Flavour Crafters Review


    About Flavour Crafters

    Flavour Crafters is a community with the mission to provide less harmful alternatives to tobacco smokers. The products manufactured are most of the flavoured Vape juice. The brand offers around 75 variants with different flavours. The community has brought a wide range of collections for you. Make your deal cost-effective by applying our revised Flavour Crafters  Coupon Code and get more savings.

    What is Flavour Crafters?

    Flavour Crafters are doing a great job by bringing an alternative to most toxic compound nicotine that has lead to various deaths worldwide. The community is Canada's First Vape Juice manufacturer since 2011, that means years of experience along with authenticity. Dona't miss to apply our Flavour Crafters Coupon Code to get exclusive offers.

    Why You Need Flavour Crafters?

    • Flavour Crafters is offering premium e-liquids at much great price.
    • The brand has better flavours comes with names like Original series, Tobacconist series, Revolve series, Natural series, Twi'sd series, Infection series, Minta'd series, Thunderhead series, and much more to offer.
    • Different salt products with different flavours are also available.
    • You will be able to shop at the much-deducted rate by applying our Flavour Crafters Promo Code with amazing offers.
    • All products here are available with free shipping and easy returns.
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    Why do you need Flavour Crafters Coupons?

    Once you must apply our Flavour Crafters Discount Code that will eventually minimize the total cost of your deal.

    How to redeem Flavour Crafters Discount Code?

    Your code will be redeemed in a very simple way-

    • Tally your code then go to the official site.
    • Add your desired product to your cart, and hit the checkout box.
    • At payment window,  input your Flavour Crafters Coupon Code in the coupon dialogue box.
    • Your code would get redeemed and enjoy the offers.

    What will be the Flavour Crafters Pricing & Plans?

    The E-flavours ranges from $2.50-$4.50

    • Thunderhead - papa mango (50/50)-$14.99 
    • Mint'd: grape-berry-$7.49  
    • E-Flavors - Pineapple Flavor Concentrate-$3.06 

    What if the Flavour Crafters Discount Code Doesna't Work?

    • Again check your code.
    • Check the eligibility of coupon for the items.
    • Code might be expired.


    Flavour Crafters as the name suggested the brand manufactures a super-quality Flavoured Vape juice that will stimulate every nerve endings of your head. The E-liquids are tested bi-annually through enthalpy Analytical.  Dona't forget to apply our promising Flavour Crafters Voucher Code that will lead you to do a cost-effective shopping.

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