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    What You Like the Best

    • The hood is spacious enough to accommodate long hair.
    • It will not dry out your hair!
    • Reduces frizz and enhances moisture retention. Promotes stronger, shinier hair.
    • By removing friction, it protects against hair loss and breakage.
    • Premium cotton and high-quality satin are use to make their products.

    What You Dislike 

    • Free shipping is available on orders above $200

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    Smalls usually fit me well but this small is a baggier feel. Makes it super cozy!

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    The 26-year-old founded KIN Apparel, a clothing business that specializes in satin-lined sweatshirts for persons with kinky and coily natural hair. Her latest breakthrough is the result of many years of trial and error with her own hair. She decided to go for the big chop and shaved all of her hair off in 2014. She documented her experience by uploading a video to YouTube. Her YouTube channel, NaturallyPhilo, has had almost 200,000 subscribers since she began chronicling and sharing her natural hair experience. Kane founded KIN while continuing to blog about her natural hair lifestyle. The hoodies are purposefully design to preserve natural hair.

    What makesKin Apparelthe best?

    "Traditional hoodies are made of cotton, and cotton absorbs moisture from your hair, making it dry and frizzy," she explain. "What we do is line the hoods with satin. That does not dehydrate your hair. The hoodies are embellish with traditional African patterns and decorations, in addition to the built-in hair care,” she informed. "KIN," which stands for "Keeping It Natural," also pays respect to her West African background. "I was raise by my grandmother in Ghana for the first five years of my life," Kane recalled of her youth. "She educated me about my Ghanian culture, which I've come to adore."

    Review onKin ApparelProducts

    She has been able to blend classical motifs into her sweatshirts, which have formed the foundation of her business. The inclusive design speaks directly to ladies whose natural hair has historically gone unnoticed by other apparel manufacturers. "If you have the huge curly hair, if you have locks, like, wearing a conventional hood is like committing to a poor hair day," said Alyssa Ghilardi, a pleased client who joined on board as the head of operations at KIN Apparel. "So, when you see a satin-lined hoodie that fits, you're like, obviously, like I need that." 


    IsKin ApparelLegit?

    Philomina is a determined, enthusiastic young woman with strong marketing, social media, and digital content development abilities. She was in charge of planning and executing NaturAll Club's social media advertising, influencer marketing, and building out the marketing department. As a YouTube creator, she creates entertaining and instructive natural hair films that encourage and support women of color to accept their true selves. She has launched KIN Haircare, a company that combines fashion and inclusiveness to revolutionize hair care. 

    IsKin ApparelWorth It?

    Kin Apparel was founded with $500 and has since made $350,000 in sales. Kin Apparel, which stands for "keep it naturally," creates satin-lined hoods that are intended to reduce frizz, preserve moisture, and accommodate a range of hairstyles. With the same satin lining, it also produces pillows, beanies, bucket hats, and bonnets. 

    IsKin ApparelA Good Brand?

    Satin hair care products are an integral component of every healthy hair care program.

    Satin naturally holds moisture rather than absorbing it, keeping your hair hydrated and protected. This results in stronger, healthier hair. Satin is a considerably softer and silkier substance than cotton. Because conventional hoodies are frequently made of cotton, there is a lot of friction when hair interacts with a material like cotton, which promotes frizz and breakage. Because satin is smooth, there is less friction, which helps hair reduce breakage and frizz. Satin, on the other hand, is less obtrusive. Satin protects your style, whether it's a full-out fro, last night's twists, summer braids, or your lifelong locs! Less friction equals more preservation.

    Final ThoughtKin Apparel 

    Above all, they place a premium on quality! Their satin is of the highest quality not just because you deserve it, but also because it works! For hoodies, they utilize 85gsm 50*75D satin, which equates to a larger weight and higher thread count for that thick, smooth, and silky feel. Their pillowcases are constructed of charmeuse satin, a softer variety of satin that has a luxurious feel to it. All of the benefits listed above, as well as overall comfort, are provided by their satin! While your hair enjoys the luxury of a satin-lined hood, you may enjoy the luxury of a high-quality, soft and comfortable hoodie.

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