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    They have a 35-year history, beginning with the Central Valley Research Laboratory, which conducted scientific research into the superior health benefits of camel milk. Camelicious now employs over 530 people and produces approximately four million liters of camel milk per year. Camelicious invests millions of dollars each year in best practices ensuring the best possible care for their camels and the production of premium camel milk. Nutra Wellness and PURELIFE Health Sciences Group collaborated to make Camelicious camel milk powder widely available in the United States, with the common goal of assisting people in improving their health through nutrition.

    What makes Camelicious the best?

    Camelicious converted into powder without heat or freezing to preserve the milk's unique nutritional properties and natural color, flavor, and consistency. Camelicious powdered milk has the following advantages over liquid milk:

    • It contains all of the nutrients found in liquid milk.
    • It has the same fresh flavor and texture as fluid milk.
    • When stored in a cool, dry place, it has a shelf life of up to a year. 
    • The shelf life of liquid camel milk is only about five days.

    Review on the Best Camelicious Product

    1 Camelicious - Camelicious comes in 480g of camel milk powder in 24 single-serve packets per box (20g each). Each single-serve package yields 6 to 8 oz of milk. So, one container will deliver between 144 and 192 oz of liquid milk. In a glass, shaker cup, or blender, combine Camelicious with water or a favorite cool or room temperature beverage. Some people drink Camelicious as a glass of milk, while others mix it into a smoothie. Adding cacao powder to milk makes a healthy chocolate milk drink for kids or adults.

    Camelicious Pricing

    When you sign up for a Monthly Subscription, you will save 10%.

    • 1 box (with a $9.99 discount): $89.95
    • $179.91 for two boxes (discounted $19.99).
    • $269.86 for three boxes (discounted $29.98).


    Is Camelicious Legit? 

    Yes, Camelicious is legitimate. Their milk comes from grass-fed camels, is 100% natural, contains no hormones or antibiotics, and is non-GMO and gluten-free. A nutrition Facts panel on every packet and box of Camelicious provides information on the nutrition contained in 1 serving (20g) of Camelicious.

    Is Camelicious Worth It?

    Camelicious is, indeed, worthwhile. Camelicious USA is one of the most cost-effective sources of camel milk powder in the United States. The powder is immediately packed into single-serve foil packets, maintaining its fresh, nutritious quality, so you receive the maximum benefit from each glass of milk.

    How should You drink Camelicious?

    Camelicious mixed with water or your favorite cool or room temperature beverage. Camelicious should be added to a cool or room temperature drink rather than a hot drink because hot liquid destroys some enzymes and reduces nutritional value. They can be consumed as a glass of milk or as a powder in a smoothie. Adding cacao powder to milk creates a healthy chocolate milk drink for both children and adults.

    Final Thought About Camelicious  

    Camelicious camel milk is flash pasteurized. Flash pasteurization is a cutting-edge technology that heats milk sufficiently to kill harmful bacteria while retaining all nutritional properties. Flash pasteurized milk has the same nutritional value as raw milk but without the risk of illness. Camelicious camel milk is gaining popularity in the United States due to its unique bioactive and bioavailable ingredients. Camel milk is being dubbed a superfood due to its nutritional and health benefits. Camel milk is superior to cow, goat, and sheep milk and commercial nut and soy milk for various reasons. Camelicious Camel milk is 100% natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, and free of antibiotics and hormones. It's light milk with a clean, fresh flavor; in fact, it tastes similar to cow milk.

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