Calimacil Review


    About Calimacil

    A live-action role-playing game (LARP) involves portraying your character physically, in a fictional setting. These usually require you to dress and gear up yourself up as the characters in the game. Calimacil is a company that specializes in developing and offering foam weapons for LARP, historical reenactment, etc. They also offer special discounts when you use the Calimacil Coupon Code.

    Calimcail offers products from various brands that work in the industry. You will find armor, costumes, weapons, and accessories in the store. They also offer custom products online. All products meet the highest quality standards and are completely safe for use.

    What is Calimacil?

    Calimacil is the number one manufacturer and supplier of foam weapons, clothing, and accessories for LARP and other purposes. They collaborate with many other organizations to develop weapons on Heroic Fantasy themes. The brand has been working in the industry since 2003, offering superior quality products and accessories. Claim fantastic offers by applying the Calimacil Coupon Code on your order from the store.

    Why do you need Calimacil?

    • If you are looking to purchase high-quality LARP products including weapons, armor, costumes, etc. Calimacil is the best choice.
    • The brand works with many other companies to manufacture superior quality products for a variety of different purposes. 
    • Calimacil weapons come with a limited warranty of one year that will help you get refunds and replacements easily.
    • Using the Calimacil Promo Code on your order will help you get the greatest deals.

    What will be the Calimacil pricing and plans?

    • Weapons €“ Calimacil Weapons Hersir Limited Edition, Johnny, Steppe Explorer Carcaj Aged, Urios, Ruthless II, and more ranging from $29.00 to $131.00.
    • Armor €“ Calimacil Armor products include Borg Bracers, Balthazar Greaves, Leopold Padded Collar, John Chainmail Aluminum Riveted, and more ranging from $16.01 to $161.55.
    • Costumes €“ Calimacil Costumes include Carl Cloak, Kasimir Pants, Marita Full Length Slip Black (M), and more ranging from $32.00 to $80.69.
    • Accessories €“ Calimacil Accessories include Angle Scabbard, Doran Wide Belt, and more ranging from $19.24 to $80.69.


    Why do you need Calimacil Coupons?

    On purchasing products from the online store, apply the Calimacil Discount Code on your order and get huge discounts.

    How to redeem the Calimacil Discount Code?

    Follow these steps to redeem the Calimacil Coupon Code:

    • First, copy the code from the website.
    • Then, visit the product store and select your product.
    • Proceed to the checkout page, where you will find the box for applying the code.
    • Enter your code in the box and click on the Apply button to complete the process.

    What if the Calimacil Discount Code doesna't work?

    If your code isn't working,

    • Ensure that you copy the correct code from the website.
    • Find out whether the code is valid or not.
    • Inform us as soon as possible.


    For finding the best LARP products online, you should visit the Calimacil online store. They manufacture the best quality products for LARP, TV Series, historical reenactments, etc. You will be able to purchase from armors, accessories, weapons, and more. They work with leading brands in the industry to bring you products from pop culture. Use the Calimacil Voucher Code when you shop from the store to get exciting deals.

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