into account the hardships of a hunter's life in the field. RBM products use advanced materials and design solutions that ensure year-round performance in harsh weather. The UP-2 tent meets all the basic expectations of a hunter. 

    It is leak-proof and wind-resistant and comes with a kit of best-quality tension ropes, stakes, and poles. It can be heated with fire and features good ventilation. Their mission is to create tents that will enhance your extreme outdoor adventures to a new level of comfort. 

    RBM sell their tents to numerous countries around the world. During this time, our tents were tested and actively used in different climate conditions and proved their quality, reliability, and durability. 

    Because RBM is committed to continually improving their product, they encourage feedback from their customers to implement improvements and add new features to their product.

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