Magnifeye Me Review


    About Magnifeye Me 

    At Magnifeye Me, we believe that beauty should be uncomplicated! We produce products that make your beauty regimen easier and faster while still being gentle on your face and lashes. Say goodbye to flaky mascaras, eyelash glue, and expensive lash extension procedures. Use Magnifeye Me Review to ensure a pocket friendly deal. It's time to open your hearts and your make-up bags to our budget-friendly magnetic fake eyelashes. 

    What is Magnifeye Me?

    Our magnetic eyelashes are simple to apply and adjust to all eye shapes. They were created to suit your every requirement, whether you're wearing them on a date night, a night out, or a business day. You can rely on us for quality and affordability. To buy products at lowest possible rates, simply redeem Magnifeye Me Review and the savings you will earn from the process are sure to astonish and sweep you off floor!  

    They are simple to use. Trim the magnetic lash's outside corner to match the breadth of your eye. Apply eyeliner as closely as possible to the roots of your lashes. Make a line on the lashes as thick as the magnets' size, and make sure there's enough liner on the brush before you apply it. Allow to dry before applying lashes. Make sure the magnets are connected to the lining. Gently pull lashes from either corner to remove. Use a waterproof makeup remover to clean your skin. Clean magnets by lightly scraping off dried magnetic lining before use. The magnetic lashes should not be moist. 

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    Why do you need Magnifeye Me? 

    • Lightweight ultra lightweight 
    • 6 x micro magnets that are barely there
    • Synthetic fibre that is super soft
    • Free of parabens
    • Hold for the whole day
    • Perfect for virgins of the lashes
    • Wind, smudge, water-proof
    • Up to 40 times reusable
    • The components in Magnifeye Me eyeliner are all popular in cosmetics and skincare products, and they are all Vegan and cruelty-free. 
    • Utilize Magnifeye Me Promo Codes for a budget friendly deal. 

    Magnifeye Me Pricing & Specification

    Colllection of eyelashes

    • Melody Lash
    • Cinnamoroll Lash
    • Mimmy Lash
    • Applicator
    • Magnetic eyeliner


    Magnifeye Me Voucher Codes are in huge demand among those looking for highly cost effective deals. We do not advocate any eye products to anyone with pre-existing eye issues, for the health and safety of our consumers. Cleaning or removal is simple. Grasp the outside corner of the lashes and gently peel them away from your lash line. Remove leftover eyeliner from eyelash magnets using a cotton swab soaked in NON-oily make-up remover or a gentle scratch with your nail after each usage, being careful not to dislodge magnets from the lash band. 


    Do Magnifeye Me Ship Product Internationally? 

    Yes, we offer international shipping. 

    Magnifeye Me Pro Offer Money Back guarantee?

    Any faulty products will be replace, and we will make sure you are completely satisfies with your purchase. Returns are only accept if the product and packaging are still in excellent condition. Products that appear to be used or that have been damaged by the client are not eligible for a refund. Your items will be inspected upon arrival of your delivery, and a full refund will be provided to your original form of payment within 7 business days.

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