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    The Gitup Git2P, it’s presented as a new model of the Gitup Git 2 sharing many features with it and a similar price.

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    Great form factor good build quality the image quality is great.

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    GitUp reviews in detail

    Today the products and technologies are blooming, but people are still looking for a better and right one. GitUP is a reliable supplier of high-quality action cameras at unbeatable prices. The brand has a passionate team with sports as a lifestyle who make products that help transform people's lives. So, they work with the users closely to create the unique features they expect.

    Besides this, Gitup offers fast and reliable deliveries worldwide. In addition, their products are user-friendly and cost-effective to meet diverse requirements. They manufacture action cameras having high-resolution options, quick start recording, etc. 

    Read GitUp Reviews to get more insights about the best seller of action cameras available on the market. 

    What makes GitUp the Best?

    • External mic for greater audio enjoyment.  
    • Supports RAW image format output. 
    • Unique waterproof case design.
    • All cameras are covered by a one-year warranty.
    • All accessories are covered by a three months warranty.
    • Hassle-free shopping experience.
    • 24/7 top-notch customer support. 

    Review on the Best GitUp Products 

    • GITUP GIT2P -The Git2P is well built with suitable quality plastics and is black. It is pretty durable, and comes with the waterproof case, so it can go down up to 30m. Its dimensions are 59x30x41 mm and weigh 66g. We can see the lens on the front, two LEDs, one for turning the camera on & off. And the other for recording and mode change button or the accept button. There is the start recording button on the upper side, similar to most cameras. There is a microSD slot and the settings button on the left side. Additionally, there is the Micro-USB cable and the mini HDMI cable on the right side. 
    This action camera uses a 1000 mAh lithium-ion battery. Its battery life can record 140 minutes without interruption. This camera uses the Novatek96660 chip and a Panasonic 16 MP sensor that combine for impeccable recordings. The photos come out to a real 2K resolution and a 170-degree fisheye effect. 

    The Git2P camera mounts a 5G2P lens with f / 2.5. It records in 2160p recording at 24 fps, 1080p at 60fps. Also, It supports up to 128GB even though we recommend 64GB at least. You can find settings such as ISO, shutter speed, white balance, metering, and many more.

    Furthermore, with gyro stabilization, the camera automatically detects each bump during recording and stabilizes it. The price of GITUP GIT2P is $109.99


    Is GitUp Legit?

    Yes, GitUp is entirely a legitimate brand. They create innovative products that help people discover and develop more active lifestyles. Moreover, their products undergo strict quality checks to meet the highest quality standards. 

    Is GitUp Worth it?

    Yes, GitUp is absolutely a worthwhile investment. The brand offers high-quality cameras with a smartphone app, WiFi connectivity, etc. Also, they provide good quality design, long-lasting batteries, the best specifications, gyro stabilization, and many more. 

    Does GitUp provide International shipping?

    Yes, GitUp provides shipping Internationally. The brand guarantees reliable delivery to your destination as soon as possible. As your orders ship, you will get a tracking number to know your shipping status. Besides this, the shipping time typically takes 14-28 days based on the country. 

    Final Thought About GitUp 

    GitUp offers low-budget action cameras with excellent quality on its pictures and videos. Their cameras can record up to 2K resolution, amazing and many other great features.

    Also, you can connect a remote control and a microphone depending on what you want to do. Their products are compatible with most accessories, like all GoPro accessories. In addition, their cameras use decent-quality batteries. Furthermore, GitUp offers a pleasant shopping experience and guarantees customer satisfaction.

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