Kapeka Review

    Kapeka presents the narrative of how rivers, forests, and families flourish naturally. It is the interwoven shape of several different types of branches. Natural processes and how they shape the land and its inhabitants are at the heart of every Kapeka garment. Kapeka patterns and fibres are driven by nature; it is your way of being Fashioned by Nature.

    Kapeka specializes in premium knitwear with distinctive mixes. They derive inspiration from New Zealand yarns, technologies, talents, and tales. They have been producing New Zealand-made premium knitwear for over 22 years. 

    Peter Hanson is available in unique designs. They brought together the possibility to combine the excellence of New Zealand manufacture, natural fibers, and expert design. Every Kapeka outfit honours its history. 

    Kapeka Review: Durability & Consistency

    Bridget Morgan, their chief designer, has an extensive understanding of the acquisition of fine, low-micron, quality fibre, and thread mixing. Make it exceptional to provide a distinctive, attractive look with a sustainable fit.

    Kapeka isn't your typical knitwear company. They collaborate with the best knitwear makers and designers in New Zealand to create exquisite knitwear that will last a lifetime. Their clothing is pill-resistant, pre-shrunk, and bears designs by hand. 

    Each garment is known for durability and uniformity, ensuring the consumer receives a long-lasting garment. Kapeka boasts of the Fernmark accreditation. A New Zealand Government endorsement conveys a product's place of origin and connection to New Zealand.

    Kapeka Review: Sustainability 

    Sustainable natural fibres have always been at the core of Kapeka. Their yarn is used in Kapeka blends to safeguard New Zealand's natural forests and the negative carbon benefits they produce. Kapeka's merino wool is carbon neutral. Possums taken for fibre suffer ecological and biological harm. 

    Women's Merino Crew Neck Long Sleeve Thermal Top

    Merino is ideal for commuting from the office to your next adventure since it provides warmth without being cumbersome. Nature has come up with a fantastic product. You can use it as a foundation layer in cooler weather or on its own in warmer weather. Merino wool's thermoregulating properties keep you toasty in the cold and cool in the hot. It effortlessly fits beneath your existing garments or your favourite Kapeka outfit. It is suitable for various activities and weather situations. This gear has been worn by the New Zealand Ski Team and is built to last. You can't go wrong with this easy-to-wear and easy-to-care-for style. 

    FITTED - Slim fit for maximum comfort and little chafing or discomfort.

    Natural layering: Designed to be worn as a base layer alone with other Kapeka natural fibres, the more layers you wear, the warmer you will be. Remove layers indoors or when the body heats up.

    SOFT AND COMFORTABLE - Merino fibres are soft and do not prickle the skin.

    FAST-DRYING - Capable of retaining 30% of its weight in water while remaining dry.

    Antibacterial characteristics reduce odour build-up so that you may use it without concern.

    DURABLE - For strength, strong Merino strands are securely bonded together. They have high elasticity and are flexible, allowing them to move with you regardless of what you do. 

    Pricing: $19.44 NZD 

    Merinosilk Silver Fern Jacket

    The Merinosilk Silver Fern Jacket is one of their most popular models because it is functional, durable, one-of-a-kind, and timeless. It comprises of full zip, ribbed hems, and our exclusive Silver Fern pattern.

    Merinosilk is a one-of-a-kind 100 per cent natural fibre blend that blends long-lasting luxury with tough, strong fibres. It is naturally pile and odour-resistant, and it is simple to maintain. Possum fur adds warmth to textiles without adding weight, keeping you cosy and comfortable—Merinosilk: 70% Super-fine Merino wool, 20% Possum fur, 10% Mulberry Silk. 

    Pricing: $590.00 NZD

    Cashmere Turtle Cable Sweater

    Their ever-popular cashmere turtleneck sweater from their exclusive Mahana collection has a fold-over turtleneck and traditional cable weave in two versatile hues. You can wear them throughout the winter. It's unisex and has a loose fit. Size down for ladies (If you take a Medium, take a Small in this style). Women in size S like an expansive fit. Men wear their regular size.

    Their Mahana Cashmere mix is redefining knitwear. They mix cashmere's luxury with the beauty and usefulness of superfine merino wool and possum down. Possum-down fibres are incredibly light, delicate, and insulating, delivering warmth without adding weight. This ideal mix results in ultra-soft, ultra-light clothing that are less prone to pilling, as well as knitwear that is durable and machine-washable. 

    Pricing: $760.00 NZD

    Kapeka Review: FAQs

    Why are Kapeka Travel Masks so popular?

    The Kapeka Travel Mask fits comfortably on your face for longer periods, including sleeping. Natural fibres enable lengthy durations of relaxation and unobstruct breathing. The Travel Mask has a reusable filter that has been scientifically testing to block particles larger than 5 microns. The mask can then filter the 8.5-micron cough particles to which the Coronavirus attaches. Merino mask with built-in filter is machine washable and reusable. 

    Where can I locate beautiful scarves and wraps?

    Explore our selection of scarves and wraps made from delicate, natural fabrics that keep you warm while allowing your skin to breathe.

    They include Merinosilk, Alpaca, Cashmere, and Cervelt fashions for the entire family.

    What about the gloves they're wearing?

    These Merino Possum gloves are ideal for keeping the cold at bay while still being snug and comfy and providing UV protection. Warmer, firmer, and softer than cashmere made entirely of cashmere. Buyers usually come across several colours and sizes in their ensemble to choose from—unisex design - A pair for every clothing and event. 

    Merinosilk is a one-of-a-kind 100 per cent natural fibre blend that blends long-lasting luxury with tough, strong fibres. It is naturally pile and odour-resistant, and it is simple to maintain. Possum fur adds warmth to our textiles without adding weight, keeping you warm and comfortable.

    Kapeka Review: Final Thought 

    Their clothing is made by responsibly combining natural, sustainable fabrics. They make a special effort to get their yarns from verifiable suppliers by committing to quality and sustainability. Packaging is minimal, and local production decreases environmental effects.

    Natural fibres are technologically and clever, with natural antibacterial, anti-odour, fire-resistant, and UV-protective qualities. It is both healthy for the wearer and good for the environment.

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