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    The Linxdot Indoor Hotspot, you can place it inside or outside your home and it will look sleek wherever it is placed. Our team is made up of experienced engineers and IOT experts with extensive experience designing and manufacturing electronics products. Hotspot will be able to cover a wider area with the Linxdot Miner since it comes with a high gain antenna. Miners using the Linxdot platform have quad-core 1.5GHz CPUs, 2GB RAM, and 32GB eMMC storage. Due to the higher cycle rate of eMMC, the device will have an increased lifespan, as opposed to the lower cycle rate of MicroSD cards in the original RAK hotspot. To have a better experience, you can read the review of Linxdot on our website.

    What Is Linxdot?

    Linxdot's Helium Hotspot uses Long-Fi to cover Internet of Things (IoT) devices with the wireless network coverage. Plugging in the hub through an ethernet cable connects it to Helium, the world's largest wireless network. Linxdot can cover a distance of up to 10 miles using as little as 12W of energy. Anybody who owns and operates a Helium Hotspot can run low-power IoT devices wirelessly. The Helium Hotspot provides connectivity to hundreds of square miles and transmits data for less than the price of a cellular network. Helium has a network covering North and South America and Europe. Get exclusive and detailed information about 4WRD by reading our recent review.

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    Why Do Need Linxdot?

    The design is elegant and discreet, yet part of a wireless revolution that remains in the background. Linxdot review Helium Hotspots, Internet of Things (IoT) devices can be connected to the Long-Fi network wirelessly. If you connect the hub to an Ethernet port, it becomes part of the Helium network, the world's largest wireless network. The Linxdot system can cover up to 10 miles with as little as 12W of energy. To get started, you only have to set up your Linxdot Hotspot at home. That's all it takes.

    What Will Be The Linxdot Pricing And Plan?

    Linxdot Hotspot

    543.67 USD

    Pre-orders are available. Shipments will begin in January 2022.

    All forms of payment (cash, credit/debit cards, and crypto (ERC-20 only)) are accepted.

    Helium Long-Fi technology is used to cover Internet of Things (IoT) devices using the Linxdot review Helium Hotspot. Whenever the hub is connected to an Ethernet port, it becomes a part of the Helium network, the largest wireless network in the world.

    Final Thoughts

    Why should you pick Linxdot out of all the Helium Hotspots available? 

    Linxdot Hotspot designed to blend seamlessly into any environment, whether indoors or outdoors. An experienced electronic product development and manufacturing team designed and manufactured the device. The customer support team is available if you need to contact them if the product is not ready yet, and their existing global delivery network is ready to ship once it is ready.


    Where Do You Ship From

    Shipping from our UK warehouse is available for orders going to the UK.

    International shipments will be shipped from Hong Kong with an express courier service via FedEx. In the case of any orders outside the UK, no sales tax is charged; therefore, the courier will collect this fee when the order is delivered depending on local tariffs.

    Is The Linxdot Hotspot Safe To Use?

    You can use it indoors without any worries at all. Linxdot uses the same tech that you use for your cellular home phone and base station. It is actually less energy-intensive to use frequencies like those emitted and received by Linxdot miners than to use those of smartphones.

    How Big Of An Area Does The Linxdot Hotspot Cover?

    In terms of geographic coverage, Linxdot Hotspot covers an area between one and ten miles, depending on elevation and building density.

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