Davinci Medical Review

    Do you want to look, perform and feel superhuman on the field or in the gym? But without injecting any kind of artificial chemicals or supplements into your body? Davinci Medical has solutions to all your health problems with its selection of innovative products with the latest technology. 

    A Brief Insight

    Davinci Medical is a leading brand that has revolutionized the fitness world with its most ingenious range of products. Their fitness products use technology for upgrading the normal human potential to superhuman status. 

    The basic idea behind the development of the best equipment is nature's three superpower forces in the correct order: magnetism, oxygen and light. These three forces can unleash the superhuman potential within you whether you are in a wheelchair or an Olympian.

    That is why the brand relies on three major technologies for superhuman invoking true power they are enumerated as follows:

    1. PEMF( Pulsed Electromagnetic Field):  PEMF is the most effective technology that helps in healing injuries and assists in the healing process. The technology is researched by NASA and backed by doctors. The device using PEMF technology acts as a charger and can be safely used by any age group with almost any condition.

    2. EWOT(Exercise With Oxygen Training): EWOT technology makes your body super oxygenated which improves overall health. The oxygen-rich environment improves overall health by making the heart pump oxygen to healthy cells. 

    3. PBM (Photobiomodulation Photobiomodulation ): PBM or LLLT(Low-Level Therapy) makes use of the application of red and near infra-red light over injuries for healing, reducing inflammation and alleviating acute and chronic pains.

    With the use of these three technologies, the innovative brand has developed many products for helping mankind. Their super-effective product helps in boosting immunity, building endurance, bringing mental clarity, increasing focus and making you feel energized.

    Many famous sports persons, athletes, fitness coaches, celebrities and health experts have given positive testimonials about Davinci Medical products. 

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    Davinci Medical Review 2022: Pros, Cons And Bestselling Health and Fitness Products

    Before continuing with the Davinci Medical Review, let’s shed some light on the pros and cons of the brand:

    1. A trusted place to shop for fitness and recovery products.
    2. Products are backed by research from NASA scientists and doctors.
    3. 100% safe and secure products for the skin.
    4. Products boost performance levels.
    5. No potential side effects.
    6. All the products are clinically tested.
    7. Excellent customer service.
    8. Free domestic shipments.
    1. Shipping charges apply to international shipments.

    Let us march forward with Davinci Medical Review and learn about the best-selling products of 2023:

    1. THERALIGHT 360 HD ​PRO: Full Body Red Light Therapy Bed.
    2. HYPERMAX OXYGEN EWOT SYSTEM: Full Body Oxygenation.
    3. PMT 120 PEMF SYSTEM: For Better Healing

    1. THERALIGHT 360 HD ​PRO: Full Body Red Light Therapy Bed

    Theralight 360 HD Pro uses Red light Therapy also known as photobiomodulation therapy(PBM). This safe treatment increases the body's natural processes for metabolizing free radicals and reduces the damage they cause. A surge in the body's healing reduces inflammation and promotes the healing of damaged tissue. Moreover, they also help in improving the quality of tissue repair and enhancing muscle performance and recovery.

    The bed is made up of a class of  IV laser MFR with pain management lasers, 45,000 red and near-infrared LEDS with a 100,000-hour rating. This bed comes with a large interior cabin to reduce claustrophobia. Further, the bed has wireless tablet controls with up to four pods from a remote desk with 14 pre-set programs.

    Key Highlight:

    1. The bed has a unique HD 360° light exposure design
    2. Uses the three most effective and deepest penetrating near-infrared diodes.
    3. 10" wireless touch screen along with 165mW/cm2 irradiance with four adjustable wavelengths.

    Price:  The price of the Theralight bed is $118,997.

    2. HYPERMAX OXYGEN EWOT SYSTEM: Full Body Oxygenation

    The HyperMax oxygen EWOT system uses an oxygen generator to fill a large medical-grade bag that has a capacity of 900 litres of oxygen. A high-flow oxygen mask is connects to the medical-grade bag. Whenever you breathe with a mask on your face you take 93% oxygen with no room air inside. As you exhale CO2 comes out through the CO2 port into the room. 

    With hyper-max oxygen, most people feel better and think clearly as oxygen is actively pumped into active cells. People feel more energized and recover faster, have greater mental focus, and improve sleep patterns. 

    Key Highlights:

    1. Increases endurance 
    2. Boosts immunity.
    3. EWOT therapy is safe and effective.

    Price: The price of a hyper max oxygen EWOT system with an oxygen generator is $4997.

    3. PMT 120 PEMF SYSTEM: For Better Healing

    The PMT 120 makes use of two square waves simultaneously for carrying magnetic fields directly to the cell. So instead of resonating only the cell receptors on the cell membrane, the system delivers harmonic pulses that resonate with the entire cell membrane. The device comes with a large or small therapy mat, Helmholtz field coupler and 7" or 10" Paddle.

    Higher-power devices are for healing recent injuries and low-power devices are for enhancing blood flow. The device functions as a biocharger that fully recharges the body at cellular levels without any potential side effects.  

    Key Highlights:

    1. Option of virtual training and DVD Training set.
    2. Five applicators are present with the device.
    3. Comes with 12 years of warranty. 

    Price: The price of the PMT 120 PEMF system is $18,995.

    F.A.Q.s: Common Davinci Medical Review Question Answer.

    Davinci Medical equipment uses what kind of technologies?

    Davinci Medical uses three prominent technologies in sequential order and is safe to use. These are PEMF( Pulsed Electromagnetic Field), EWOT( Exercise with Oxygen Therapy) and PBM( Photobiomodulation). All the products that make use of any of these three technologies have no potential side effects.

    Are the products of Davinci Medical safe to use?

    Yes, all the products of Davinci Medical involve decades of research and are quite effective in healing injuries and pain. Many doctors and health experts approve of most of the equipment for increasing endurance and building immunity. All the products are safe to use and are quite effective.

    Davinci Medical Review 2023: Wrapping Up

    Davinci Medical offers products to empower superhuman health through nature's three powerful forces. Their products naturally optimize health, endurance and immunity levels. They rely on nature’s three powerful tools: magnetism, light and oxygen in the development of their health and fitness equipment.

    Some of the popular products of Davinci Medical are lymphatic massage therapy, whole-body vibration, water filtration systems, molecular hydrogen systems and many more. You can shop from Davinci Medical and make your health and fitness journey with the latest technology-driven equipment in a natural way. 

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