Ourika Soap Review


    Ourika Soap Review - Introductory note 

    As the name suggests, Ourika Soap is name afterthe Ourika Valley in Morocco's High Atlas Mountains and provides a collection of Luxurious, Organic Soaps Handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA using only the finest Moroccan Ingredients.

    The founder of Ourika Soap has always been fascinate by fine ingredients, textures, and colors. Sophie Wizmann, born in Morocco and reared in Canada and France, grew up with a multi-cultural and multinational upbringing. Genuine in her existence between three civilizations, she defies established conventions to create a distinct and courageous universe. Sophie currently lives in Los Angeles, California, where she manufactures Ourika Soaps by hand.

    In her hands, soap becomes a magnificent substance, a work of art… Sophie enjoyed the elegance of Moroccan Hammams and the simplicity of natural goods while touring the Ourika Valley and the Atlas Mountains to reconnect with her heritage and the Berber ladies. Sophie was inspire to make Ourika soap to reflect her Moroccan background and modernize these age-old traditions by merging them with Western self-care.

    Ourika Soap Review - Overview 

    Ourika Soap is concerned about both the environment and your skin. They exclusively use eco-friendly, organic products, and the small amount of trash they generate is utilize as detergent. They only use plant-based essential oils and lotions and natural clays and spices. Their soaps are lovingly handcraft, utilizing the traditional cold saponification method, conserving glycerin to soothe and moisturize the skin naturally. This approach also helps to preserve the environment by needing very little water and heat and prohibiting the use of all synthetic, toxic ingredients.

    Ourika Soap aims to conserve historic Moroccan bathing practices while making them accessible and pleasurable to everybody. Their soaps contain authentic Arabian spices and herbs, nourishing oils, and natural exfoliants, which are common ingredients in Moroccan Hammams.

    The Berber ladies of Morocco inspire them at Ourika by sharing their customs and culture. They want to help them establish themselves as soapmakers so that they may contribute back to their community.

    Ourika Soap Review - 1


    • This unique bar is pack with Arabian Musk Oil, which cleanses and moisturizes while minimizing the appearance of any scars or wrinkles.
    • It is sprinkle with timijja mint harvest in the Atlas Mountains.
    • The powerful aroma of Eucalyptus and the rich silkiness of Rhassoul Clay, mixed with the sensual scent of White Musk oil, will leave your skin delightfully scented and silky.
    Pricing: $18 

    Ourika Soap Review - 2 


    • This delightful soap bar is top with delicate chamomile flowers and flavore with Eucalyptus oil.
    • It cleanses and purifies your skin while easing aching muscles and reducing headaches.
    • This invigorating bar's sweet, woody smell and brilliant blue color will enhance your morning routine.
    Pricing: $24 

    Ourika Soap Review - 3


    • Moroccan green tea exfoliates the skin softly, while organic paprika promotes a youthful complexion. 
    • This energizing bar combines rich clove and scented cardamom oil to wash and treat your skin. 
    • Hang this restorative soap in your shower to add an exotic, oriental twist to your morning ritual. 
    • Enjoy its warm, natural orange tone and sweet, spicy aroma regularly.
    Pricing: $45  

    Ourika Soap Review - 4 


    • This energizing body oil is bursting with zesty sweetness. 
    • Bergamot oil softly washes and purifies the skin, while lemon oil brightens and tones it. 
    • This refreshing blend's sweet, tangy smell and silky, velvety oil will elevate your spirits.
    1. They expel any negativity while alleviating muscular discomfort and mending any damaged skin.
    Pricing: $89 

    Ourika Bath Salts Review  

    The ultimate in soothing and refreshing bathing. The Dead Sea is often reffer as the lowest body of water on Earth's surface and has the lowest elevation. Dead Sea salts are well-known for their medicinal and healing powers and their ability to alleviate stress and improve general health. The minerals exfoliate dead skin, reduce inflammation, and battle allergies and bacteria.


    • Bath salts are hand-roast, gently blended with Argan oil, infuse with aromatic oils, and wrapped in 6 lovely natural gauze bags.
    • Moroccan Jasmin is wealthy and sweet, and its exotic and powerful aroma will transport you while evening out your skin tone.
    • It is generating a sense of well-being and romance.
    Pricing: $55


    How did Ourika come into being?

    Sophie enjoyed the luxury of Moroccan Hammams when visiting the Ourika Valley to reconnect with her heritage and bathed in the Ourika river while staring up at the Atlas Mountains. Sophie was inspire to make Ourika soap to honor her Moroccan background while modernizing these age-old traditions by mixing them with Western self-care.

    How are they created?

    Ourika Soaps are made with a blend of genuine, bright Moroccan ingredients and modern components. These natural, opulent moisturizers nourish your skin by mixing Moroccan Hammam's clean, organic practices with the excellent efficiency of Los Angeles self-care products. Our soap's nutritious, healthful base comprises four primary elements: olive oil, argan oil, shea butter, and coconut oil. It goes well with their distinctive loofah! This is a must-have!

    Final Thought: Ourika Soaps areBathroom Essentials You Must Have

    For better or worse, reconnecting with bath routines and at-home treatments has led to a rewarding experience reconnecting with oneself. When we look at the Ourika Soap collection, there is a strong sense of taking a step back and learning to enjoy these everyday rituals with comfort and a desire to indulge in oneself.

    Sophie Wizmann's narrative of reconnecting with her Moroccan Berber ancestry while visiting the Ourika Valley and the Atlas Mountains is immersed in the romance of artisanally created soaps that blend the traditional world of bath rituals and Hammams with that of western self-care.

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