Lock & Hinge Review: Unbeatable Prices On High-Quality Gear

    Welcome to Real Metropolitan Hardware's Lock & Hinge Division. For over 55 years, Real Metropolitan provide commercial, residential, and building hardware to some of New York City's most outstanding interior designers, builders, and contractors. After many years in this industry, they have excellent working relationships with some of the most prominent architects and designers. They have a vast understanding of residential and commercial hardware. Hence, architects and builders seek assistance and acquire door and building hardware from them.

    If you are a contractor, you can email them an estimate for your subsequent work or even attach the entire plan and send it to them via their price form. They will examine it and respond with pricing within one day. If you give the job, they can create a hardware timetable for you. They buy straight from the manufacturer rather than through an intermediary. As a result, they may obtain lower costs and pass the savings on to you.

    Lock & Hinge Review: Why do you have such low prices on your hardware?

    Their parent firm, Real Metropolitan Hardware, primarily deals with meeting the demands of New York City's top architects, interior designers, builders, and contractors. When providing hardware for their projects, they sometimes purchase more than is necessary to accommodate for the possibility of a malfunction or cosmetic issue. They must offload their overstock goods as rapidly as possible, unlike huge discount companies such as Lowe's, Ace, Sears, or Home Depot. Furthermore, because of their volume, they may buy directly from manufacturers rather than wholesalers. That translates to lower prices for them, which equals lower costs for you, their consumer. And that means unbeatable prices on high-quality gear. 

    Hafele HAWA Junior 40/Z Pocket Door Framing Kit 

    This frame kit contains the required HAWA Junior 40/Z fitting set for a sliding door fitted as a pocket door. It comprises a plywood header to avoid warping, cold-formed steel studs to keep the pocket walls from bending, and front steel studs to hold sheetrock. The exposed area of the wood header is laminate to match the colour of the sliding track. It is intended to fit into standard 2x4 wood or steel interior walls. Everything needed to frame the pocket door cutout in the wall is included in this kit.

    The HAWA Junior 40/Z Series is intended to install one or two sliding wood doors. It has a smooth, silent operation, exceptional longevity, a rattle-free operation, and is simple to install. The HAWA Junior 40/Z Series is distinguished by its two-way suspension, vertical and lateral adjustability, and door stop with an adjustable retention spring. This series supports doors weighing at least 88 lbs "thick.


    1. Appropriate for every room in the house
    2. Specially designed studs keep the structure from bending.
    3. Front studs include a slot to accommodate 1/2" screws, which is an effective technique to conserve space "sheetrock
    4. Simple setup 


    Door Knocker - DK4

    Rocky Mountain Hardware creates one-of-a-kind designs using only the best quality bronze. White bronze and silicon are both alloys. Silicon bronze is a coppery-gold metal having copper, silicon, and zinc. White bronze is a silver colour alloy made of copper, manganese, nickel, and zinc. The rich beauty of bronze depicts in Rocky Mountain Hardware items. Their hand-made patinas intensify the bronze's colours, giving it a royal look. Time, touch, and atmosphere all interact with the bronze and patina to create a distinct tint. Thus, each artwork reflects its surroundings.

    Artisan instincts from the past are pushing the boundaries of technology. Rocky Mountain Hardware's artisans are trained in distinct hand-crafting traditions that have been admired since ancient times. They use contemporary technology to make precisely engineered hardware guaranteed to perform correctly every timeβ€”a harmonious union of hand, intellect, and soul. The patina coating used on their bronze goods is a living finish since it changes with time, touch, environment, and so on. 


    Hafele Keyboard Drawers

    1. Elegant curvilinear design
    2. Because of the retractable palm rest, the machine can accommodate almost any size keyboard.
    3. The extra-wide tray design gives a large surface for mousing.
    4. Cable management is built-in.
    5. Removable mouse pad for use with either the right or left hand.
    6. Adjustable brackets with seven height settings.
    7. Brackets can be installed either facing in or facing out. 


    Lock & Hinge Review: FAQs 

    How do I go about installing the hardware? Will I require the services of an expert?

    Most lock and hinge hardware is simple to install. Please browse their Hardware Templates and Manuals section if you require a template or a handbook. Follow the item's step-by-step installation instructions. 

    What are the numerous functions of door knobs?

    Their lock specialists can key both the entry knobs and the deadbolts.

    Passage Door Knobs: Also known as hall and closet knobs due to their frequent use in halls and closets.

    You can screw dummy door knobs to the face of the door. Use it for bifold doors or other applications where you do not need a latch mechanism. They lack a locking mechanism. 

    Can I have my deadbolts and door knobs keyed the same?

    Yes, you certainly can. However, because the finishes differ between companies, it is doubtful that you will wish to mix and match them. Their lock can perform this in the same or even separate orders. Even if these are locks that we adore, they cannot key all of them in the same way if the brands are different.

    Do your hinges match the finish of your door hardware?

    Their other items' finishes will be similar but not identical because finishes from different manufacturers differ. We recommend that you buy things from the same manufacturer in that instance. 

    Lock & Hinge Review: Final Thought 

    They specialize in receiving orders over the phone and ensuring that the gear you receive is what you require. You may also order via fax or email.

    Through their secure online store, Lock & Hinge is committed to offering the same service.

    Their pledge to you and your clients is that they will always supply you with the lowest pricing possible while also giving you fast, pleasant service and the expertise and experience that can only come from servicing New York's greatest architects, builders, and interior designers. Since 1955!