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    Since centuries, grains have been cultivated as a part of annual farming. Annual crops are single-season plants and need to be replanted annually. This means, disturbing the soil annually, massive water usage, whopping climate emissions, and more! This makes annual farming extremely unsustainable. Here is when the importance of perennial agriculture and the idea of Perennial Pantry come into picture. Make use of your Perennial Pantry Coupon Code while buying their sustainable products.

    Perennial plants are the ones that come back year after year. They have a deeper root system which prevents soil erosion and improves the water quality. They return carbon to the soil and continue to yield produce without replanting each year. Perennial Pantry aims to develop the perennial supply chain and introduce Kernza, a type of perennial wheat, to the world.


    What is Perennial Pantry?

    Perennial Pantry is a brand that aims to accelerate the transition to perennial agriculture, by developing the perennial supply chain. A supply chain that is good for the environment and the people. They are also bringing the revolutionary Kernza grain to your kitchens, the world's first perennial grain! It has a sweet, delicious, nutty flavour and is ideal for cooking, baking and brewing. Kernza is high in protein and antioxidants and has eight times the amount of fiber as wheat. You can pre-book their Kernza products, using your Perennial Pantry Discount Code.

    Why you need Perennial Pantry?

    Firstly, Perennial Pantry is currently the first wholesale distributor of Kernza, which tastes great, and requires less tilling. You can pre-order your first bag of Kernza using your Perennial Pantry Coupons.

    Secondly, Perennial Pantry represents a bold new vision of an agriculture system that could be a worldwide climate solution. It could also be a better deal for farmers and consumers.

    Thirdly, perennial crops like Kernza grow around the year, holding the soil in place, sequestering carbon and filtering water.

    Lastly, all Kernza products come in a 100% compostable bag!

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    Perennial Pantry Products and Pricing

    Kernza Flour €“ Whole, unshifted grain flour perfect for breads and baked goods. Depending on the quantity you want to buy, you can purchase a 14 OZ BAG for $9.75, 2 bags for $9.50 each, or 4 bags for $.9.25 each.

    Whole Kernza Grain €“ This is a perfect substitute for your grain bowls and is ideal for home brewing. The grain is packed with proteins, fiber, and antioxidants. You can buy 2 bags for $9.00 each, 4 bags for $8.75 each, or a 14 OZ bag for $9.25.

    Kernza Sampler Pack €“ Sample a bag of Kernza Flour and Whole Kernza Grain each. These two bags can be ordered for $19.00. You can even opt for a 3-month trial subscription for the Sampler Pack at $18/month. Don't forget to use your Perennial Pantry Promo Code while ordering.


    By the direct-to-consumer sales of their Kernza products, Perennial Pantry offers you a chance to play a significant role in developing a new agriculture system. One that has enormous potential to heal the earth. This is the first time the Kernza Perennial grain is available for anyone to buy, with Perennial Pantry's crowdfunding campaign. So, if you are looking to bring a positive change to the environment, and want healthier grain and flour options, Perennial Pantry is the way forward.

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    Where Perennial Pantry products offer shipping to?

    Perennial Pantry does offer free shipping in the United States. For international shipping, you need to visit the site.

    Is there a refund policy?

    Yes, you can return the products within 30 days of purchase. To be eligible for a refund, the item must be unused and must in the same condition it was purchased in.

    How to use the Perennial Pantry Discount Code?

    • Copy the Perennial Pantry Promo Code and visit the official site.
    • Prior to the check out, add your code on the View Cart page.
    • Apply the coupon code and get the bet deal.

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