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    • Fees are slightly higher as compared to other platforms (but services are fantastic so charges are justified).

    Let us read the complete ChangeNOW review to know more about the product in detail.

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    ChangeNOW Reviews In Detail

    As cryptocurrencies gain popularity, the number of available solutions and services expands rapidly. 

    Centralized exchanges powered by blockchain have opened up new avenues for trading and transacting cryptocurrencies.

    ChangeNOW, which launched in 2017, allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies. Its primary goal is to provide a quick and efficient way for people to swap and exchange cryptocurrencies. 

    ChangeNOW does not impose swap limits on its customers. Because it provides non-custodial services, it does not store users' digital assets, ensuring member data privacy.

    What makes ChangeNOW the best?

    • No account registration is required.
    • DEX-exclusive assets cross-chain swaps.
    • Lower network fees and less on-chain tx.
    • Simplified listing for young start-ups.
    • It is a non-custodial service and does not control your crypto assets as a result.
    • Fixed or floating rates.
    • There is no upper limit for transaction amounts.
    • There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies available.
    • Many crypto wallets are supported.

    Review on the Best ChangeNOW Product

    Fiat-friendly BTC exchangeOn ChangeNOW, you are not confine to exchanging one cryptocurrency for another. With a bank account or a Visa/MasterCard credit card, you can buy or trade Bitcoin (BTC) here.

    Even if you want to cash out your BTC, you don't need to register. With ChangeNOW, you will get the greatest exchange rates and only the bare minimum of fees, such as network fees

    ChangeNOW Pricing

    Specifically for the fiat rates, this feature is brought by ChangeNOW's partner Simplex. 

    Simplex charges 5% for each purchase of at least $10, whereas ChangeNOW charges 1% for these purchases. 

    These are apply depending on the currency in question.


    Is ChangeNOW Legit? 

    Yes, ChangeNOW is legitimate. 

    As previously stated, ChangeNOW is a non-custodial exchange, which means that all currency traded is and will always be in the private wallets of its customers. 

    As a result, no personal information or private keys are store on the platform's servers.

    Is ChangeNOW Worth It?

    Yes, absolutely! ChangeNOW is a worthwhile investment.  

    ChangeNOW has a very simple and user-friendly website for beginners. 

    Simply access the website, enter the quantity and kind of cryptocurrency you want to swap, as well as the type of cryptocurrency you want to receive, and click exchange. 

    The page also has an excellent FAQ section that will quickly get anyone up to speed on what they need to know.

    How Fast Will Transactions Be Processed on ChangeNOW?

    The processing time will range from two to twenty minutes, depending on how long it takes for a block to confirm on the network.

    Many orders are typically process within a few minutes.

     Processing may take a little longer if the transaction is large, depending on the size of the transaction as well as the capacity of the block.

    Final Thought About ChangeNOW 

    ChangeNOW is a non-custodial service design to make cryptocurrency exchanges simple and quick. They strive for the highest level of security, simplicity, and convenience.

    ChangeNOW does not store your money and does not require the creation of an account. 

    ChangeNOW offers over 170 coins for exchange and has no limits; you can exchange as much as you want, account-free, worry-free, and faster than light. 

    You can also buy cryptocurrency with Visa or MasterCard through our third-party partner. ChangeNOW supports over 10,000 currency pairs, and the list is constantly expanding.

    ChangeNOW's RealRates system matches the estimate and the outcome better than anyone else, and it's super-fast and secure for you. 

    Their service is designed for simplicity and speed a on average, they exchange cryptocurrency in 2 minutes.

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