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    What You Like the Best

    • You only need your breast milk to manufacture your lovely jewel with the Lackto DIY Kit!

    Prepare to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

    •   Each Lackto DIY Kit comes with a single mould, but if you purchase the second and third EXTRA MOLDS, you can manufacture up to three items.

    • Because the milk combine with the solutions cannot be store, the three portions must be create at the same time.

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    Tried hard but failed to figure it out.

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    Make your own breast milk jewellery with the Lackto DIY kit: The LACKTO kit works as follows: you receive their kit at home, which includes everything you'll need to make your own breast milk pendant. Two chemical solutions, a pipette to collect the appropriate amount of milk, a stirrer, a set of gloves, a silicone mould for the chosen pendant model, and the link to join and finish the jewellery are all included in the Lackto DIY Kit. In addition to all of the necessary equipment, the kit includes step-by-step instruction that clarifies the technique. Simply follow the instructions and your breast milk pendant will be available in 48 hours.

    What makes Lacktothe best?

    Breast Milk Jewellery - Eternal Breastfeeding: Since 2017, they've been assisting women in preserving a memento of nursing, one of the most essential periods in a mother's life and a period of strong connection with her kid. It is an ephemeral time that comes and goes fast and never returns. The Lackto DIY Kit allows you to pause time and capture a piece of that moment in time.  

    Review onLackto Products

    You can make breast milk jewellery! Consider the fantasy of transforming your breast milk into a gem, a solid, stone-like object. It will serve as a constant reminder of the wonderful times you had when breastfeeding. Consider having a kit on hand that includes all of the ingredients you'll need to produce your own breast milk jewellery.

    More than two years ago, Julia Quintana, a pharmacist, devised an original recipe for the petrification of breast milk. Faced with this success, she formed the "Pingente de Amor" company, which has since produced pendants and other items derived from mother's milk.

    Lackto Pricing

    •   Heart Pendant $6.30

    Flower Pendant $6.30

    •       Singapore Necklace $28.00

    •   Boy Pendant $13.30


    IsLackto Legit?

    They decided that a "do it yourself" version of the pendant would be ideal. In other words, the mother creates the treasure in the privacy of her own house. It all began when a number of mothers requested that the pendant manufacturing process be record. They wanted to be certain that the jewellery was manufactured with their own milk. Then, after getting a patent application for the recipe, which had been nothing more than a notion up until that point, it became a reality.

    IsLackto Worth It?

    Lackto sells a kit that includes everything needed to make breast milk jewellery. It is made up of a mould that will shape the final piece and a "magic formula" that will be blend with the mother's milk to turn it into a stone-like jewel.

    IsLacktoA Good Brand?

    Per kit, a maximum of three jewels can be create. They should all be made at the same time and according to the same instructions. It's critical to pour the solution into the mould as soon as possible after mixing it with the milk to avoid it solidifying. If you purchased more than one mould, you should complete all of the pendants at once. You should do so in a dry, well-ventilated area. Always use the plastic gloves that come with the kit to protect your hands, as well as the surface or table where you're producing the jewellery.

    Final Thought AboutLackto

    Using your fingers, squeeze the pipette bulb and dip the pipette into the mother's milk. Release your fingers once the pipette is submerged in the milk. The pipette may hold enough milk to fill half of the bulb. This is the right kind of milk and the right amount of it. Do not attempt to fill the pipette more than once. Even if you are making the three components that are possible with one Kit, you only need to do it once.

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