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    CrankWheel Reviews In Detail

    CrankWheel is a no-download, no-hassle screen-sharing solution designed specifically for inside sales. Whether you provide software or platform solutions, the application allows you to present your offerings properly. 

    You may interact with potential consumers using CrankWheel. It improves the probability of them becoming regulars at your establishment. You can expect a significant rise in revenue without investing in expensive gear. 

    Furthermore, because the application is simple to use, your sales force can get started straight away without extensive training. You or your sales team can effortlessly organize a meeting or add a viewer to an ongoing call. It means you'll never again miss a lead. You may highlight these characteristics of your product by showing you where your prospects' focus is. You will have a better likelihood of closing your information as a result of this.

    What makes CrankWheel the best?

    Benefits of CrankWheel in Brief:

    • Reduce time-to-close on cold prospects - Sales executives worldwide use CrankWheel to share their screen with options €“ no download required instantaneously. With their Chrome Extension, you can show potential opportunities on your screen on your mobile device or PC in less than 10 seconds. Yes, it's that quick and dependable.
    • Easy-to-use for sales teams - Along with its strength, CrankWheel is relatively simple to use. Instead of messing about with the screen-sharing technology, your sales team will need to spend time honing their pitch.
    • Instantly demo inbound leads - Add a \Call Me Now\ button to your website to identify an agent to call your prospect as soon as they request it. Perfect for businesses who need to respond to fresh leads as soon as they arrive in the pipeline.
    • Live preview - People's attention tends to wander away as a screen-sharing session progresses. The live preview shows you where your consumers are zooming in, when they become inattentive, and any delays they encounter, allowing you to respond appropriately.

    Review on the Best CrankWheel Products

    • Team - Get serious about sales by running campaigns and tracking your team's performance.
    • Department - It is for the Professional sales department that requires extensive use of complex management tools.
    • Enterprise - Make it yours with white labeling and everything else they have to offer, with usage limits set for you.

    CrankWheel Pricing.

    • Department - CrankWheel offers a Department version for $499 per month.
    • Team - It will cost you $229 every month.
    • Enterprise - starting at $20K /year.


    Is CrankWheel Legit? 

    Yes, CrankWheel is legitimate. It is a remote work software meant to assist sales teams in connecting with prospects and sharing screens to view presentations in real-time. Administrators can send links to clients via email or SMS and encourage them to communicate via a unified interface.

    Is CrankWheel Worth It?

    CrankWheel is, indeed, worthwhile. It offers an application programming interface (API) that enables enterprises to integrate with third-party applications such as Zapier and Salesforce. Operators can also insert conversational lead capture forms and 'call me now' or request a demo' CTA buttons into web pages to engage with website-generated leads.

    What Are The Technical Requirements?

    There is never any requirement for viewers to download or install anything. Screen Sharing sessions begin immediately in the browser window! With a few clicks, presenters can easily invite individuals in real-time. Viewers can join sessions at any time without having to provide any information. Presenters can install a Chrome extension, which takes a few seconds.

    Final Thought About CrankWheel 

    CrankWheel is a screen-sharing application designed for sales teams. CrankWheel is unique in that it works every time for every prospect. There is no need for your option to download or install anything because they may visit the site using any browser on any device, desktop, or mobile. 

    If you need to give your prospect a test drive, CrankWheel's built-in Remote Manage tool will allow them to control your mouse and keyboard without requiring any additional download on their end. 

    You can use CrankWheel's built-in Instant Demos lead capture widget to convert leads from your web page or email campaign into a phone call and screen share with one of your salespeople. This widget instantly finds a salesperson to call your prospect. It allows them to screen share seamlessly into the same browser tab where the opportunity requested a call and can integrate with your CRM (Salesforce and many others).

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