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  • Do not offer a replacement.

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The limited Cooler King 750ws RED EDITION has a Pedal and Throttle Assisted.

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The Cooler King Ebikes online store brings you some of the best electric bikes in the market.

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Cooler King Ebikes reviews in detail

Cooler King Ebikes is a UK manufacturer of e-bikes with the look of a low-rider motor.

The brand offers high-quality e-bikes that require less rider energy and are available at an affordable price. They design bikes in London, assembled in Asia with the best international components. Further, they test their products in Spain and Thailand and deliver them internationally.

Moreover, Cooler King Ebikes provide an overwhelming riding experience. Besides this, they aim to help customers find the right e-bikes for their needs. Besides this, a full, no-quibble pre-delivery refund is available if you change your mind.

Go through Cooler King Ebikes reviews to get more insights about the best e-bikes available on the market. 

What makes Cooler King Ebikes the Best?

  • Zero-emission bikes with LED lights. 
  • Durable, easy to maintain, and eco-friendly.
  • Ergonomic frame for rider's added comfort.
  • Excellent braking system for great stopping power.
  • Risk-free shopping experience.
  • 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.
  • An easy returns policy.

Review on the Best Cooler King Ebikes Products 

  • Cooler King 750st BLACK EDITION eBike -The 750st BLACK EDITION is equipped with a 750w Bafang Motor and a 48v 17.5AH Samsung battery. It features LED twin front lights with stone guards. Like other Cooler King bicycles, it comes with a five-year frame, 12 months on the motor, and a battery guarantee. Further, it takes 3.5 hours to charge the battery via the 220/240v intelligent home charger. With that full battery, you can have a 45 km range to ride with a maximum speed of 45 km/h. The seven-speed Shimano gears front suspension gives you a smooth ride. The Cooler King 750st BLACK EDITION is available for £2,875.00


Is Cooler King Ebikes Legit?

Yes, Cooler King Ebikes is a 100% legitimate brand. The store provides the most genuine and premium quality e-bikes for unbeatable prices. Also, the brand delivers products with quality parts inside and out. Additionally, all the products come with exceptional warranties.

Is Cooler King Ebikes Worth it?

Yes, Cooler King Ebikes is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment. The brand provides the best electric bikes that make cycling more fun and accessible. The products come with innovative designs and styles and offer an enjoyable riding experience. Apart from this, The brand offers one of the best customer services. 

Does Cooler King Ebikes provide International shipping?

Yes, Cooler King Ebikes provides shipping Internationally. The brand offers 24/7 free customer support and ensures reliable doorstep delivery. Moreover, they endeavor to dispatch your items within one working day.

Final Thought About Cooler King Ebikes 

Cooler King Ebikes offers top-grade, branded components, solid build quality, and excellent service. They offer e-bikes with superior quality, reliable design, and functionality. Their ebikes feature the latest technology, ergonomic designs, long-lasting batteries, etc. Also, the brand provides products that are lightweight, portable, comfortable, and fun to ride. The brand offers a mode of transportation that is easily portable and easy to maintain.

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