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    HIV can be cured. Yes, you heard that right. Studies have found out that the starting stage of HIV can be cured. There have been many advances in HIV treatments and medications in upcoming years that have drastically majored the quality of life to HIV infected people. Usually, the virus is not detected or cured, the infection enters a chronic phase, which might lead to severe problems. This virus is supposed to be contagious and can transmit through contact with infected blood, semen, or vaginal fluids.

    PrepGeneric is one of the reliable brands to buy Truvada Generic for PrEP & Anti-HIV Drugs in the USA. HIV treatment won't cost you much if you decide to spend your money wisely. Make sure you have a health insurance policy who will cover the cost of your treatment and also help you with the medication involved.

    For people with Acute HIV infection, it generally develops within three to four weeks, where HIV multiplies rapidly and spreads throughout the body. HIV is detected from the symptoms such as fever, headache, and rash. Other symptoms which might lead to HIV are bruising, having diarrhea, illnesses, or night sweat for a long time. One might also get bleeding from the mouth, nose, anus, or vagina. The most common symptoms are skin rashes, feeling short of breath or deep, dry coughing. There are certain drugs which help to prevent HIV, which are PrEP & ART.

    Research has found out that PrEP can help to prevent HIV. Abbreviation of PrEP is pre-exposure prophylaxis. It is believed that the consumption of this drug on a routine basis can help one to lower the chances of getting HIV from sex. The brand name has been called Truvada. Women who are pregnant can use this drug as it helps to prevent women and her baby from HIV. The drug can be found in any local health department and the doctor's office. There are side effects like headaches and loss appetite, but to recover from something terrible, it does not matter to them who are going through a terrible thing. PrEP comes at a much more less price and is affordable to any individual.

    This drug is to be only used on certain conditions which are in the following ways:
    People who don't use Condoms regularly
    Having Anal & Vaginal sex with many partners without using Condoms.
    Having STD like Chlamydia
    Have a Sexual Partner who is diagnosed with HIV.

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    ART is another most common drug which has been used by the people who are diagnosed with HIV, and it is considered as a combination therapy. It does not entirely eradicate HIV but make sure it cures it to some point where one can live a healthy till the time they are alive.

    The goals of ART treatment are to Consistently suppress the viral, and It keeps your immune system as healthy as possible Reduce your risk of HIV-related infections Improve your quality of life and make you live as long as possible. Other features include prevention from passing the virus on to others Minimize the side effects related to your treatment.

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