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Best online service to order authentic andhra sweets ezpecially if you like godavari side food,

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Best place to get authentic godavari side food, quality and taste is great.

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Godavari Vantillu Reviews In detail

Godavari Vantillu offers authentic Andhra-style delicacies like sweets, snacks, pickles, fryums, powders, and many more at affordable prices. All its recipes are the same old as grandma's style and will again resemble your childhood food memories. 

Godavari Vantillu's specialty is preparing all foods with 100% natural ingredients without adding any taste boosters, food colors, and chemicals. Most of its foods were made with 100% organic ingredients. 

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What makes Godavari Vantillu the best

Experience the history of our ancestors: Godavari Vantillu strives to offer you a wide variety of delicious, authentic Andhra sweets, which were produce by following the traditional culinary methods followed by our experienced descendants.

  • All food items are made under 100% Hygiene conditions ensuring fullest safety.
  • An extensive catalog offers authentic grandma delicacies with exact old (golden) recipes.
  • All products are prepare freshly every day in small batches to provide long-lasting freshness.

Review on the Best Godavari Vantillu Product

Bandar halwa (Rs. 220.00):A Bandar halwa, also known as ghee Badam halwa, is sweet with an irresistible texture and taste. Andhra Pradesh's authentic sweet Bandar halwa is just call Bandar because it is native to Bandar or Machilipatnam.

Bandaru halwa combines ingredients, including all-purpose flour, cornflour, jaggery or Bellam, Ghee and cashews, and nuts. 

Whether you're sharing a delicious taste of home or making a great impression as a hostess with a sweet smile, Bandar halwa or ghee Badam halwa sweet treats will make anyone you share this Bandar halwa with a unique feel.


Is Godavari Vantillu Legit? 

YES. Godavari Vantillu is a legitimate brand.

Godavari Vantillu is bringing back the ancient treasure trove that comprises healthy scrumptious, luscious sweet snacks such as Putharekulu, Palakova, and Kaja, famous to the coastal regions of Andhra, especially Godavari districts.

Is Godavari Vantillu Worth It?

Yes. That's it in a nutshell! Godavari Vantillu is a worthwhile investment. 

Godavari Vantillu is an Andhra sweets parlor specializing in fresh traditional preparations of the state. The store seeks the freshest ingredients and cooks them using authentic traditional recipes passed on through generations. Everything you taste at Godavari Vantillu is lovingly made by its family with care and attention to detail.

Is Godavari Vantillu A Good Brand?

Definitely! YES. Godavari Vantillu is a good brand. 

Taste the Tradition: These days, when people rush to make a living, they tend to forget about their roots. Godavari Vantillu offers you an authentic Andhra sweet, Bellam mithai, made with jaggery. This product is made by following the conventional cooking techniques follow by its experience ancestors.

Final Thought About Godavari Vantillu

Taste of Andhra's Authentic sweets: Godavari Vantillu is a brand that offers you an original Andhra special sweet, Bellam Gavvalu, made from the recipes passed down from our descendants. 

Being passionate about good Godavari Style Food at Godavari Vantillu, they launched GodavariVantillu.com to offer all types of Godavari Special delicacies across the globe. 

Aside from that, Godavari Vantillu will let you immerse yourself into the world of sweetness by letting you dive into the most delicate flavors. 

The store offers you the authentic Andhra Sweet Pootharekulu online, which was produce by following the traditional cookery techniques followed by its elegant ancestors. Order some for yourself or your loved ones today.

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