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    Cheeky Glo Review - Quick Summary

    What You Like the Best

    • Get smoother, softer, clearer skin naturally
    • Scrubs off old, unwanted and fake tan in a single use
    • Clear congestion; eliminate acne, ingrown hairs and much more
    • Significantly lowers appearance of stretch marks and scarring
    • Promote healthy blood flow and nourish cells for glowing skin
    • Stimulate collagen production to firm and tone skin

    What You Dislike 

    • Excessive exfoliation can cause irritation

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    cheeky glow glove left my skins smooth and glowing

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    dead skin and impurities by deeply exfoliating the body.

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    Cheeky Glo Reviews In Detail 

    When Sydney friends Xixi Liu and Allen Fu posted a TikTok video showing all the dead skin that came off when they used their exfoliating glove, it \blew up\ and sold out in hours. The idea for the CheekyGlo business, which began in Allen's garage, came from a \random conversation.\ Liu, who is originally from Harbin in Northern China, where temperatures can drop to -30 degrees Celsius, was telling Fu about their tradition of visiting bathhouses and getting full body scrubs. Despite this, she couldn't find a glove as effective as the ones used in the bathhouses in Australia.

    He then put the glove on and was \amazed\ by the results. They then decided to recreate the traditional product and start their own business, initially operating out of Fu's garage. With only a laptop and a label printer, they launched their CheekyGlo exfoliating glove.

    • THE FABRIC CONTAINS THE MAGIC: Premium material woven in a one-of-a-kind pattern Sweep away all the dead and dull skin without using any harsh chemicals or products. There is no need for soap or scrub, only water!

    What makes Cheeky Glo the best?

    Review Image
    • PREPARE FOR SOFT SKIN: Exfoliating is a simple method for removing dead skin cells. Dead skin simply peels away.
    \I think what surprised us the most was how quickly it caught on after we posted it on TikTok and it went viral, selling out in less than 10 hours. Our entire stock was completely sold out,\ she explained to She added, \It was one of our first few videos, and it was just the product in action, with you scrubbing and seeing all the peeling skin.

    It also mentioned the skin conditions it would help with, such as ingrown hairs, dry skin, and keratosis, as well as the fact that it removes fake tan.\ She went on to say that it was an \incredible\ way to show off the product because people could see the dead skin and dirt roll off their bodies as they scrubbed. \In beauty, you want to see immediate results, and it gives the customer immediate satisfaction that they are detoxing the body,\ she explained.

    Review on the Cheeky Glo Products 

    • CHEEKY GLO EXFOLIATING GLOVE: Three generations of tradition packed into one simple glove we bring the world's best kept self-care secret into your bathroom.
    The pair made $20,000 in the first four weeks of their business's launch and $100,000 in the first four months. They reached the $1 million mark next week, having sold over 20,000 gloves to 16,000 customers in 49 countries. The exfoliating glove, which costs $31.95, is made of plant-based material and is available in pink or black. Liu, who worked in skincare at Mecca for six years, said having their own beauty brand was \every girl's dream.\

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    Is Cheeky Glo Legit?

    Fu, who has already established three eCommerce businesses and was a finalist in the St George Business Person of the Year awards in 2021, wants men to try on the gloves as well. \Because I'm a dude, one of the concepts we wanted to push in our brand was the concept of mancare,\ he explained. \As guys, we've been taught that looking after yourself and skincare is not so manly. We wanted to push the idea that it's okay to care for your health and beauty, and that it's okay to practise self-care as a guy. We have a largely male demographic that uses our products, and they prefer the pink colour over the black colour,\ he added.

    Is Cheeky Glo Review Worth It?

    Regular exfoliation is important, whether you use a loofah, a washcloth, or a glove. It removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells (which can cause the skin to appear dull and dry) and allows any products you apply afterwards to penetrate your skin more deeply. Because your body skin is two to three times thicker than your face skin, you'll need a stronger exfoliant, so use an exfoliating glove that wouldn't be appropriate for your face. Nonetheless, you should exfoliate your skin with a glove or a washcloth no more than twice per week, as excessive exfoliation can cause irritation.

    Is Cheeky Glo A Good Brand? 

    • NATURAL EXFOLIATION; Get naturally smoother, softer, and clearer skin!
    • REMOVES SUNTANNING: Scrub off tan easily in one use!
    • CLEAR CONGESTION: Get rid of congestion, acne, ingrown hairs, and more!
    • REDUCE MARKS: This product may help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring!
    • GLOW UP: Increase blood flow and nourish cells for glowing skin!
    • Stimulate collagen production to firm and tone the skin!

    Final Thought About Cheeky Glo

    The friends also have lofty goals for the CheekyGlo brand, including becoming a \household name\ in Australia. \We want to be an Aussie beauty brand first, and then... be a global brand, partnering with retail stores like Mecca and Sephora and others,\ Fu explained. \Self-care is a beauty movement that is taking place all over the world right now. There are also plans to expand their product line to include a variety of oils as well as self-care tools and products,€ she said.

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