Polarized Sunglasses: Everything You Need To Know | Uses, Benefits, And More!

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    When buying sunglasses, you must have come across the term 'polarized' or 'polarized sunglasses. Haven't you? It's not just a fancy term used for marketing; instead, polarized glasses possess a unique function designed to benefit your vision. When wearing polarized eyewear, the surface blocks the glare and gives you clearer vision. This makes polarized sunglasses the perfect choice of lens type for travelers, hikers, and athletes. So, the next time you see the term 'polarized,' think of 'anti-glare' and avoid confusion, if any. Looking for the best-polarized sunglasses? Here we have the best deals and discounts that you did not ignore.

    This blog post will explain polarized sunglasses in detail and how polarized glasses work. It also outlines some of the benefits of this kind of eyewear.

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    What Are Polarized Sunglasses? 

    Sunglasses with polarized lenses are referred to as "polarized sunglasses." These types of sunglasses have recently become popular among people spending a lot of time outdoors. They are specifically designed to reduce glare from surfaces such as water, snow, and glass. Glare tends to change the color of objects and makes them harder to see. 

    Polarized glasses are made with a slightly different material than other typical sunglasses.

    They are treated with a special coating that filters light. The chemical's molecules align in a specific way, allowing some light to filter through, but not all of it. Also, they block the light glare reflecting off outdoor surfaces.

    Due to this reason, polarized glasses are ideal for fishing, boating, or spending a day at a beach. The polarized sunglasses are best for driving as they protect your eyes from reflection. 

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    How Do Polarized Sunglasses Work?

    Polarized sunglasses work by preventing glare from hitting you directly in the eye. The effect of light glare is created when sunlight strikes a surface, and the light is reflected. With flat and highly reflective surfaces, such as water, metal, or snow, the light is much brighter. This is because it reflects directly into the eye without being scattered. Regular tinted sunglasses do not block glare. They only reduce the brightness of horizontal and vertical light. 

    However, polarized sunglasses have a unique chemical coating that acts as a filter. This chemical filter on polarized sunglasses reduces glare by absorbing the incoming horizontal light while allowing vertical light. In other words, the horizontal light that creates glare is absorbed and nullified by the chemical film on polarized lenses. 

    Difference Between Polarized And Non-Polarized Sunglasses

    Let's take a look at the difference between polarized and non-polarized sunglasses!

    Non-polarized: Non-polarized sunglasses are designed to reduce the intensity of light. If your lenses offer UV protection, they most likely contain special dyes and pigments that absorb ultraviolet rays, preventing them from reaching your eyes. This technology works the same way for all types of sunlight, no matter which direction the light travels. As a result, glare will still reach your eyes more intensely than other light, impacting your vision.

    Polarized: Polarized lenses are coated with a chemical that filters out light. The filter is applied vertically, so vertical light can pass through, but horizontal light cannot. Some vertical light can pass through the filter, but horizontal light glare cannot pass through it. That is the general idea behind the working of polarized glasses. 

    To summarize, Polarized sunglasses filter out ambient light and remove glare from reflective surfaces. On the other hand, non-polarized lenses offer protection from sunlight but do not have a filter built-in to cancel out surface glare.

    Benefits Of Wearing Polarized Sunglasses

    You can use sunglasses indoors and outdoors to protect your eyes. One of the eyewear are polarized glasses. They offer multiple benefits that make them better than non-polarized lenses. The main advantage of polarized glasses is that they provide clear vision by reducing glare. Glare isn't just annoying; it can be dangerous, especially when you're driving. Polarized sunglasses can help drivers and athletes see more clearly and avoid mishaps. 

    Moreover, you can avoid headaches and eye strain by using polarized glasses. They allow your eyes to feel rested and comfortable during travel or outdoor activities. Typically, sunglasses with polarized lenses will also have built-in UV protection, which is extremely important in a pair of sunglasses. Lastly, polarized glasses will enable you to see the actual colors of objects that you may not have been getting with regular sunglasses.

    Here are a few benefits of polarized sunglasses:

    • Reduces reflections and glares

    • Increases your visual comfort

    • Sharpens the contrast

    • Reduces digital eye strains

    • Makes objects clear

    Limitations: What gives polarized sunglasses their unique function, also gives them some limitations. Do not use them when you drive at night, fly an airplane, go skiing, and look at LCD screens like the car dashboard control, ATM, mobile phones, etc. The polarized sunglasses are meant for day use, but they are hardly useful at night.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Choose Polarized Sunglasses? 

    Your eyes need protection when you're spending time outside. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, polarized sunglasses would be a great choice. As mentioned before, Polarized sunglasses will reduce glare and reflection. The main feature that sets polarized lenses apart from regular sunglasses is their ability to reduce glare. 

    However, there's always a question on whether to choose polarized sunglasses or not. At the end of the day, it all comes to you - your preferences and requirements. It's always better to have different pairs for different occasions and be ready for any adventure that comes your way!

    Are Your Sunglasses Polarized?

    It's pretty easy to find out if your sunglasses are polarized. Wear your sunglasses and try looking at a reflective surface. Polarized lenses reduce glare from bright light off reflective surfaces and slightly increase contrast. If your glasses are polarized, they will mitigate the glare reflected on these surfaces, making it easier to see things in bright light.

    Another way to check for polarized glasses is by looking at an LCD screen. It is often challenging to see screens through regular tinted glasses. But when the sunglasses are polarized, LCD screens look dark or black. Usually, a high-quality pair of sunglasses have polarized lenses. 

    Do Polarized Sunglasses Block Blue Light From Screens?

    According to the American Optometric Association, spending too much time in front of a screen can lead to eye strain, dry eyes, headaches, etc. To prevent digital eye strain, it's recommended to wear protective glasses. Sunglasses offer some level of protection from harmful blue light. How much protection? That typically depends on the tint of your sunglasses. 

    In order to protect your eyes from the harmful and dangerous effects of blue light, it is best to use sunglasses with polarized lenses. The chemical coating provides highly effective protection from the eye diseases that this light can cause. Furthermore, wearing polarized sunglasses can ensure your eyesight remains in healthy condition.

    Final Words On Polarized Sunglasses

    Polarized sunglasses are a great option for anyone who is spending a lot of time outdoors. They are coated with a chemical filter that removes glare by blocking the light waves bouncing off horizontal surfaces. Not only do polarized glasses reduce bright reflection and unwanted glare, but they also help improve vision clarity in bright situations.

    Polarized sunglasses are helpful when you're driving or participating in outdoor sports. But, they aren't suitable for every situation, though. For example, if you're driving at night, navigating icy patches, or using LCD devices, these glasses make it harder to see clearly.

    To conclude, polarized glasses are a handful of sunglass options that keep your eyes healthy in sunlight.

    Tauseef Siddiqui

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