Innosub Review

    With over 10 years of industry experience, INNOSUB is one of the best places for finding sublimation blanks at a reasonable price. This USA-based sublimation blanks supplier specializes in creating white, high-definition substrates, including phone cases, smart collections, kids collections, pet collections, home & office collections, holiday/ornaments collections, etc. With an exciting range of sublimation blanks under one roof, you can find over 100k blanks for sublimation. 

    You can even buy an air pod case, AirTag, wireless charger, face mask, smart watchband, coasters, mouse pad, wall clocks, puzzles, and kids' lunch bag. An important thing to note about INNOSUB is that they carry all the latest phone case models compatible with iPhone, galaxy, note, and more, air pod cases, face masks, tumblers, watchbands, and much more. 

    One feature we have not mentioned yet is the fact that they create amazing personalized items for family members, local community groups, online platforms (like Amazon, Flipkart, and Facebook), and local paying customers. Plus, customize products as per the budget & quantity demanded by them. You can add a family photo to your mobile phone case, create custom luggage tags, and more. 

    Also, in this review, we suggest entrepreneurs & shoppers grab different types of sublimation blanks from INNOSUB. You can expect professional support, high-quality products, 24/7/365 customer service, etc. The good news? Orders are normally shipped within 24 hours using the following carriers: USPS and UPS. However, orders worth $50+ are eligible for a trackable shipping service. So, without further ado, let us get started!

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    Let's go ahead with INNOSUB Review.

    INNOSUB Review 2022: Pros, Cons, and Bestselling Blank Sublimation Products 

    Before you get into this INNOSUB Review, let's go over some of the major pros and cons of the brand:

    1. Manufacture sublimation blanks products of the highest quality.
    2. Offers phone cases, air pod cases, AirTags, wireless chargers, smart watchbands, etc. 
    3. Over 100k blanks for sublimation.
    4. Orders are shipped within 24 hours using the following carriers: USPS and ups.
    5. Orders worth $50+ are eligible for a trackable shipping service. 
    6. 24/7/365 customer service via live chat support / WhatsApp.
    7. 30 days money-back guarantee.
    8. Affordable pricing. 
    1. Shipping charges are non-refundable. 

    Read the full INNOSUB Review below for more details.

    INNOSUB Review Rounded Up The Best-selling Phone Case, Watch Band and Face Mask Of 2022 

    1. INNOSUB Case for iPhone: Best Sublimation Blanks Case for iPhone 13/11/12/14 Pro 
    2. Best Blank Sublimation Apple Watch Band: INNOSUB Watch Band
    3. INNOSUB Face Mask Blanks: Best Sublimation Face Mask With Filter

    INNOSUB Case for iPhone Review: Best Sublimation Blanks Case for iPhone 11/13/12/14 Pro 

    This lightweight, protective soft rubber case for sublimation makes your phone unique and special. You can add family photos, personal mottos, or business logos to let the world see what's important to you. Each case includes a high-quality tempered glass wireless charging compatible insert +plastic sleeve. However, it's also worth mentioning that this case is made of high-grade TPU materials, which provide advanced shock absorption protection against drops, bumps, scratches, nicks, and shock.

    Why You Love It: 

    1. Slim and lightweight.
    2. Very durable and sturdy.
    3. Excellent protection.
    4. Shock-absorbing and scratch-proof.
    5. Protective button coverings.

    Pricing: INNOSUB Sublimation Blanks Case for iPhone will cost you $2.95. 

    INNOSUB Watch Band Review: Best Blank Sublimation Apple Watch Band

    Made from quality PU leather, INNOSUB Watch Band is a great personalized gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, New Year's Day, Thanksgiving, and Valentine's Day. It is perfect for customers looking to add monograms, sports team logos, company names, advertising, or any custom design. It features two sizes to choose from (38 mm to 45 mm) and fits a variety of smartwatches, including Samsung, Fitbit, and Apple smartwatches. We will love this custom watch band because they are the ideal way to kick-start your sublimation printing business.

    Why You Love It: 

    1. Kick-start your sublimation printing business.
    2. Features two sizes to choose from (38 mm to 45 mm).
    3. Made from quality PU leather.
    4. Great personalized gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, etc. 

    Pricing: INNOSUB Watch Band will cost $6.50. 

    INNOSUB Face Mask Blanks Review: Best Sublimation Face Mask With Filter

    These small, dust protector Sublimation Printing Face Mask Blanks are made from comfortable, breathable material. With black trim and elastic ear loops with adjustable rubber pieces, these face mask blanks are not only super soft but also look great with any of your outfits. On top of that, INNOSUB Face Mask Blanks also features a filter pocket for even more protection. 

    Why You Love It: 

    1. Comfortable, breathable, and machine washable. 
    2. Super soft black trim and elastic ear loops. 
    3. Lightweight and durable for everyday use. 

    Pricing: INNOSUB Face Mask Blanks will cost $7.50. 

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    FAQs: Common INNOSUB Questions Answered

    Is INNOSUB Legit? 

    Yes, INNOSUB is a legitimate brand. 

    You can find unique, personalized sublimation blanks to choose from lightweight phone cases to long-lasting wireless chargers, smart watchbands, mouse pads, wall clocks, and much more. INNOSUB offers fantastic sublimation products for family members, local community groups, and online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Facebook

    Is INNOSUB A Good Brand?

    Definitely! Yes, INNOSUB is a good brand. 

    INNOSUB is one of our favorite sublimation blanks suppliers with more than 10 years of experience. They offer tons of sublimation blanks under one roof so that you can expect some unique products for printing. Believe me, guys; you can find some really good quality yet budget-friendly sublimation blanks in their catalog.

    Is INNOSUB Worth It?

    Yes. INNOSUB will be a worthwhile investment. 

    They understand the requirement of the client and offer the highest quality cell phone and technology accessories for your sublimation printing business. From iPhone to Samsung Galaxy, they offer dorzens of phone accessories to fit your every need. You can also create eye-catching products by printing a funny or motivational sentence or turn them into a souvenir by adding a picture of your city.

    INNOSUB Review 2022: Wrapping up

    Since 2012, INNOSUB has offered a large selection of sublimation blank products of the highest quality. They bring a fantastic collection of phone cases, air pod cases, AirTags, wireless chargers, face masks, sanitizer bottle sleeve smart watchbands, mouse pads, puzzles, and kids' lunch bags to kick start your gifting business today. You will love the amazing array of designs, funny or motivational sentences, and logos you can create on these sublimation blank products. 

    As an industry leader, INNOSUB also offers a portfolio of the latest and hottest trend in fashion and clothing that satisfies people's desires and needs. Furthermore, one cool thigh is that INNOSUB provides quality iPhone and tech DIY printing blanks with every purchase. 

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