Craft Tea Fox Review


    Craft Tea Fox Review

    Green tea powder is rapidly becoming the first choice of tea drinkers.But along with the diversity in users of tea powder, the uses & forms of intaking tea powder are also changing. Matcha and Hojicha are modern forms of tea powder. Moreover, the uses of these powders are not limited to brewing and infusion with other beverages. People also use it to make a latte, frappe, waffles, green tea ice creams, cookies, cupcakes, etc. However, among all these uses, matcha and Hojicha are highly used for making tea and lattes. In the market of Matcha and Hojicha products, Craft Tea Fox is a well-known brand.

    Craft Tea Fox is a matcha powder, Hojicha powder, and bottled latte drinks, provider. The brand is broadly famous for offering 100% organic and JAS-certified organic products. The products of Craft Tea Fox products are healthy and also taste good. Matcha used in these products is made from green tea leaves ingested for an extended period. With these tea powders, you also get several recipes on the website for free.

    Craft Tea Fox: Delightful taste with several health benefits

    Craft Tea Fox is not only a brand that provides its customers with mouthwatering and flavorful matcha powder, Hojicha powder. The brand's products are also very effective and offer several health-related benefits. One serving of matcha tea contains around 10 cups of regularly brewed green tea. By consuming one cup of this matcha tea, you get the full nutritional benefits of green tea. Aside from that, matcha powdered green tea contains 137 times more antioxidants than regularly brewed green tea. The list of benefits does not end here; it is also a great source of fiber, chlorophyll, and vitamins. Periodically consumption of these products may also boost metabolism and help to burn calories, calms the mind, and relaxes the body.

    Pros & Cons of shopping with Craft Tea Fox


    • 100% organic certified
    • Silky and smooth texture
    • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Made in Uji, Japan tea
    • Free shipping in Singapore for orders above $40.
    • The brand provides after-sales support
    • Tasty products with zero bitterness
    • 100% risk-free experience for customers


    • Shipping charges are non-refundable
    • The shipping time may vary depending on the location

    Craft Tea Fox Products Review

    Craft Tea Fox has a massive collection of matcha powder, Hojicha powder, and bottled latte drinks. Besides latte and tea powder, it also provides other services such as giving kits, tea wear, and recipes. You can get all these products in a single store without wandering around online stores. However, choosing one of the best items may become a challenging task. To help you with this issue, we have reviewed some of the best products of Craft Tea Fox for you. So go ahead and find the best match for what you are looking for.

    Ceremonial Uji Matcha Powder: Best for Matcha drinks

    Ceremonial Uji Matcha Powder is made using 100% organically grown JAS-certified Matcha Lattes. This powder is well known for its silky smooth texture and contains almost zero bitterness. You also get a briefly descriptive Latte Recipe on the tea tin to help you enjoy the taste in the best possible way. This sugar-free Matcha powder is also best for people who like to take zero sugar. However, you can also enjoy it with sugar by adding it as per your taste. You can enjoy this powder by making a drink of its own or in a Matcha Latte. Moreover, the brand provides this powder in plastic-free packaging while considering the betterment of the environment.  


    The price of this product is $19.90 only.

    Best for Matcha drinks

    Barista Uji Hojicha Powder: Organic Hojicha Powder

    Barista Uji Hojicha Powder is made with silky smooth, incredibly roasted flavor along with delicious umami. It is one of the best sugar free Hojicha powders and suitable for everyone's taste. The brand also provides a special Latte recipe on the package so customers can enjoy their own latte at home. You can consume it in multiple ways, whether drinking it alone or blending it with dairy or non-dairy milk. This powder is made with pure Uji Hojicha powder and comes with eco-friendly plastic-free packaging. 


    The price of this product is $49.00 only.

    Organic Hojicha Powder

    Matcha Starter Kit: 

    Why buy expensive cafe Matcha drinks when you can make them on your own and even in a few simple steps. You can buy this Matcha Starter Kit at a very affordable price easily at your doorsteps. In this Matcha Starter Kit, the brand includes various items in addition to the 5-Lesson Intro Course. This kit contains one Uji Matcha tea tin of 20grams, one matcha whisk, Matcha Sieve, and Matcha Scoop, along with a $5 Gift Voucher for free. Aside from all these items and gifts, the brand also promises to provide after-sale services and 60 days guarantee. No doubt that you can not find this top-quality product at such a reasonable price.


    This Matcha Starter Kit will cost you only $39.90.


    Is Craft Tea Fox Legit?

    Yes, Craft Tea Fox is a legitimate brand. The brand only uses organic ingredients to make its products. The brand's products are also JAS-certified and made without using any harmful chemicals. Besides that, it also includes instructions and tasty recipes for these products so that customers use them effectively.

    Is Craft Tea Fox a good brand?

    Yes, there is no doubt that Craft Tea Fox is a good brand. The brand promises to provide complete satisfaction to customers. Even after completing the sales procedure, a customer can still avail after-sales support from the experienced team via live chat or email. So one can shop with brands with zero risk.

    Is Craft Tea Fox worth it?

    Yes, Craft Tea Fox is a worthwhile brand. The brand has a massive collection of Matcha and Hojicha products. You can also use these products in numerous ways to get satisfaction. The brand ensures to deliver the products in beautifully packed packages and in safe & secure conditions. 

    Does Craft Tea Fox provide international shipping?

    Yes, Craft Tea Fox provides international shipping services to its customers. You can easily order the brand's products and enjoy them at your doorsteps. In addition to that, the brand also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for those who want to exchange or return their ordered items. 

    Craft Tea Fox Review: Final Thoughts

    Craft Tea Fox is a brand that makes a massive contribution to customers' lives to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The brand provides high-quality, healthy, and easy to access Matcha and Hojicha products. These Matcha and Hojicha powders and drinks come packed in individual glass bottles or tin cans with zero plastic use. Along with these drinks and powders, the brand also offers a complete set of kits and tea wares. With these kits, you can easily make your own latte and enjoy it at your home. Therefore, if you are looking for the best coffee or green tea alternative that provides excellent taste and multiple health benefits, then Craft Tea Fox will end your search. You can shop with this brand and enjoy tasty organic products at affordable prices.

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